The Watering Hole; Thursday July 17 2014; “I’m Disgusted”

“The hate pouring out on children people love to pretend they love is my last straw.” So wrote Claire Conner in a recent C&L post entitled, America, What The Hell Is Wrong With You? Her post was poignant and illustrative; it was also brief:

I’m disgusted.

I spent the last hour reading comments posted on CNN,, and ABC about the deportation of 40 women and children back to Honduras.

My head hurts, my heart aches, and my stomach is in knots. The nasty comments, the unbridled hate is just too much. It seems that we’ve crawled into a black hole of awfulness.

I’m disgusted.

America loves to lecture the rest of the world about human rights. We push other countries to open their land to refugees. We ignore our responsibility in creating failed states.

We wave our flag and sing our patriotic songs while telling ourselves that we are God’s favorite country. Every politician has to announce that we’re exceptional; the greatest nation on earth.


We claim to be pro-life, pro-freedom, and pro-human rights but give not a damn for kids who crossed 1,000 miles of hell for a chance to get away from drug lords, rape and murder. We are over run with pro-freedom, constitution-waving, bible-beating jackasses who claim to know that kicking these kids back to the hell they came from is God’s plan. People who know better and who have loud bully pulpits don’t have the grit to call out these hate-mongers.

America, what the hell is wrong with you? Has every shred of decency and compassion vanished? Must the politics of an election year always trump every cell of our heart and soul?

I’m disgusted.

When it comes to being disgusted, she is certainly not alone. And while I suppose it remains possible to feel even more disgusted than I currently am over the pace of this nation’s plunge into the pits of the human sewer, I can’t quite imagine what THAT level of disgust must feel like. Of one thing I am certain, however: never in my 72 years as a natural born American did I ever even BEGIN to believe that such a substantial portion of this country’s population would become so incredibly driven by such irrational HATREDS and FEARS as we see this day spreading and sprawling in nearly every corner of the country. And, near as I can tell, our moral squalor is driven principally by deeply embedded irrational racial hatred that is duly stoked and encouraged by unprincipled politicians who bow only to their twin gods of greed and power.

Just what the eventual/ultimate national consequence might prove to be is difficult to predict, but suffice to note there’s adequate historical precedence of national collapse in countries where hate, fear, and power lust become the driving philosophies. As for me, I can simply say that were I King, I would immediately grant asylum and a path to citizenship to each and all of the refugee children and their families whilst, at the same time, I would arrange to appropriately deport equal numbers of hate-filled American bigots (and I’d start with the Teabagger members of Congress, Louie Gohmert #1) all of whom would be sent on a one-way flight to the refugees’ countries of origin. American bigots are so goddamned convinced of their “righteousness” that it should be a treat to watch as they convert the evilness of their new homeland to their version of America.

That’s assuming there might possibly be a difference, of course.



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    • There’s money to be made, so why should they give a shit? I well remember the “end of the world” approaching after Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” and the subsequent move to rid the world of DDT. Oh the horrors. The bugs were gonna win. End of everything.

      Anyone that ever believes anything any corporation has to say about much of anything at all is a fool, because in the final analysis, it’s ALWAYS and ONLY about MONEY which is all that counts in this existence. Period.

      • The rebound of the raptor population after the ban of DDT is irrefutable scientific evidence that toxins introduced by man into the environment are cause and effect examples that cannot be denied.
        We have Osprey’s out the wazoo down here now and I have had six Bald Eagles raiding my pond for fish teaching their young. (take all the fish you want) I love watching it.
        Neonics are the new DDT.
        The same battle lays ahead.
        I have bees and I think Outstandinginmyfield does too.
        Neonics are systemic and don’t decay or break down for years.
        They get recirculated into the food chain.
        How many times?
        Nobody knows.

        • Back in the early eighties, myself and two partners in AZ decided to try a crop of then relatively new seedless watermelons. We planted forty acres and they did quite well. Harvest began in late June and all was well. Then in early July we shipped a truckload to California on the very day, it turned out, that a watermelon grower near Bakersfield was found to have used a systemic pesticide on his watermelon crop, ostensibly to handle the pesky white fly problem of the day. Systemics were not allowed to be used on food crops, and when it was discovered by routine analysis, the resulting news and edicts pretty much slammed the door on watermelon harvests around the Southwest. Our load rotted in the truck at the check station west of Palm Springs, and it was dumped. The bugger from Bakersfield was the only grower who used systemics, but thanks to that the entire melon harvest that year was negatively impacted.

