The Watering Hole, Monday, July 7th, 2014: Crazy Talk

Thanks to commenter BruinKid at Daily Kos for these two libertarian wingnuts’ words:

First, a quote from Libertarian Kevin Gutzman, who is currently a “neighbor” of ours living in Danbury, Connecticut (In the olden days when Wayne and I were growing up in Brewster, New York, Danbury was considered a ‘local’ call, and we didn’t have to dial the 203- area code.) It’s kind of scary that he is a professor of history at Western Connecticut State College, or as we have always called it, “WestConn.” (My sister attended for 3-1/2 years.)

“As Americans celebrate the Fourth today, remember this: the statists are the intellectual descendants of those who did not celebrate the Fourth in the 1790s, celebrating Washington’s birthday instead:

“In the Founders’ day, the 4th of July was a partisan holiday. It was celebrated in the 1790s and 1800s by Jeffersonian Republicans desirous of showing their devotion to Jeffersonian, rather than Hamiltonian, political philosophy. If you were a Federalist in the 1790s, you likely would celebrate Washington’s Birthday instead of the 4th of July. If you believed in the inherent power of the Executive in formulating foreign policy, in the power of Congress to charter a bank despite the absence of express constitutional authorization to do so, and in the power of the federal government to punish people who criticized the president or Congress, you would not celebrate the 4th. The 4th was the holiday of the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, those great states’-rights blasts at federal lawlessness. It was the anti-Hamilton, anti-Washington, anti-nationalist holiday.”

Next, from Jeffrey A. Tucker, who, according to Wikipedia, describes himself as “a dedicated anarchist” (he may also have been involved in the racist newsletters that got Ron Paul in some trouble):

“Now that 4th of July celebrations are over, let’s take the Declaration of Independence seriously and abolish the United States. It’s a cobbled together empire based on nothing but 19th century political ambitions. The results have been a menace to the world and certainly a menace to its own people. If the U.S. devolved to hundreds or thousands of small countries, or even became the great 21st century experiment in P2P legal institutions with no overarching geographically contiguous legal structure, that would even be better. The nation state is an anachronism, and the largest surviving case in point really should set the example, in the spirit of the principles that gave it birth, and be the first to go.”

Last, according to Salon’s July 1st article by Elias Isquitch, Governor Paul LePage of Maine has apparently been “pallin’ around with terrorists.” Author Mike Tipping, who covers local politics in Maine, has a book out about Governor LePage’s several meetings with a group called “Sovereign Citizens”, who are purportedly allied with the “Constitutional Coalition”, who are on the FBI terrorist watch list. LePage’s staff have verified that the meetings did occur. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center:

“Among the things reportedly discussed at these meetings was whether or not to seek violent retribution against key political opponents. A Coalition member named Jack McCarthy described the meeting on a radio program hosted by a small group of sovereign citizens calling themselves the Aroostook Watchmen:

“We also discussed this there, that as far as I know, the penalty for high treason has not changed in 100 years. And, I did not say it, but the governor said it. I never – I never opened my mouth and said the word. The governor looked at us and looked at his buddy and said they are talking about hanging them.”

LePage has vehemently denied that he ever discussed executing anyone, let alone his Democratic opponents, with the group, and a spokesperson characterized the meetings as a benign effort by the governor to listen to people across the political spectrum…

The topics of these meetings evidently revolved around classic antigovernment “Patriot” movement conspiracy theories, including the belief that American dollars are phony “fiat” money and that the Federal Reserve is a hoax. One of the meetings was dominated by discussion, led by noted conspiracy theorist Michael Coffman, revolving around the notion that the United Nations is out to seize Americans’ private property rights and impose a New World Order environmentalist regime.”

From the “Constitutional Coalition” website:

“Our Constitution established specific powers of the federal government, powers that are limited and enumerated. The founders believed that the government exists to perform only those services that the people cannot provide for themselves, such as the national defense. Local and state government powers were also to be limited and enumerated with the people self governing in all other areas.

The founders held that only a moral people – a nation of godly people with common spiritual and social values – were capable of self government.”

Here, to take the bad taste out of your mouths, just watch any one of these “comedy vs anti-science videos” that “show how humor can make a difference.” (Which I found as part of “more related stories” after the Paul LePage story, right next to one described as “Comedy can’t change the world: why Russell Brand is dead wrong about politics and humor…” – heh) Or, you can celebrate the fact that Pink Floyd is coming out with a new ‘album’ in the fall. Yay!

This is our daily open thread–what’s on your mind today?

33 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, July 7th, 2014: Crazy Talk

    • Not very bright – even if the deranged author claims it to be a ‘pro-Obama’ editorial.
      (very few would go beyond the headline)

  1. Why don’t we start the Tour de France in Pamplona and let the bulls chase the cyclists for the whole first stage? 👿

    • As an aging but still dedicated cyclist, I can imaging that people and organizations who fight “cruelty to animals” would be out there protesting the fate of the poor bulls as they fell by the roadside, exhausted, even as the cyclists rolled rapidly across the Pyrenees. 😀

      • Yeah, but the way those guys run over each other, without bulls chasing them, the first 1000 yards would be enough entertainment. 😀

  2. History Professor (?) Kevin Gutzman: In the Founders’ day, the 4th of July was a partisan holiday. It was celebrated in the 1790s and 1800s by Jeffersonian Republicans desirous of showing their devotion to Jeffersonian, rather than Hamiltonian, political philosophy. . . . The 4th was the holiday of the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, those great states’-rights blasts at federal lawlessness. It was the anti-Hamilton, anti-Washington, anti-nationalist holiday.”

