Music Night, August the very first, 2014

This is London Grammar, a relatively new group from (surprisingly) England. I find Hannah Reid’s voice haunting and quietly fierce. I hear echoes in the band’s music of people like Jeff Buckley, Julie Driscoll and even Cat Stevens–which resonate with me on a deep level. Your mileage may vary, but even if you don’t mesh with their music, please at least watch the videos which are fascinating bits of art. Particularly take a shot at the first and watch it all the way through. And then maybe the second video which is strange indeed. Hurray for young unfettered artists.

14 thoughts on “Music Night, August the very first, 2014

  1. So I am not sure if this has made it to the US at all…. next Monday, August 4th is a major anniversary (my dad’s birthday)…. at 11pm on August 4th 1914…. “The lamps went out in Europe” as the last player in the Great European Catastrophe we call World War One, declared itself for war.

    The echoes of that conflict today, in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine are still with us…

    A song from the time:

  2. Agreed, a haunting voice, reminds me of Clannad. Both selections are enjoyable and made perfect sense, but then I’m up there in mileage…

  3. When you’re unhappy with the guy you voted for and the paycheck is late, again, still… what else is there to play?

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