The Watering Hole; Friday August 1, 2014; 1. Rain & Bows; 2. Teh Stupid

It’s been wet here of late. Wetter than it’s been during any July for a long, long time. Seems kind of odd for Colorado to be dripping and soaking wet even as much of the rest of the West is suffering through a protracted multi-year drought — might that be a consequence of (obviously non-existent) human-caused Climate Change? Whatever the undercurrent science, however, a most fortunate rainy-day payback is the fact that our local lake, our water supplying reservoir, is currently brim full and overflowing (for the third time this month) when typically, by mid to late summer, it’s at least four or five feet down.

Just a few days ago, we enjoyed a brief but welcome respite from the rain patterns when, late in the afternoon the clouds to the west broke and allowed the sunlight to stream through before the sun sank behind the front range. The result was a rather stunning pair of rainbows which I managed to capture from our back stoop before they disappeared.



One question: note how the colors in the top RB are in reverse order from those in the brighter bottom one. I’m fifty years away from science classes and I honestly have no idea as to why the reversal. Anyone got some enlightenment to share?

BTW, I was originally planning on heading over to that tree at first opportunity and collect the pot of gold that surely must be there, cleverly concealed, but between the rains and all the pickups on the highway I didn’t get there. Yet. Maybe next week.

Another virtue of all the summer rain is that it keeps the meadows green and nutritious — for a glistening horse grazing thereupon who is clearly about as happy as happy can get.

Horse 245Meanwhile and back in the political world, here are a couple of the week’s reigning examples of Teh Stupid in action. Read at your own risk.

Vote Cancelled On Border Crisis Bill; GOP Tells Obama To Act Alone

(Just a guess, but I suspect that if/when Obama acts alone, that’ll become further grounds for impeachment)

NRA Lobbyist Compares Gun Safety Law To Nazi Germany

(Yet another gun nut screwball who has absolutely no knowledge of anything at all other than his own irrational hatred)

School Blogger Fired Because ‘Homophonia’

(Well, it happened in Provo Utah where Teh Stupid is apparently endemic, so no big surprise. But still . . .)

Ok, that’s enough.




77 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday August 1, 2014; 1. Rain & Bows; 2. Teh Stupid

  1. In a “primary rainbow”, the arc shows red on the outer part and violet on the inner side. This rainbow is caused by light being refracted (bent) when entering a droplet of water, then reflected inside on the back of the droplet and refracted again when leaving it.

    In a double rainbow, a second arc is seen outside the primary arc, and has the order of its colours reversed, red facing toward the other one, in both rainbows. This second rainbow is caused by light reflecting twice inside water droplets.

  2. I honestly do not know where to turn to look for anything positive today…..

    Story on NPR first thing – John Brennan, torturer, extra-judicial assassin, liar, his spying exploits on elected members of government making Hoover look like a schoolboy …… still has his job –

    Gaza, what-the-fookin-hell does it take to get the American media to ask questions of the people who are blowing up children by the dozen every day in the world’s largest open air prison? When does this become genocide?

    Only thing worse than the American media is the Russian media:

    ‘Frau Ribbentrop’ is giving up the ‘Sudetenland’ to the Czar of All the Russias, as Putin’s paratroopers boast of killing Ukrainian soldiers near the MH17 crime scene….

    And I didn’t even touch on Iraq, Libya, Syria, Nigeria, ebola ……

    …. nice pictures today…. the ravens were my faves …. ‘never more’.

    • The Merkel thing is even more craven – it’s like Chamberlain giving up the Sudetenland to Hitler to keep the peace *after* he invades Poland ….. I am ashamed (as I said to my Ukraine friend earlier this week) that I wished it was a Lufthansa plane went down full of Germans …. Merkel’s cowardice would be on show to her own people. ‘Dutch? Yeah whatever, and only 4 Germans… wah wah!’

    • We have to kiss Bebe’s ass while we give him a reach-around…

      this shit never stops.

      • I heard ‘Morning Joke’ broke ranks briefly… and then was presumably slut-shamed back into line.

      • Dammit I forgot to put my growler in the car…. that’s the only thing that is going to save my mood today.

  3. ‘homophonia’ – that’s like what happens with listening to too much Bronski Beat and Pet Shop Boys?

      • This was the period of 80s pop music dominated by the ‘two young men espousing an alternative lifestyle and a synthesizer’ bands. See also: Soft Cell, Erasure

    • I did like Culture Club so I am not totally homophonic.

      Or is this more like when you see someone you know and they have ear buds in and then as they talk to you they take out one ear bud out and are thus listening in a homophonic fashion?

