The Watering Hole, Saturday, August 2, 2014: Lazy Day

I admit it. I got nothing. I’m so worn out from fighting the powerful forces of the right wing who want to promote selfishness as a virtue to protect their ill-gotten gains, that I just want to relax and be lazy today. Have fun.

This is our daily open thread. Feel free to discuss laziness, the days of the week, powerful forces of the right wing who want to promote selfishness as a virtue to protect their ill-gotten gains, or any other topic you wish. I’m going back to bed.


85 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Saturday, August 2, 2014: Lazy Day

    • Cantor is crying on his shoulder:
      “-sniff- Can you help me… please? I promise I won’t do it again…”

        • There’s a phenomenon I know as “weedy species”, wildlife that is able to easily adapt to human development and impact on ecosystems, good examples are rats, mice, coyotes, racoons, whitetail deer, cormorants, pigeons, etc. They take advantage of dumps, monoculture agriculture, messy yards and all the general waste that humans create.
          Teabaggers are a lot like these weedy species, leaning towards the rats and the racoons: nocturnal, sneaky and vicious when caught pawing through the garbage.

          • Actually, I’m beginning to believe that Teabaggers are the final and positive proof that the earth has long been the site of an intergalactic penal colony for the criminally insane.

            The only other possibility is that Teabaggers descended, per Darwin, from the Higher Animals — such as Rats and (esp) Racoons (all of whom who are way cool by comparison).

            • Slugs, descendents of slugs. Basically blind, eat enough to ruin the crop for everyone else and leave a trail of slime wherever they go.

      • “Both verses miss the point that men ARE animals.”

        Not according to my granddaughter’s science textbook. Humans are not part of the animal kingdom.

        • oh, dear – do hope you are able to educate her about the real world to counteract the fantasy.

          • not without running the risk of violation a gag order to not talk about school except through minor’s counsel, who, so far, appears ambivalent about the whole thing.

        • I’m remembering that ‘God’ made man from a lump of clay, so humans are part of the mineral kingdom.
          Ironic, aren’t we?

            • Thanks, that’s very gneiss of you to say.
              … I afterwards wandered off into prose connecting minerals and human behavior, the puns and metaphors are a gold mine.

            • The silty moments of life settle to the bottom; over time the sediments compress and morph into folds and swirls, small fossils of wisdom crystallize within. Continued pressure from the weight of years heats the dense mass until a molten eruption of understanding bursts through fissures and blows the lid off the mountain.
              Tiny specks of rock blow into the sky, and that’s why we get mud in our eye.

    • Everyone is afraid to criticize Israel, Judaism, etc.
      True the Jewish people suffered a horrendous persecution not so long a go, but much the same has happened to any number of peoples down through the course of human history. The First Peoples of the Americas were slaughtered, enslaved and marginalized to near total destruction and little has been acknowledged, much less compensated for.
      Money and power in the western world has twisted “anti-semitism” into a handy excuse to justify their control of commerce. Resentment of Judaic middlemen as merchants who exploited artists, farmers and the working class in general has been a primary reason for their various persecutions. The old and now politically incorrect phrase “I got Jooed” has an origin not without warrant.

      • And of course some of that grew out of the christian belief what we should not lend money and charge interest. Someone has to lend money or capital and opportunity can’t get together and start new businesses. The Jews were willing to do the dirty work of lending. I am convinced that some removals and persecutions took place because the borrowers did not wish to pay their debts.

        • Jesus’ upset at the practice on the temple steps may have been the anchor point for this early Christian belief. I say early because it doesn’t seem to bother many in this day and age. No doubt lending was and is a risky business, and to cover potential losses than everyone was subject to ‘overcharging’ on lending rates, or charging as much as was determined could be gotten away with. I don’t know when or where or who the practice of buying low and selling high originated with, but it does create resentment over the long term, and trouble erupts. Good point, thanks.

  1. I’m down with lazy. I’ve been so outraged and so saddened by all that goes on in this world that I’m just tired. Seeing the ugly hate on the faces of those yelling at desperate people seeking safety and comfort was the last straw. I’ve seen those same faces in pictures from the integration of the schools in Little Rock. I’m an optimist, always have been, and I thought we might have made some progress in recognizing our common humanity in spite of superficial differences. I was wrong.

    • As one of the World Nut ‘commentarians’ put it, “Everything about America is wrong. That’s what Obama’s transforming this nation is all about. Once we turn into a fourth-world disease-ridden pest hole in a few more weeks, his work will be done.”

    • I’ve been misidentifying this as a fuchsia flycatcher for a long time now…

    • We know Ebola is deadly – wasn’t that the name of the plane that dropped the first A-bomb? The Ebola Gay?

  2. ‘My Parents Open Carry’ kid’s book portrays day in the life of ‘typical’ gun nut family

    The book’s authors, Brian Jeffs and Nathan Nephew, claim that they were inspired to write the book because they “looked for pro-gun children’s books and couldn’t find any.

    • (working title for my book would be)

      “Pre-need: Select Your Child’s Coffin Before Holstering the Family”
      “Before Holstering the Family, Select Your Child’s Coffin”

  3. Netanyahu says US should never second guess him about Hamas again after Hamas (according to Israel) “captures” one of their soldiers. I think the term “kidnaps” is more appropriate, as it takes away the war framing. A war framing pretty much demands a military solution.

    Now, after this last intensive bombing campaign, they admit the soldier was killed in battle, not “captured.” (Kidnapped. Criminals kidnap.).