          I’d not be surprised to see a repeat of the hysteria. Once neonics are detected in food crops, the shit will surely hit the newswire fans.

          • The invisible hand of capitalism isn’t so invisible when one dipshit can ruin your livelihood.

    • Move along, no problem here. Our yearly bonuses are based on our sales of insecticide coated seeds, You can’t prove anything, move along!!>!>!>

  1. I didn’t like zoos as a kid and I find them depressingly cruel as an adult:

    And apparently we’re psychiatric drugs to zoo animals. Here’s the story of the Central Park Zoo’s polar bear Gus:

    “[T]he zoo staff didn’t want Gus to scare children or their parents, so they put up barriers to keep visitors farther away from the window. Gus soon started to swim in endless figure eights.

    Hoping to curb the neurotic behavior, the zoo hired Tim Desmond, an animal trainer who had trained the orca who played Willy in the film Free Willy. Desmond was able to reduce Gus’s compulsions by giving him new things to do, such as bear food puzzles or snacks that took him longer to eat: mackerel frozen in blocks of ice or chicken wrapped in rawhide.

    The zoo redesigned his exhibit and installed a play area stocked with rubber trash cans and traffic cones that Gus could pretend-maul. They also put him on Prozac. I do not know how long he was on the drug, or even if it was as effective as his new exhibit and entertainment schedule, but eventually Gus’s compulsive swimming tapered off, though it never went away entirely.”

    • Natural habitat for a polar bear – being confined and playing with trash cans…
      very sad to know he was ‘trained’ for entertaining humans.
      Wrong on every level.
      With the internet one can find a live camera feed to watch animals in their native/natural environment without disturbing them. No ‘training’ needed.

  2. I caught a promo that said Leslie Marshall was moving her show to the 3-6pm time slot, which I thought was odd, since that is when Sam Seder is on now. Turns out The Ring Of Fire can’t pay Sam to do the show, so it is being canceled. Hence The Leslie Marshall Show should be taking that time slot on the few Progressive stations, Progressive Voices, and Sirius (maybe). I just heard this confirmed by Sam and Nicole Sandler at Netroots Nation.

  3. Oh shit….. somebody shot down a Malayian airliner over Ukraine today….. given that the only planes flying over Ukraine should be Ukrainian, it seems highly unlikely the Ukrainians shot a big civvy airliner down – that means the ‘pro-Russians’ or the Russians who are already suspected of shooting down a Ukrainian transport two days ago and perhaps a Ukrainian fighter today…..

    … oh shit…. watch the lies fly now.

  4. Iraq Is Not Our War Anymore. Let It Be Iran’s Problem. – Christopher Dickey

    Leaving aside the metaphors for a moment: the Sunnis’ worst nightmare was that Iran would take over their country, and Maliki showed them every way he could that they were right to be afraid—very, very afraid.


    On the American side there’s developed a collective neurosis about impotence. The Senate and House are full of old farts and dysfunctional Tea Partiers warning that if the United States doesn’t flex its pumped-up muscles it will turn into the proverbial 98-pound weakling. Not so. This is, precisely, the moment to step back, cross our arms, and let somebody else do the crippling work trying to impose order in the lands of the Apocalypse.

    I tend to agree with this assessment. This is certainly not a neocon perspective.

    • Perhaps we should take this opportunity to blow up our multi billion dollar embassy palace. After, of course, evacuating every American in that shithole of a failed nation, thanks GW PrickBoy.

  5. They know, we know they know and Putin knows that we know that they know….. Putin’s Tourists in East Ukraine have likely shot down a Malaysian Airliner and are frantically scrubbing their posts about (1) having Sams and (2) shooting down a ‘Ukraine transport’ this morning and (3) warning everyone to stay out of ‘their airspace’…..

    … a horrific crime has happened and the responsibility I am pretty sure lies at Putin’s door.

