Sunday Roast: Supermoon? Settle, people.

My boyfriend…er, personal astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, is frustrated with the “Super Moon” talk.

The Moon’s orbit around the Earth is not a perfect circle,” DeGrasse Tyson said at the time. “Sometimes it’s closer, sometimes it’s farther away. Every month, there is a moment when it is closest. Occasionally, that moment when it is closest coincidences with a full moon. People are calling that a super moon, but there’s super half moons. Every month one of those phases is the closest. I don’t hear people saying like ‘super crescent, super half moon.’”


There is something called a super moon,” Tyson responded. “I don’t know who first called it a super moon. I don’t know, but if you have a 16 inch pizza, would you call that a super pizza compared with a 15 inch pizza?”

Well, I would — if it were really good pizza!!  But I digress…

“Supermoons” are not rare, but for some reason, they’re a thing right now, and I guess they’ll continue to be so, until we find out spaghetti & meatballs are a great hair conditioner, or another movie star gets embarrassing plastic surgery, or the President persists in trying to do his job.

Really people, stop upsetting my boyfriend.  Yeah that’s right, I said it.  😉

This is our daily open thread — Get some star-gazing done this summer!


46 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Supermoon? Settle, people.

  1. Laura Ingraham is back on Fox. Did ABC decide she wasn’t adequate compensation for giving up George Will?

    • She wouldn’t be ‘adequate compensation for giving up’ intestinal gas (assuming there’s a difference between that and a George Will rant).

  2. So, the solution offered by Republicans for the immigration crisis, faced with Bush’s William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, is to change the law so all immigrants can immediately be deported. That alone would probably cost $3.7 billion.

  3. Bill Clinton earned $17 million last year doing what he likes to do best — talking.

    That’s a lotta hooey.

  4. Ok Dr. Tyson you want to get my knickers in a twist?
    To hell with the moon let’s talk about unleaded gasoline.
    Yeah that’s right unleaded gasoline.
    Gasoline doesn’t have lead in it. (I’m sure you know this, I don’t take you for a fool)
    It is a bio-accumulative hemotoxic additive put in gasoline because they were too cheap to make decent high cat crack fuel in the first place.
    Fuel companies added tetra-ethyl lead because they wouldn’t advance their refining process because that cost them money.

    We can have a discussion about bio fuels at another time.
    My Master’s thesis was on the chronic effects of organic lead and its ubiquitous nature in the environment.
    I was unceremoniously handed my diploma and asked by the school to leave before anymore unwanted clean up cost and publicity was brought to shine upon them.

    • As of this morning and thus far in 2014, I’ve bicycled just short of 2500 miles. I use only biofuel (mostly beans, veggies, bran, fruits, and a little chicken or lean pork), none of it leaded. Of course I do contribute to global warming with excess body heat plus exhaled CO2 (not to mention that I try to fart every time I see a pickup, which is OFTEN), but at least none of that resembles any “bio-accumulative hemotoxic” stuff.

      Actually, for roughly two hours every morning, I find myself figuring that I could and would support legislation to outlaw all petrol-fueled cars and pickups, to ban them from roads and highways forever. The peace and quiet alone would be worth it, not to mention the fresher air!

      • Don’t be too hard on the pick ups.
        It’s the idiot behind the wheel that makes the difference.
        If I didn’t have a pick up, I wouldn’t be able to get my surf rods to the beach for surf fishing.
        Which, I try to do away from the tourists as far as I can get.
        I take what can eat and that’s it.
        I watch more people get written up for under sized fish, over the bag limit and abuse of a resource.

        Abuse of a resource: I watched a guy catch small sharks and throw them up on the beach where they died slowly in the heat.

        The idiots are everywhere. Your spot on the globe does not have an exclusive corner on that market.

        I try to make a difference. With me it’s plastic pollution. I take a trash bag with me and clean up what I can on my walk back to the parking lot.
        Others are not so considerate. They leave their trash behind under some misguided belief that I will clean up after them or the ocean has magical never ending powers of repairing itself.

        • I have always taken my own, and any other trash I encountered, from the beach when I left. On vacation, I noticed my 32 year old son still does the same thing and is teaching his children to do so. We need more considerate parents out there.

    • (good thing they tell us it is a ‘spongemonkey’ singing – otherwise I truly thought it was a chihuahua)

      Doing eye surgery with table forks


  5. I like the moon too, the further away the better. There’s a 4 foot diameter skylight on the yurt, a full moon equals far less sleep.
    I need another yurt, set fairly close to this one. From space (Google Earth) the nicely tan yurt with the darker aureole of the skylight looks lonely.

  6. Danica took the wavearound, staying out with 30 lap old tires to get her lap back. Caution came out just before she needed to pit, so she stays on the lead lap, and 150 laps to go, she’s on the same strategy as the leaders. With careful driving, it might be possible to make it on one more stop, without running out of gas. Depends on whether there are any more cautions.

    • 120 laps to go, another caution, and Danica is getting fresh tires and gas with ten other lead lap cars. The first ten or so didn’t pit to keep their track position. She’ll have better tires and gas to go longer into this stint, in case a caution helps later, when the leaders have to pit under green.

    • Danica’s crew chief must be a little off his meds. Gave her a two tire stop, then she had to come in with 83 to go on another caution and get the other sides, instead of staying out. Another caution with 50 to go, she could have been further forward, but ended up about 21st. Then he had to pit her at the end, for no real reason, as it was a green-white-checker finish. She finished 22nd.

        • I don’t think he had a good day for her today. She had to pit twice when it could have been avoided and result in better track position. The call to keep her out and get the lap back was a no-brainer.

    • So…is the goalie to the right playing for Castrol? I see a white team and a blue team, but that goalie is in green and black.

    • Cool shot from the air of Christ the Redeemer with the lit stadium behind. I’ve been seeing that statue since the first Brazilian Grand Prix was televised on ESPN.

  7. The clock is running down on Argentina…
    Deutschland has won the World Cup!

    • I looked up Mario Götze and somebody had already updated his Wiki page to include his winning goal. That’s some fast typing!

  8. President Rousseff wasn’t very happy about handing the World Cup to Germany.
    (totally perfunctory)

    • Could have been worse she might have had to give it to the Argies….

      That Blatter is a self-important, mysogyinst, fascist prat…..

    • That fellow was quite ingenious. One would have to be with such accommodations!

      …it could theoretically float down the hill if there was a landslide.

      [hmm, ‘in case of emergency: a floating/sliding yurt]

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