    So the Fourth of July was celebrated mainly by those who had no problem with slavery? Why am I not surprised; the same buggers celebrate the second amendment as well. Given that I detest both slavery and the idiocy that remains undercurrent to the second amendment, I suppose it’s no wonder I don’t bother with “Independence Day.”

  3. Y’all are far too complacent lately. I regard it my duty to shake y’all up, and get things agitated.

    Sarah Palin Is Seriously Considering Joining ‘The View’

    Sarah Palin’s reality show Amazing America just got picked up for a second season by the Sportsman Channel and to mark the occasion, the former Republican governor and vice presidential candidate spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the show’s first season and her future ambitions, including a possible spot on ABC’s The View.

    With Barbara Walters’ semi-retirement underway and the pending departures of Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy, The View is actively looking for new co-hosts. And as Palin revealed in Monday’s interview, she’s actively interested.

    • I’ve never watched The View anyway, and if Para Sailin’ was on it (even if she was naked) I’d still never watch it. What the hell is her “appeal” anyway? And to what level of idiocy might it apply?

    • That doesn’t shake me up, it just makes me sad. All she was ever qualified to be is some sort of bottom tier celebrity, yet she ran for the second highest office in the nation.

    • She’s not ‘considering’ it because it has to be offered first. She’s just acting all rougey and self-important. HuffPo had an article on this that they ended with:

      Note: Sarah Palin is not likely to join “The View” in real life, but it is fun to dream, no?

  4. TEH daily STUPID:

    Pickup trucks customized to spew black smoke into the air are quickly becoming the newest weapon in the culture wars.

    “Coal Rollers” are diesel trucks modified with chimneys and equipment that can force extra fuel into the engine causing dark black smoke to pour out of the chimney stacks. These modifications are not new, but as Slate’s Dave Weigel pointed out on Thursday, “rolling coal” has begun to take on a political dimension with pickup drivers increasingly viewing their smokestacks as a form of protest against environmentalists and Obama administration emissions regulations.

    • …force extra fuel into the engine…

      I’m not an expert on diesels, but putting extra gasoline into an engine, in relation to the amount of air, in other words, richening the mixture, causes the excess fuel to ‘wash’ the lubrication off the cylinder walls, which results in premature cylinder and ring wear. Pretty soon, I expect these engines will be smoking without the modification.

        • I wasn’t positive about that. Diesel wasn’t a performance fuel until Audi started running them at Lemans. It still can’t be a plus for mileage, which they are whining about with the diesel particulate filters in place.

          • Bio-diesel and propane injection for diesel.
            Audi rocks because they are using an energy recovery system with their diesel.
            Diesel is efficient when it is done correctly.
            Diesel used to be cheap, it isn’t anymore.
            Diesel makes torque, not horsepower.
            Diesel fires at top dead center whereas an ignition engine using aromatic hydrocarbons fire long before top dead center depending on compression and fuel octane/composition.

      • Years ago I had an aging Suburban diesel, and if you want smoke there’s a simple simple way to get it: a leaky (or two) injector that dribbles diesel fuel onto the hot block. Happened to me once, and it was so “anti-environment” smokey that I couldn’t even see anyone in my rear view mirror. And that was on a rush hour freeway in Phoenix. Smelled real bad as well.

    • I’ve heard they seem to especially enjoy it when passing a Prius. This is not done around here, but I imagine our local cops would see it as an opportunity to stop and check for drunken idiots.

    • Sam Seder is talking about this. It took him seven minutes to build up to it, but he just started explaining it.

    • Judge Richard George Kopf pretty much nailed it when he wrote:

      To most people, the decision looks stupid ’cause corporations are not persons, all the legal mumbo jumbo notwithstanding. The decision looks misogynist because the majority were all men. It looks partisan because all were appointed by a Republican. The decision looks religiously motivated because each member of the majority belongs to the Catholic church, and that religious organization is opposed to contraception. While “looks” don’t matter to the logic of the law (and I am not saying the Justices are actually motivated by such things), all of us know from experience that appearances matter to the public’s acceptance of the law.

      I would have added that those five SCOTUSers managed to, all by themselves, redefine the word stupid, but I’ll forgive Kopf for that oversight.

      • And that’s why I still think it would be interesting to form a corporation that exists only to reject Catholic applicants because of my “deeply held religious view” that they are a bunch of ignorant savages. The five cranks would turn 180 degrees so fast they would all suffer whiplash.

  5. I’ve got Rogue Dead Guy Ale sitting out to go flat for making shampoo bars tomorrow.

    It’s not alcohol abuse if I think Dead Guy is gross. 🙂

      • It’s a very popular T-shirt with a certain segment of the local population.
        Missing hubcaps, scruffy beards, shifty demeanor, black T with a skeleton on it… it’s quite the look.

    • It sure is. I think the only people around here who drink the stuff are just trying get the smell of fish off their palate.
      I don’t think it’s a simple coincidence that the brewery is across the river from the fish docks.

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