  4. When genocide is permissible. From The Israel Times:

    “History is there to teach us lessons and the lesson here is that when your enemy swears to destroy you – you take him seriously. Hamas has stated forthrightly that it idealizes death as much as Israel celebrates life. What other way then is there to deal with an enemy of this nature other than obliterate them completely? …

    I will conclude with a question for all the humanitarians out there. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clearly stated at the outset of this incursion that his objective is to restore a sustainable quiet for the citizens of Israel. We have already established that it is the responsibility of every government to ensure the safety and security of its people. If political leaders and military experts determine that the only way to achieve its goal of sustaining quiet is through genocide is it then permissible to achieve those responsible goals?”

  5. Rep. Steve King wants to put migrant children in border internment camp

    “. . . August is ramping up to be Little Brown Children Summer, a month of nonstop hate and bile over a bunch of kids who dared set foot in Our Glorious Native Land without the right paperwork. At this rate, they’re going to start finding these kids dead at the border.”

    I presume King’s plan will make sure the internment camps are large enough to accommodate the gas chambers and crematoria. I do wonder, though, if there’s still a reliable Zyklon B source. Someone should ask King; bet he knows.

    • It’s exactly the kind of idiocy that spews from King, Bachmann et al that excites the poorly educated and well armed rednecks on the borders to do something like shooting kids. They’d do it for sport, now they’re being given an excuse and tacit approval. From what I hear of the mentality of the border patrol nowadays, they’re going to suddenly notice that their shoes need tying and never see a thing…

      • I hate these people. May God forgive me, but I hate them with a white hot passion. They should be forced to go to a morgue and look at dead children just in case the experience might awaken some tiny spark of compassion and humanity that could be lying dormant in their shriveled and decayed souls.

  6. QOTD:

    “We’ve all watched as the tiny state of Israel, who is with us on everything, they have had in the last three weeks 3,000 rockets filed into their country … Our number one ally — at least in my mind — is under attack,” – Harry Reid. My italics.

        • (the transcript isn’t up just yet)

          WJLA quoted Obama

          “Obama says it’s heartbreaking to see what’s happening in Gaza. He says he wants to see everything possible done to ensure Palestinian civilians aren’t killed.”

          Then, out of the other side of his mouth:

          “Obama says Israel must be able to defend itself, but that irresponsible actions by Hamas have put civilians in danger.”

          This angers me to no end. As if the Palestinians aren’t allowed to defend themselves.

          • Also

            President Obama said, “After 9/11… we tortured some folks. We did some things that were contrary to our values.”

            • Obama is such a folksy guy isn’t he? “Folks” seems to be his word of choice for the victims, whether it be natural or man made disasters.
              “we killed a few folks…”
              “tortured a few folks…”
              “spied on a few folks…”
              “ignored a few folks…”
              “their just folks…”

    • Seems to me that if Israel had assisted the establishment of a genuine Palestinian State back in the seventies, even as late as the eighties, and in the process treated the situation and the people with implicit and obvious respect and courtesy that maybe today they wouldn’t need an “iron dome” to save themselves from the horrors they themselves have EARNED.

      Of course, Israelis are Homo sapiens sapiens same as the Palestinians, same as the Russians, Mexicans, Amurkans, Chinese, Brits, French . . . etc., so there’s no reason to wonder why they’re as fucked up as everyone else.

  7. I believe Israel (spit) is going for it this time. They’re going to pummel and eventually destroy Gaza , and no one will do anything about it. No sanctions, no disruption in monetary aid, nothing more than mild admonishment. The Russian maneuverings around in Ukraine at the same time is a distraction and also a green light… watching Putin get away with conquest, and now cutting a deal with the EU gives the Israelis the perfect moment. They’re tired of the bottle rockets being fired at them, but most importantly of all, they want total control of the territory and will kill as many Palestinians and destroy as much of the infrastructure as they can.

  8. QOTD II:

    “We tortured some folks. Any fair-minded person would call it torture,” – President Barack Obama.

  9. Ann Coulter: Why can’t we deal with our border the way Netanyahu deals with Hamas?

    Sounds legit.

    • Used to be children were considered innocent and to be protected…
      whatever happened to that? (yes, I know – only Caucasian children)

    • That has to be the most enjoyable music video I have ever seen. Period.
      Thanks EBB!

    • McLaughlin is the lowest-rated judge in Jefferson County “by a wide margin,” according to the Louisville Bar Association (LBA). The reason for her low-rating, as KYCIR discovered, is her apparent belief that the all African-Americans in her court room are unrepentant drug dealers.

    • Wearing ‘Obama-T-Shirt-while-black’ now a crime in Kentucky….. got it….

  10. This one’s for you Dutch…… may your heart, however the burden was for you, be at peace now.

  11. if you don’t like this…… and you’re a dude….. you are dead or maybe you like dudes….

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