The Watering Hole, Monday, July 28th, 2014: Childhood (and history) Lost?

The development where Wayne and I grew up sits atop a hill overlooking the Middlebranch Reservoir to the west, and used to be part of the Tilly Foster Farm to the north. When my family moved there in the late ’50s, we were visited by cows, sheep and goats from the farm, as our road was the closest to the farm’s property. Several acres were left undeveloped between us and the farm, which made for an enjoyable childhood spent roaming the woods, climbing trees and building ‘forts.’

While we were growing up, the farm mostly had horses; at one time, I remember, they had a Secretariat foal at the farm, and were a bit uptight about security: I pulled into the entrance once to take a picture, and within moments, a cop car arrived. For a while, it was closed as the county decided how best to utilize the property. Until a short while ago, the farm was run as a living museum, with old tractors and other farm equipment on display, as well as various breeds of cows, sheep, chickens, pigs,etc. The goal of the farm was to showcase rare American farm animals.
tilly foster sheepTilly Foster Farm 2012tilly foster goats 2tilly foster donkeytilly foster calves

Now, however, for some reason the county has decided to close the farm. Although the new caretaker just took delivery of newborn chicks for the farm, it is uncertain exactly what is ahead. According to one commenter at the farm’s website, a carnival was held there over 4th of July weekend. A terse notice on the museum’s ‘Welcome’ page states:

“The Society for the Preservation of Putnam County is no longer managing the farm. All of the rare American farm animals have been sold and we will not sponsor any more events at the farm.”

Hopefully the farm will be reopened as a living museum again. For us locals, the history of our area would be done a great disservice if this beautiful landmark were to be ruined for the sake of ‘progress.’

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  1. If that farm was in Colorado and a sign popped up that read, ““The Society for the Preservation of _____ County is no longer managing the farm” my first guess would be that the frackers were about to move in and do what frackers do, i.e. pox-mark the landscape and pollute the air and water in order to make more MONEY!! Are there frackers in Putnam County?

    • Not to my knowledge. Most of the fracking in NY is north and west of us. With all of our reservoirs serving as drinking water for NYC, I doubt if fracking is going to be allowed.

      I’m much more suspicious that it’ll be turned into condos, or ‘luxury homes’. The rolling hills in our area, which make for beautiful fall foliage shots, are beginning to be turned into subdivisions. What used to be tree-covered are now total eyesores, an assault on one’s senses.

      • Subdivisioning was my second choice. I watched back in the late sixties as the St. Louis County MO woods and rolling hills were cut down, bulldozed, and leveled to become subdivisions and the associated commercial areas, malls etc. What was once genuinely beautiful was turned into ticky tacky. Disgusting. And later I watched as the beauty of the Sonoran Desert in the Phoenix surround suffered the same fate.

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    The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 Monday that Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, upholding a lower-court ruling from February. The majority concluded that “Virginia’s same-sex marriage bans impermissibly infringe on its citizens’ fundamental right to marry.”

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    So, what districts are left that haven’t ruled this way?

  3. How sad. I hope the buyers of the animals are dedicated to preserving the breeds. If I were wealthy, I would collect and perpetuate rare breeds of hogs, cattle, and chickens.

  4. Upon reading that Sarah Palin will start a subscription online TV channel I could only think of “Fee Dumb” as a description of what’s to come. 🙂

    • The thought of her having full control of content unnerves me a tad due to all the gullible bottom-feeders out there with guns.

      • ooo, love the gravatar, fb!

        The thought of Prattling Palin and her followers is, indeed, frightening.

        • Thanks….its a Nicobar Pigeon. I had never heard of this bird until a friend facebooked it.

  5. I’m betting Monsanto bought the place to end the genetic diversity of heritage animals, plant GMO’s and raise sheep with mutated wool that is a polyester blend.

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    • Until there are sanctions that actually squeeze Russia, Putin will continue pushing forward with impunity.

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