The Watering Hole, Monday, July 21st, 2014: Floriduh vs Kitties

I was going to write about yesterday’s ThinkProgress thread about a fundraiser for Florida Governor Rick Scott. The story combines just about everything we liberals abhor: wealthy private-prison CEO; $10,000/plate fundraiser; private-prison abuses and fraud; immigrant detention; privatization of prison system healthcare (under Rick Scott?!); and so on, with big money and greed being the leitmotif. But it just got me too angry, so here’s some photos of some of our past furry friends. If I’ve posted a lot of these before, please humor me.

Stubby Plant

Stubby Plant

Tippy with Velveteen Rabbit

Tippy with Velveteen Rabbit

Lissa Grooms Her Ears (Amelia in lower left, photo of 20-something Wayne in upper right)

Lissa Grooms Her Ears (Amelia in lower left, photo of 20-something Wayne in upper right)

Earnest squeezes behind Pip

Earnest squeezes behind Pip

Becca prepares to leap.

Becca prepares to leap.

Nog (N.O.G. = Not Orange Guy)

Nog (N.O.G. = Not Orange Guy)

Belz and Lissa play while Splatter watches.

Belz and Lissa play while Splatter watches.

Preston, Jack and Souphlee

Preston, Jack and Souphlee

There, at least I feel better…

This is our daily open thread–what’s on your mind today?

32 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, July 21st, 2014: Floriduh vs Kitties

  1. Rick Scott is an amoral criminal.
    The state was in better shape when Charlie Crist was governor.
    My blood pressure doesn’t need this, I’m going to go make some coffee.

  2. New Republic analysis of Russian media response to #MH17 and what it means will happen next. Its actually quite chilling. Especially when you realize that the Russians are reportedly still shipping weapons across the border and occasionally lobbing GRAD rockets from their side of the border at the Ukrainian army. And the Russian army is once again moving troops and equipment closer to the border.

    • The world leaders need to clamp down on the self crowned king Putin.
      Pooty won’t back-off until some harsh, very harsh measures are taken against Russia.

      • But apart from Canada, all we have had is ‘strongly-worded memos’ and bans for Colonel Strelkov going to Eurodisney….

        David #NevilleChamberlain Cameron and Chancellor Angela #FrauRibbentrop Merkel have both seen fit to do nothing but poke at President #MarshalPetain Hollande for not stopping giving #Putler his new aircraft carriers…… feckless, gutless gobshites all of them…. pay now or pay later sports fans.

  3. Putin must use the same P.R. people as the GOP: The separatists are holding the bodies of MH17 passengers hostage in exchange for territory.

    Unfortunately, the most impactful act that can be done immediately is take away the 2018 World Cup from Putin.

    • …most impactful act that can be done immediately is take away the 2018 World Cup from Putin.

      This! (along with other real sanctions)

    • BMM – you are assuming that FIFA is not a fascist led, for profit and fook-the-favelas, rapacious corporate entity……. and that a big check from big bad Vlad will not easily sweep away any sense that a moral and principled position determine the location of 2018.

      Ironic that a blatantly racist media campaign from the Russians against the Ukrainians doesn’t fall under the ‘respect and there’s no place for racism’ mantra that FIFA puts out as platitudes and bromides for the public to consume.

    • I was going to ask what, exactly, a herd of cats was called. “Clowder”….a new entry in the Father Bob Book of Trivia.

      I’m not a cat person, or I may have been a bit more inquiring regarding cats. But, I’m quite certain “cat people” are just as bonkers about their pets as we “dog people”. We’re down to only 3 in our pack, a black lab, a basset mix and a corgi…all rescue animals (the best kind)

      • And we’re down to just 5 cats. When we were at our worst, we had about 24 adults and maybe 15 or so kittens.

        Yes, we are just as bonkers about our cats as dog people are about their dogs. Actually, we both started out as dog people.

  4. George W. Bush: “I looking into Putin’s eyes and I saw his soul.”
    Joe Biden: “I looked into Putin’s eyes and told him he had no soul.”

    • The Wanker Bush quote was: “I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straight forward and trustworthy and we had a very good dialogue. I was able to get a sense of his soul.”

      I used it in a comment the other day.

      • W has also walked back those comments, on video, saying he never meant to say it was a GOOD soul. Just that he saw the soul that was there. Let’s see…do I believe him? Um, no.

      • The problem with folks like W. who bullshit their way through life is that they often don’t realize when they are being had. I’m certain Putin remembers Dufous as one of the dumbest phucks he’s ever seen.
        Boy George looked into Putin’s icy pits and saw something he couldn’t fathom so he made something up that sounded good.

  5. Perry and Hannity boating down the river arming a machine gun looking for 5 year old brown kids to kill, now he announces his plan to send in the national guard…

    I hope that the 1.000 National Guardsmen Rick Perry sent to the border are prepared to defend themselves against unarmed children. — Andy Borowitz

  6. a great factual read in the El Paso Sunday paper:

    Adam Ondo: Right-wing media distort what’s really happening on the border

    In recent weeks, right-wing news sources such as the Washington Times and Fox News have been focusing a significant amount of their attention on criminals that have been caught crossing the border illegally.

    In one article, the Washington Times indicates that “at least 16 unaccompanied illegal minors have been identified as members of MS-13,” but fails to mention that tens of thousands of innocent youth have crossed illegally in the past months.

    Most recently, Rick Perry’s camp published photos of him and Sean Hannity patrolling the border in a patrol boat with a mounted machine gun. Perry’s portrayal of this humanitarian crisis as an invasion is ridiculous and his focus on the criminal element is a red herring.

    Perry is using fear-mongering as a tactic to turn citizens against humane immigration reform and against the immigrants themselves, most of whom are not criminals.

    As someone who works with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, I have enough first-hand experience with this crisis to recognize that the right-wing media is grossly misrepresenting the situation.

    First, most criminals apprehended by Border Patrol are not minors riding in on trains; they are adults trying to cross the border surreptitiously. Many of the women and children turning themselves in at the border have an appearance that better resembles that of refugees than that of cartel members.


  7. Global temperature records go back to 1880 and this June was the 352nd hotter than average month in a row.

    Coincidence, I’m sure.

  8. So the major twunt, Rick Perry wants to send 1,000 National Guard troops to the TexMex border, to stop the invasion of brown children that he, and the other major twunt, Sean Hannity couldn’t stop with their photo-op. Now this fetid apparition wants the federal government/you/me to pick up the estimated 12 million a month so he can satisfy his ammosexual wet dreams. So much for his other delusions about states rights, and libertarian certainties that we don’t need the feds. Goddamn these sick fucks.

    • Fear the children…they are born.
      Repugnant party only care about fetuses – once born they are on their own.
      (Rick is dick)

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