Sunday Roast: Word Crimes

But but but, I like the Oxford comma.  😉

I think we can all agree that Weird Al Yankovic is almost as good at parodies as our Wayne.

By the way, the above is a parody of this abomination:

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36 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Word Crimes

  1. You’re too kind, my friend. Entirely accurate, but too kind. 🙂

    I’ve been working on a new one these past couple of days and at first it looks like it might turn into something.

    • He was a great actor, in my opinion.
      Loved it when he portrayed ‘Jimmy Joe Meeker’, always with a ‘quote’ from his daddy!

    • They had a congressional interrogation, you must have seen it on t.v.:
      Wise men of senility…

    • My goodness – turtle, butterfly and dragon fly!

      • It’s pasture bed time!”

      • “Beet Poet” was good!

    • The truth is written!

      It brings to 18 the number of Israeli soldiers who have been killed in the offensive.
      The death toll rose sharply over the weekend, with the number of Palestinians killed now standing at more than 425 since the operation began, according to Palestinian health officials.

    • hmm, he’s in ‘no man’s land’, and will be, until Russia decides to ‘dispose’ of him.

  2. Exactly, to the day, 45 years ago…the most exciting thing was being talked about the world wide:

    • Reading the label on the camera is interesting… conjures up a few possibilities re: the “selfie”.

        • I’ve learned to read the directions first.
          That’s an awfully bulky camera to attach, but maybe in a zero gravity situation it wouldn’t be so bad.

    • The other day I heard a Rocky Mountain Mike parody using Donovan’s Hurdy Gurdy Man. I never could stand that song.

      I’m a Steely Dan fan, so I already expect to like this one. BIAM.

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