    And I’m sure we’ll do nothing about this. Israel admitted they weren’t certain the soldier was kidnapped, but they went ahead with their Gaza attacks anyway.

    • Nice bit of psychological bait from the Israeli’s, even got Obama to do a Reagan impersonation… “Release that soldier now!”
      IDF/Netandyahoo takes a screw up that got one of their men killed and turns it into an excuse to keep bombing.
      Wash, Rinse, Repeat…

    • And she blows a right front tire and kisses the wall on lap 15. Was running 10th.

    • She lost a lap getting the car fixed but just got it back on the next caution, because she was the first car one lap down. Now they can do more to fix it during this caution.

    • Sixty laps to go, Danica just pitted and the crew seemed to mill about for a while, so something was wrong they had to fix. Finally they sent her back out, but she’s at least three laps down now. Must have been the right rear, the in-car camera didn’t look there. She’s back to running decent lap times again, so it must have been fixed.

    • She managed a 30th place, 4 laps down. Maybe I can find out later what went wrong that caused her to get so far down.

        • I think the eventual problem was the right rear. When the tire blew she hit the right side. She ran some good laps after so the front had to be OK aerodynamically.

    • (to paraphrase Frugalchariot: what if Earth is a penal colony for another Universe – that would explain a great deal)

      The Repugnant Party doesn’t like to co-operate, thus they are not ‘human’.

      “If prehistoric people began living closer together and passing down new technologies, they’d have to be tolerant of each other,” Cieri said. “The key to our success is the ability to cooperate and get along and learn from one another.”

      • If not an intergalactic penal colony, at least it’s an experimental outpost.

        I wonder if humans have ‘evolved’ to the point where science, intellect and the ability to measure gives those who can control those measurable masses of wealth, resources, human capital (labor, consumers) and energy would rather exploit it till it’s all gone, and not give hoot about what comes after. This might explain why world corporations, and countries which operate like corporations (United States, Russia, the G7 etc…) are always looking after their “interests” when there is no direct benefit to the nations as a whole. Success has become totally defined by wealth and possession, leaving out the realm of other considerations that success as a sentient species will mean in the future. Humans don’t have a very promising future as it stands. Some few may manage to survive the plundering and wreckage of the world at our own hands, but that’s hardly success as a species. They’ll soon fade away as well until the last pitiful few are picked up to serve time in some gulag as experimental subjects out in Orion somewhere.

  4. Headline Understatement of the Day:

    ‘Glenn Beck: I Said ‘Stupid Things’ While At Fox News’

    • That in itself is a stupid thing to say. Unless he’s trying to repent, but then he’s still saying stupid things. What he’s to stupid to realize is that it’s time to shut up and stay home.

  5. (out of sight, out of mind. We knew the damage to the ecosystem was going to be widespread and will take eons to repair)

    Deepwater Horizon Spill Lives On: Scientists Find Extensive Damage to Coral
    The oil spill affected coral colonies far from the disaster site.

    “This study very clearly shows that multiple coral communities, up to 22 kilometers from the spill site and at depths over 1,800 meters, were impacted by the spill,” said Charles Fisher, a Pennsylvania State University biology professor whose November 2011 research was published this week in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    • Most Americans don’t research – that’s why they fall for the lies and half-truths of the biased media.

      Palestinian lives are equal in measure to Israeli lives, yet the ‘news’ attempts to lump all Palestinians as Hamas and therefore make it seem Israel has impunity to murder…
      wrong, wrong, oh so wrong.

  6. And today we learn that Israel was intercepting John Kerry’s phone calls during the Mideast peace negotiations – according to Der Spiegel. We also learn Bibi responded to American pressure for an end to the mass killings of children like so:

    “In a phone call with US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro about the breakdown of the short-lived UN- and US-brokered ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vented his anger, according to people familiar with the call. Netanyahu told Shapiro the Obama administration was “not to ever second-guess me again” and that Washington should trust his judgment on how to deal with Hamas, according to people familiar with the conversation. Netanyahu added that he now “expected” the US and other countries to fully support Israel’s offensive in Gaza, according to those familiar with the call.”

    Now give me that annual $3 billion, another $225 million for the Iron Dome, and shut the fuck up.

  7. Sunday Night Football? It’s the first weekend of August!

    Haven’t forgotten to watch Manhattan tonight! 😉

    • “Sunday Night Football? It’s the first weekend of August!”

      Our long national nightmare is finally over.

      • I told Jane the way the Mets were playing, we might as well start preparing ourselves for NFL Football (as opposed to what the rest of the world calls “football”). We’re Jets fans, first and foremost. But we will root for the Giants (if we’re not playing them) to go to the Super Bowl. (We both like both Peyton and Eli Manning, so we were happy for Eli when he got 2 Super Bowl wins.) And if they should ever face the Jets, we’d want the Jets to win. Of course. But if both the NY Jets and the NY Giants are out of it, then we’ll root for the Buffalo (NY) Bills. We’ll always root for Buffalo if it doesn’t hurt the Jets (or Giants) , but especially when they play New England or Miami.

    • Didn’t quite know what to make of Elvis, eh?
      Wonder what “M. B. E.” is/was…

      • (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE)

        John Lennon returns his MBE to the Queen
        Tuesday 25 November 1969

        Your Majesty,
        I am returning my MBE as a protest against Britain’s involvement in the Nigeria-Biafra thing, against our support of America in Vietnam and against ‘Cold Turkey’ slipping down the charts.
        With love. John Lennon of Bag

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