The Watering Hole; Thursday July 10 2014; Goose Dynasty

Today’s offering: two waterfowl dynasties. The first, mine!; the second? Anybody’s guess.

First, Colorado’s own Goose Dynasty!:

Geese 161

Geese 157

Hollydot pond 129

Hollydot pond 134

Next, the other waterfowl dynasty, the immensely popular and . . . ummm . . . well, you know, the Yuck Duck Dynasty!:

Duck Dynasty

The choice of dynasties is yours — Goose, or Duck; Vote Here.

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46 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Thursday July 10 2014; Goose Dynasty

  1. Poise, grace and snappy attire win out in my view.
    Dirty hairy types are just pond scum.

  2. It’s Official: Rosie O’Donnell Returning to ‘The View’

    Rosie O’Donnell is returning to “The View” as a co-host in the fall, ABC confirmed via Twitter a short time ago. ABC says O’Donnell will be a co-host of the show joining moderator Whoopi Goldberg. The show is looking for at least two other co-hosts, who may come from the cable news ranks.

    With Rosie back, it won’t matter if Sarah Palin is offered a spot on The View.

  3. Yellowstone Road Melts, Sites Closed

    The ever-changing thermal geology of Yellowstone National Park has created a hot spot that melted an asphalt road and closed access to popular geysers and other attractions at the height of tourist season, officials said Thursday.

    As they examined possible fixes, park officials warned visitors not to hike into the affected area, where the danger of stepping through solid-looking soil into boiling-hot water was high.


    • Possible fixes:
      Include a six foot long skewer to impale yourself on if you step into a boiling pothole.
      Have Cliven Bundy graze his cattle there, and I’ll bring the BBQ sauce…

    • However, the damage to Firehole Lake Drive is unusually severe and could take several days to fix.

      What’s to fix? Volcanoes do what they want.

    • Conspiracy on the part of the current administration in the White House!
      Diversionary tactic perpetrated by the left.///

    • I see things like this in my life all the time.
      Money can buy you a car or a fast airplane but, it does not buy you the brains to keep it out of the dirt.

  4. Teddy Cruz wants to sell off Federal land (parks), and a Missouri lawmaker wants to halt ALL EPA
    Yet, they have only the best interest of the country

    • Not surprised. The sale of public lands idea has been whispered about for a long time now. Here’s something I wrote on the matter almost ten years ago during the Bush-inspired anti-environmentalism of the time:

      Sadly, the current destruction is only the half of it; it’s very likely that the other hammer will drop one day in the not too distant future. The ultimate atrocity remains: the conversion of public lands into money. All arrows are slowly beginning to point in that general direction. Could it really happen? Could the Grand Canyon be sold and opened for development? Sadly, the answer is very likely ‘yes.’

      Conservatives give a shit about NOTHING other than money and power. They are blind to all else, all the time. Ted Cruz the perfect and defining example of the despicable wingnut, the perfect example of grossly deficient brain power.

  5. Damned “librul media”! All that ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and MSNBC have been talking about is Blackwater. Wait. What’s that? Not even a peep on a national “news” broadcast?

    • Of course the corporate media isn’t going to report on this. It might cause defense contractors and weapons makers to take their advertising dollars elsewhere.

      Most Americans probably aren’t even aware of or couldn’t care a less that our military has largely become privatized which greatly increases the price tag for any wars or military actions our military is involved in because work and duties that were once performed by ordinary military personnel is now being done by mercenaries and other private contractors and triple the cost.

      Which of course is why America seems to be in perpetual war. It isn’t for national security, or for our freedom, or to spread democracy. It’s for the private contractors in the defense industry and other industries to amass huge profits for themselves and their shareholders.

      • That’s not a question that has a short answer; Ebb. I will try to provide some of the more obvious reasons why these freaks speak for a segment of Minnesotan society, in no particular order, but I’m a little drunk so it will not be a comprehensive list. It has nothing to do with the water.

        Minnesotans, by and large, enjoy some of the best drinking water on the planet. The fishing is good too and, believe it or not, my tap water is perfectly balanced for hard water tropical fish and, with salt mix, it’s perfectly balanced for saltwater fish. But? I digress.

        1. These are not bad people or stupid people. They are unsophisticated. They get their politics from church, the diner, and campaign commercials.

        2. The only mention of Batscat Bachmann by the local media goes something like… “the outspoken conservative Michele Bachmann, a outspoken conservative Christian lady, says that people who think she’s nuts are demons from Hell who want to suck out their souls and…”! “She’s a good, conservative, Christian lady”.

        3. Some of her supporters are FAUX”News” worshipers but most don’t watch “news”. They think that THE NEWS is the crap they ignore in between weather and sports.

        4. The local newspapers, by and large, do not allow any editorials that correctly identify Batscat Bachmann as “crazy” or any derivation thereof.

        5. She was born in Iowa; the same state as Steve King, who is currently battling Gohmert for saying the most insane crap that Batscat Bachmann hasn’t already said, so there’s a chance that the water and/or gene pool in Iowa is the problem!

        Now I go to sleep. I really look forward to pursuing my thoughts on the subject because I would like to condense them into a book. I’m an upper middle class intellectual with a pretty cosmopolitan upbringing, by birth, and an intellectual who has spent the happy bulk of my adult life among rural Minnesotans. They are, by and large, very good people but they are horribly sheltered and often ill informed.


    • So, for this Republican, it’s more about sodomy than about a lifestyle?

    • See, it works like this. When the penis enters a forbidden hole, the sperm will automatically detect this unnatural exploration of a forbidden hole and magically produce the HIV/AIDS virus within itself to unleash the wrath of God’s judgement onto the gay.

    • Interesting. As much as I can see, other than the cereals there’s not a lot of actual FOOD.
      The primary ingredient of all of them would appear to be sugar..

  6. “When I discovered a new plant, I sat down beside it for a minute or a day, to make its acquaintance and hear what it had to tell… I asked the boulders I met, whence they came and whither they were going.” -John Muir

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