      • It’s far too late. You cannot unsend those tweets. They are in serious trouble.

        • Yes those posts and also all the posts about Russian missile launchers being fired *from Russia* into Ukraine yesterday.

          Not even Frau Ribbentrop can sweep this stuff under the rug of her promise of a directorship at Gazprom….

      • Someone should staple the photograph of the dead child hanging upside down still strapped in her seat in a Ukrainian field to his f**king mouth if he does….

  6. Russian mercenaries and terrorists now preventing emergency responders from reaching the crash site of MH17 – they are saying they will ‘send the black boxes to Russia’

    Ukraine MoD says it has evidence the SAM ‘came from Russia’….. the information war is in full swing here…. Occam says it was a Russian-supplied SAM fired by Russian servicemen or mercenaries from inside Ukraine….. all kinds of people on that plane from all over EU, Asia and at least 20 Americans I think….

    • Questions that will have to be answered: Did the closure of Ukranian airspace as of July 8th remain in effect? If so, how did the Malaysian plane get clearance for their flight plan? If the airline flew without the permission of the Ukraine government, who gave the order to do so?

      If the ‘Russian servicemen or mercenaries’ that fired the missile, thought Ukranian airspace was off-limits to civilian traffic, how should they be able to tell the difference between a civilian airliner and a military transport?

      Not excusing any party, but I’m keen to know these points.

        • But can a military transport fly that altitude?

          Also, would the missile crew be astute enough to discriminate between the ‘signature’ on the guidance system radar, in the time they had to aquire, lock on, and fire?

          See. I can keep coming up with questions. I can be a pest that way sometimes. sorry. 😦

          • Oh sure it can, but a civvy jet is putting out a ‘hey im a civvy – don’t shoot me’ signal that you can see on the internet if you know where to look…. a UA transport in a warzone is not putting any kind of signal out to the ‘bad guys’

            • ‘All’s fair in love and war?’

              ‘Rules? What rules? We don’t need no stinking rules!’

      • All that we need to know, according to the RWEC, is that it’s Obama’s fault; for some reason having to do with Benghazi. sarc/off

        • What better way to take attention away from Benghazi than to have the Russians shoot down a Malaysian airliner over Ukraine? Betcha Obama and Putin planned it together!

      • Yes, it’s all to be answered. They were certainly warned, but how do they file a flight plan? Or maybe they ignored it.

        And “oops sorry” is no excuse, the place, height and direction of the a/c must be a major clue as to what it was….

        Anyhow, AC360 is going the full ‘lacey peterson’ on it now and oh god the bollocks….

        • As a lifelong aviation buff I find it maddening to watch media coverage of aviation matters. They don’t really know anything about anything but don’t have the sense to STFU.

          • well the stoopid strong on AC360 – I recommend you stay clear of CNN today…

            .. when Richard Quest sounds informed…. you know what I mean

    • I move to send Teddy to his choice of:
      Mogadishu, or
      any East or West African nation where ebola is spreading, or
      The headquarters of any drug Cartel in Central America.

    • Matt Berman@Mr_Berman Russia now suggesting the actual target for the plane crash was Putin. So this is going completely insane.…

      • Putins Tourists are in major damage control mode…. black boxes were ‘sent to Russia for examination’ – WTF? A crash investigation on a sovereign state is the business of the next-door state which is currently invading it? WTF?

        • Russia Rules destroys All evidence pointing to its errors – isn’t that Pooties motto?

    • I was less than 9 when Dad convinced me that there’s no such thing as an “accidental shooting”; only gross negligence that should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I could live with the lack of action on gun control in general if “accidental” shootings were prosecuted exactly the same as intentional shootings.

    • “Reversing the trial court’s decision, the majority ruled that Bauer’s conduct – leaving a loaded gun unsecured – didn’t cause the non-fatal shooting at the Bremerton elementary school.”

      Right. Leaving a loaded gun lying around unsecured never helps to CAUSE a shooting, instead it usually PREVENTS such shootings. Right? Right.

      Thanks be to God for the “well regulated militia” clause in the second amendment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sounds like they’re confusing responsibility with blame. The man wasn’t to blame for the shooting, but he was responsible. If not for his actions, the shooting wouldn’t have occurred. I learned the difference between the two the hard way.

