The Watering Hole, Monday, July 14th, 2014: It’s SCHNEIDER-MAN!

Nope, not Wayne…it’s New York State’s Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman.

A.G. Schneiderman is the root’n-est, toot’n-est, doggone shoot’n-est Attorney General around these parts. And while he has been focusing mainly on Wall Street transgressions, Schneiderman was forced to issue a press release last week after the McCullen decision, in which the Supremes struck down the 35-foot buffer zone around Massachusetts’ women’s health clinics.

Apparently protesters at a Planned Parenthood in Rochester, New York, were a mite confused about that ruling, believing that the Supreme Court decision struck down ALL buffer zones. According to an article by Michael Virtanen of The Republic:

“The letter followed a protest last week outside the Planned Parenthood clinic in Rochester, where one demonstrator crossed a faded line on the sidewalk believing the Supreme Court decision applied everywhere, said Mary Jost. She is director of the Focus Pregnancy Help Center nearby and a longtime anti-abortion protester. Police were called, an officer talked with the woman and said she had to move back. That also prompted Rochester police to query the attorney general’s office and Jost to consult her own lawyer, who advised staying beyond the line that was subsequently painted bright orange, she said.

“We might take it to court in time,” Jost said.”

Yeah, sure, let us know how that works out for you.

A.G. Schneiderman’s press release (seen here in its entirety) said in part:

“I am committed to protecting the right of every patient in New York to full and safe access to reproductive health care services. We will not allow activists to use a narrowly targeted Supreme Court decision as an opportunity to create confusion about the critical protections here in New York. Not only do New York State’s clinic protection laws remain completely in place, I am committed to working with our partners in law enforcement to ensure they are fully enforced.”

Schneiderman, who was endorsed by Planned Parenthood for the post of Attorney General, insisted that the 15-foot buffer zone is still in effect in all 22 counties where it had been established in 2005. The Republic article also states that “He [A.G. Schneiderman] has also sent out investigators to ensure clinic access…”

Way to go, Schneiderman!

Just for fun, here’s President Obama turning down an offer that, I confess, I would not have refused.

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53 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, July 14th, 2014: It’s SCHNEIDER-MAN!

  1. …Jost to consult her own lawyer, who advised staying beyond the line that was subsequently painted bright orange

    Great move!

  2. I wonder if all the harassment, yelling, and waving of signs has ever prevented anyone from obtaining an abortion.

    • Hard to say but I’m sure it has. These people can be unreasonably brutal in their harassment. I’m sure some young women felt too intimidated to run through the gauntlet and endure the insults, the accusations of being a “baby killer,” and, in some cases, physical assaults from protesters who go too far in their belief that they have more say over what a strange woman does with her own body than she. If the protesters weren’t such a problem, there never would have been a need to establish the buffer zones in the first place.

    • Can only speak for out local clinics – we have escorts who greet the women at their car and walk them into PP so they don’t feel alone.
      The ‘protesters’ are evil, just plain evil at what they shout!
      (our escorts do not interact with the devils who try to intimidate the patients)

  3. QOTD:

    “My first words of my impression of being on the surface of the Moon that just came to my mind was ‘Magnificent desolation.’ The magnificence of human beings, humanity, Planet Earth, maturing the technologies, imagination and courage to expand our capabilities beyond the next ocean, to dream about being on the Moon, and then taking advantage of increases in technology and carrying out that dream – achieving that is magnificent testimony to humanity. But it is also desolate – there is no place on earth as desolate as what I was viewing in those first moments on the Lunar Surface.

    Because I realized what I was looking at, towards the horizon and in every direction, had not changed in hundreds, thousands of years. Beyond me I could see the moon curving away – no atmosphere, black sky. Cold. Colder than anyone could experience on Earth when the sun is up- but when the sun is up for 14 days, it gets very, very hot. No sign of life whatsoever.

    That is desolate. More desolate than any place on Earth,” – Buzz Aldrin, responding to a Redditor in an AMA this week. This July 20th is the 45th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

  4. “Where there’s smoke…”

    Freddie Alexander Smoke III, 27, of Sacramento was arrested Saturday for investigation of recklessly causing a fire and illegally cultivating marijuana, according to the California Department of Fire and Forestry Protection.

    The fire has burned 6 square miles, or 4,000 acres, of forested land in Shasta County and destroyed destroyed 18 structures.

    • Working as a wildland firefighter a few years back, everyone developed keen noses for smoke and what type of materials might be burning. Beyond learning to differentiate between conifer and deciduous, grass or chaparral we caught on to what the reek of burning PVC meant: another irrigation system going up in black smoke.

  5. There’s Support for Impeachment, But Most Like Electing A New Congress Better

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 32% of Likely U.S. Voters think President Obama should be impeached and removed from office. Nearly twice as many (58%) disagree and oppose his impeachment. Ten percent (10%) are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

    By comparison, 39% of Americans favored impeaching Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, in July 2007, while 49% were opposed.

    Fifty-two percent (52%) of voters believe it would be bad for the United States if some members of Congress seek to impeach Obama, and even more (56%) think it would be bad for the Republican Party if an impeachment effort is made.

