The Watering Hole, Wednesday, July 30, 2014: Metaphore



Premise: Everything can be a metaphore for anything.

I posit that this image is a metaphore for what is happening in the world right now.


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41 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Wednesday, July 30, 2014: Metaphore

  1. I tend to embrace the coyote and roadrunner cartoons as a metaphore of life.

    • I can relate… I’m lugging a lot of anvils lately and getting paid in birdseed.

  2. Bleak, the stony stare
    Fragmented dream on parched earth
    No tears left to shed

  3. You’re a cheery bunch this morning. 😉

    Zookeeper signing off until next week. All y’all try to behave yourselves, and try to keep it clean.

    • Clean? We don’ need no stinkin’ Clean!
      /Blazing Saddles paraphrased quote off

  4. The image carries many metaphors…
    -Wreckage in a field in eastern Ukraine
    -Shattered lives in Palestine
    -Empty headed Facebooks
    -Air headed former candidate for the Vice Presidency

  5. I had a first hand account of a funeral in a small SW Ukrainian village for a 21-year-old Ukrainian soldier killed near Donetsk last week….. people lined the main street and threw flowers on to the road as the cars went slowly by.

    From Grasswire as yet unconfirmed – Russian armour painted as ‘peacekeepers’ ….. at least near the Ukraine border (Belgorod is in fact 10 miles north of the border in Russia).

  6. Sorry I’ve been so absent lately, work is becoming way too consuming…
    That said, I saw that image as a petrified chunk of dinosaur spoor.
    Or a Republican talking point.
    Those are most likely the same thing.

    • Can you fathom what ras-Putin would do if Ukranians fired artillery into Mudder Russia?

      • That’s why they are calling this an ATO and not a war…. they need to keep Putin’s army on their side of the border…. Putin trying any excuse

    • Beautiful painting; the colors are pleasing, muted but not pastel. The miniature cow is rather puzzling, or was Saint Luke a really big dude?

  7. Still one of my favorite almost-last-scene in a movie, where Death (Brad Pitt) takes Bill Parrish (Anthony Hopkins), but not without lamenting not able to stay a human….

      • It’s especially ironic that her hubby is an alleged psychologist. If she ever wandered into a real psychiatric care facility she would be strapped to the floor of a padded cell and forcibly medicated before you could say “anti-American”.

  8. “This is a man-caused disaster, and the man that caused it is Barack Obama, with his DACA policies and his Morton memos, and the advertisement that has been such a huge magnet that have caused these families to give their daughters birth control pills and send them down a rape path all the way through Mexico, and it’s a death path on the death train,” — Rep. Steve King

    Rapeity rape rape rape.

    • Someone is feeding these ‘horror stories’ to the Repubs.
      There’s Bachmann with medical experiments on the children
      King with this ludicrous scenario.

  9. The House of Reprehensibles has voted to sue President Obama in the moments before they go off on holiday. Something to the effect of taking action without getting their input or approval. It’s not like he hasn’t tried to get them to frickin’ do something…

    This nation is in a downward spiral.

      • It’s all very disgusting. Cheney/Bush tell all kinds of lies, send the nation into a trillion dollar failed crusade in the Middle East and escape all accountability.
        Obama tries to reform health care and immigration and all of a sudden wailing and gnashing of teeth from the same flag wavers crying King! Liar!
        I’m getting pissed.

  10. At the very end of a live TV interview Chris Gunness did today. Gunness is the head of the UN’s Relief and Works Agency in Gaza. Israel bombed another of their schools today, killing children sleeping in a place they thought was safe. This seems to me to be the only human response:

    • There should be a worldwide uproar.

      We live in a country where Perry, Palin, McCain, et alia are afraid of children crossing the border…they should be appalled that innocent children are being murdered in their sleep.

  11. The oppressed have become the oppressors.

    A masque looks over the North Sea,
    Waiting for an invasion that never comes.

    Hope upon hope,
    As waves crash upon iron rails
    Planted in the sand,
    Waiting for an invasion that never comes.

    The oppressed,
    Waiting in the ghettos,
    Waiting for an invasion that never comes,
    Waiting for their liberators.

    Millions die,
    And their survivors?
    Given a new homeland,

    Have become the oppressors.

    Roles reversed,
    Ghettos remain.

    And the masque stares blankly over the seas.

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