      When I was stationed in West Germany (a long, long time ago), I supervised someone whose wife stopped paying the rent to their German landlord for about three months. The landlord sent a letter to our First Sergeant and my troop and me both got called into his office. He said he doesn’t like getting letters like this and that my troop better get it straightened out. Then he turned to me and said, “And if he doesn’t do it, YOU’RE going to be in here explaining why.” I wasn’t to blame, but since I was his supervisor, I was responsible. It’s a lesson I never forgot.

  7. Ukraine Mod spokesman just said they are publishing phones calls between Russian GRU agents discussing the shootdown.

  8. In re the “I’m Disgusted” topic up top, I received a note from a local friend who wanted to post a reply this morning but could not, for some reason, get properly logged on. She asked me If I’d post it for her, so here it is. From “ArleenFei”:

    These comments are right on and need to be out in the general media. Send them to the local papers. We not only have a responsibility to help these children on the basis of human compassion, but we owe these children due to the economic abuses put upon these countries by the United Fruit Company and the CIA involvement in over throwing democratically elected governments putting puppet dictators in their place, supporting death squads to kill union leaders and religious leaders who worked for human rights.”

    I had forgotten about United Fruit Company’s involvement in Central American politics some years ago, but the mention did remind me of Reagan’s meddling via his Iran/Contra scandal. In fact, just being reminded of that causes me to DEMAND HIS IMPEACHMENT!! in any case, the genuine fact remains that the current mess in that part of Central America has very deep roots here in Amurka, and a whole lot of those roots were fed by Reagan and other conservative seditionists. So, thanks, Arleen, for the reminder.

    • Indeed, thank you Arleen. Amurka destroys a wide swath and be damned the consequences. Money has been made by delivering arms to our ‘enemies’.

  9. What if Israel gets more than they bargained for?

  10. MN GOP candidate: ‘Knocked up’ women don’t deserve dinner, dancing at their wedding.
    And it’s a woman. “On a blog she discontinued in 2009, she wrote that President Barack Obama was leading the one-world-order communists and demanded that single mothers be denied formal wedding ceremonies.” Oddly enough, her opponent is named Loon.

  11. Russia Today news denies that the Russian mercenaries have Buk missiles (which is easy to prove as the ‘DPR’ boasted weeks ago that they had those very same missiles and supposedly showed them on TV!), but argue that the Ukrainians do and therefore are ‘most likely’ responsible. Of course the motive is implied – to discredit the ‘self-defense’ forces and Russia.

    no comment on the practical concerns that the only planes flying in Ukraine are either Ukrainian or planes like the MH17 airliner….. there is no Donetsk People’s Republic airforce so why have Buk missiles or want to use them? Life in Putin’s Russia, black is white, war is peace and … well you know the rest

  12. Sens. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) authored S.Res. 498, which reaffirms Senate support for Israel, condemns unprovoked rocket fire and calls on Hamas to stop all rocket attacks on Israel. “The United States Senate is in Israel’s camp,” Graham said on the Senate floor Thursday.

    We knew that already, Butters. Only too well.

  13. Bill Maher is hearing all kinds of shit for this tweet. You should right-click on the time stamp, so it opens up and displays the replies. You have to scroll quite a bit down before you start seeing any tweets in the least bit supportive of Bill, and I mean the least bit. Many people said they unfollowed him, that he went “too far” (as if that’s possible with Maher), and that he was vile (saw that one a lot.) As I read through the beginning, very few comments were about Liberals in general, just about him. I think most of the comments were from his fans though. So he’s probably going to have to talk about it this Friday night.

    • And what is dealing with Israel like, Bill?
      That is a very demeaning, to women, remark, Bill.

  14. I think we need a pig story to brighten an ugly day. One of my sows, Flash, got chased out of the lower pasture by an older sow. We didn’t notice. During the nightly rounds, we gave a scoop of corn to the pigs in the lower field, a scoop to the pigs in the upper pasture, and a couple scoops to the cattle. Flash found an old scoop lost in the barnyard and came running up to the barn carrying it in her mouth as though saying “Where’s mine?”.

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