The Watering Hole; Friday August 8 2014; “Hunters’ RIGHTS”??? You gotta be kidding!!

I received a letter yesterday from Defenders of Wildlife and thought perhaps those here who have sympathy for all higher animals ‘out there’ might take a moment to read it, maybe even to follow the embedded link and tell the BLM to do the right thing (for once) and deny the ridiculous request by A “hunters’ rights” organization [which] has formally requested a federal permit to hold a multi-year predator-killing derby in Idaho — on national public lands!

The letter continues:

If approved, this will be the second competitive wolf-killing competition held in Idaho – and no predator will be safe!

If you care about wolves and other predators as much as I do, please help by telling the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) at the Department of the Interior to deny the request to conduct this organized killing spree.

As if the competitive targeting of wolves was not bad enough, this proposed derby would sweep all predators in Idaho into its gun sights, rewarding the killing of coyotes, skunks and even weasels.

Last year’s wolf and coyote-killing derby included prizes for killing the most coyotes and killing the largest wolf. This is not hunting; this is simply mass-killing for fun based upon hatred and fear.

Defenders is adamantly opposed to this sort of competitive killing derby and the dangerous and unethical precedent that it sets. Please stand with us and call on the BLM to immediately deny this outrageous request!

If you think it can’t get worse, consider this: The proposed event would take place every winter for five years when wolves and other wildlife are most vulnerable out foraging for food in the snow and extreme cold.

This proposal sets us back to the barbaric 19th century approach to predators when their value to the environment was not understood. These are exactly the kinds of extermination era tactics that drove wolves to the brink in the first place! This is not modern wildlife management, and it has no place in civil society.

Please demand that the BLM stop this unconscionable killing contest in its tracks!

Thank you for taking immediate action.


(Defenders of Wildlife)

As Mark Twain once observed, “If man could be crossed with a wolf it would improve man, but deteriorate the wolf.” (Actually, I took the liberty to substitute the word “wolf” for “cat”, but the point remains).

Personally, I find it impossible to believe, much less imagine, that IDIOTS such as those who apparently claim to be parcel to some sort of “hunters’ rights” organization even exist, much less could ever exercise any sway over an organization that’s supposedly dedicated, at least in part, to preservation of wild lands. But yes, they’re clearly ‘out there’ doing all they can to destroy everything but their own miserable selves. Gotta wonder: where the hell do ‘they’ come from? And why? And if their interest is in “predator-killing” why bother with wildlife? Why not just kill each other and make the world a FAR better place in result?




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  1. The proposed event would take place every winter for five years when wolves and other wildlife are most vulnerable out foraging for food in the snow and extreme cold.

    Big and Brave are the hunters…(spit)

      • Good idea! Give them something to really get their adrenalin pumping.
        ‘How’s it feel now Bwana? No bar to head for tonight after the hunt…’

  2. two tweets:

    • Yes folks, perpetual warfare; brought to you by the “defense” industry and their parent industry, oil and gas.
      The only reason ISIS is the force it has become is because it ‘appropriated’ all the weaponry that the US and it’s Iraqi ‘allies’ left behind in the sand.
      Funny listening to Obama dance around justifying the renewed air war by the defense of “American citizens and interests/facilities”
      Um, I thought we had left Iraq Mr. Prez…
      Oh, not everybody? What about the mega bases with their fast food restaurants out there in the Middle Eastern deserts? Do ISIS fighters eat Big Macs?

      • If it were up to me I’d send Dubya and Cheney over there and not let them come back till the problem was solved and the entire Middle East was at peace, all factions, no exceptions.

        Might not solve anything over there, but at least we’d be rid of the bastards.

        • Don’t forget Rummy, Billy Kristol, Condi, Wolfy and Yoo….. ah toss in Tenet too

          • Yeah, I should have added “et al.” The whole bundle ‘over there’ forever and for good would be at least the front end of the retribution the assholes each and all deserve.

            • Put them all in a bunker with enough water and MREs to last a month or so, they can fall asleep at night listening to the IEDs going off over their heads blasting closer and closer each time…..
              By the time ISIS gets in they’ll have shredded each other.
              “… and place ye the bits, in little pots…”

    • Phew, they are targeting the airstrikes….. that’s something at least, I thought it was back to carpet/fire bombing.

    • They should change the dynamic of the show and the hunters must get in the water with the sharks to hunt them. Think of the ratings!

    • According to NBC, the six-episode series which premiered Wednesday, July 30, “follows five boats as they search for the deadliest predator in the ocean . . .

      What a crock. No need to ‘search for the deadliest predator’ — “IT” is on each of those five fucking boats.

      Every day I find myself becoming evermore disappointed that I, by accident of birth, am a member of the stupidest and most vicious fucking species to be found anywhere in the galaxy.

      If there was a link to the petition in that article I missed it. Where might I find it? I’ll sign it immediately.

      • Last sentence – ‘Click Here’ in bold. That was my point – the most deadly thing on the planet….. we kill millions of them and they get only a few of us….

        • Got it, thanks (my aging eyeballs are apparently slowly sinking into the muck and mire of whatever).

          I added this comment: “Human stupidity shouldn’t be praised in a TV series, it should be exposed and criticized.”

    • “At least we got rid of Saddam – it was worth it” – c**ksuckers, all of them….. add Tony Fookin Blair to the list of the 101st Chickenhawks who should be handed a gun and dropped into Mosul tonight to put it all right.

  3. “…this proposed derby would sweep all predators in Idaho into its gun sights…”

    Good, I’ll buy a license to hunt idiots who want to kill all the wolves.

  4. James Brady’s death ruled homicide:

    “The death of James Brady, who survived a gunshot to the head during an assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan 33 years ago, has been ruled a homicide by the District of Columbia’s medical examiner. Because the examiner ruled the death the result of Brady’s 1981 injuries, prosecutors could bring charges against the man who shot him, John Hinckley Jr., NBC Washington reported on Friday.”

    • It will be interesting how, or even if, they proceed.
      Hinkley was found insane — wonder if that will hold up or will they put him through the battery of tests to make certain he’s still insane.

  5. Didn’t quite turn his life around in the positive direction.

    Police: Former candidate for governor shot neighbor, killed horse

    …A registered sex offender, Champ campaigned as a Republican candidate for governor during this year’s primary election, saying he had turned his life around since being in prison and finding God.

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