    If Rasmussen can’t spin a poll to get Obama impeached, it’s likely that it won’t happen, hence, why Boner wants to just sue him.

    • I think I read somewhere (Joan Walsh?) that Boehner wants to sue Obama for not enforcing the ACA by allowing exemptions, and one of the things they want to sue him for is allowing the very same exemptions they voted to FORCE him to allow. In fact, these extensions they’re supposedly so upset about were done precisely because the Republicans asked him to extend the deadlines.

      What the Republicans can’t seem to grasp is that there are things called “facts” which constitute something called “evidence” which prove they don’t mean what they’re saying.

      • The business community put all their eggs in the Supreme Court, and when they didn’t overturn the ACA, whined that they weren’t prepared to implement the employer mandate. Obama cut them some slack, (which I didn’t agree with), and delayed their side of the law. Funny the US Chamber of Commerce isn’t defending Obama for doing exactly what they asked him to do.

  6. My neighbor, Peckerhead Pete, asked me if there were guitar lesson videos available on the internet. He watched me navigate to You Tube and search for said videos and, while standing here watching a 1st lesson video. proceeded to call the local Badcock store where he has an account and ordered a computer. Having never owned a computer before he bought, sight unseen, a $700 Asus D550M laptop with Windows 8.

    This morning he went to an AT&T store and purchased a WiFi device so his computer would have access to hot spots all over the country but especially inside his house where he could not connect to one that’s available inside my building. He called me a while ago to help him to get connected. I don’t know Windows 8 and I don’t know the device he purchased and I had other things to do so, rather than take the time to play with the computer I told Pete he needed to take his computer to AT&T and have them show him what he needs to do.

    Pete’s brother, Dinky, was at Pete’s when I explained to Pete that he should treat his new computer as if it was a new wife; “And I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be calling me over to mess around with her and get to know her just to teach you what to do!”

    Dinky said to me, “He don’t know what he’s doing. The dumb son of a bitch will probably get mad at it and throw it out into the yard by next week.”

    I might have to convince Pete he’d be more comfortable with a lesser system with a mouse and a keyboard and a full size monitor with Vista Home, a friendlier less complicated user interface for a first timer. A system like I currently have!

    • How many OS ago was Vista? Can you still buy a new computer with it?

      A $700 laptop doesn’t sound like anything really hi-tech to me. I don’t use a laptop, but I never have any reason to use one anywhere but my recliner. I do use a cordless keyboard on my lap, but I prefer the stand-alone widescreen monitor, to one that has to be in front of me, which would be between me and the tv screen.

      BTW, I love the Peckerhead Pete stories. 🙂

      • Was Vista after XP? I know they have halted any support or updates for XP systems.

        • I googlized it:

          Windows 1.0
          Windows 2.0
          Windows 3.0
          Windows 95
          Windows 98
          Windows NT
          Windows 2000
          Windows XP
          Windows Vista
          Windows 7
          Windows 8

          • 8.1 is now available as a free upgrade to 8.0 users. It appears to be an OS for any device and is supposed to work with a mouse, touch pad or touch screen actions.

            • You can also buy Windows 8.1 and upgrade directly from Windows 7. You don’t have to go from 7 to 8 first, and then go to 8.1. But you can;t go directly from Vista to 8.1 without getting 7 or 8 first.

    • I thought that said “Peckerhead Pele” – sorry – too much Brazilian football watching.

  7. Rand Paul fisks the idiotic Guv. Goodhair:

    “I ask Governor Perry: How many Americans should send their sons or daughters to die for a foreign country — a nation the Iraqis won’t defend for themselves? How many Texan mothers and fathers will Governor Perry ask to send their children to fight in Iraq? I will not hold my breath for an answer. If refusing to send Americans to die for a country that refuses to defend itself makes one an ‘isolationist,’ then perhaps its time we finally retire that pejorative.”

    • And the west…. does…. nothing….

      hey, they’re “keeping an eye on the situation”.
      You are correct – the west does nothing.

    • Do hope you are referring to weather and not they way life has been treating you, nwog!

      • It’s the weather Ebb, a constant 90+ for two weeks, throw in some rain to add to the humidity, a little rose wine and I’m in Provence, France, but I’m not mon amie; just fricken hot slogging around like the proverbial “wet blanket”.

  8. Coming to the Zoo and finding no activity reminds me of coming home to find my wife had moved while I was at work. 😯

    Interesting enough, I’m doing the same thing I did in 1970 when my wife left me, drinking,,, a lot. Too much maybe. Fourth Heineken at 3:30 PM. Hick! I hope no one has died. 😦

  9. With corporations morphing into super corporate persons, who have more rights and protections than a real person. With corporations now able to enforce their own religious beliefs upon their employees and with the coming Pacific and Atlantic “free trade” agreements being hammered out behind closed doors and coming in the near future this article below puts it all together. Be afraid. Be very afraid!

    “Free Trade ” Pacts Were Always About Weakening Nation-States to Promote Rule by Multinational Corporations – Matt Stoller

  10. Well so much for this god damn longest monday in history…
    Take it away boys…

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