The Watering Hole: Friday August 8, 2014 – Music Night -Sun Ra

Around 1968 or so, I was asking a fellow Temple student what he would be doing over the weekend. A math major, his answer surprised me. He said he was going to a concert in Fairmount Park to see Sun Ra. Never heard of the guy until then. Turns out he was a jazz innovator and possibly alien visitor. The Youtube below is an appreciation by some remaining members of the Arkestra and members of the Berklee music faculty honoring the 100 years since his birth.


54 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Friday August 8, 2014 – Music Night -Sun Ra

  1. This one (space themed) goes out to the brains behind the Rosetta probe….. exciting stuff….

    • oh, indeed! If it were only possible – I’d love to have been a passenger for the ten year journey!

  2. Its a struggle, but this one is by a band call Great White….. that’s a shark right…?

  3. Great video, nonewhere, it is an appetizer to our local Summer Jazz Fest which I hope to attend this evening. (the music can be heard as we walk around downtown looking for peregrines)

  4. This one goes out my friends in Kyev and Mariupol….. I am so afraid that the Bad Men are coming….I am with you….

  5. This goes out to my, now 16 year old, nephew! I won’t know until tomorrow if he took the drivers test and passed!

  6. So I just heard this — not a canned, Muzacked version, but the real thing — on the speakers at the Kroger grocery store. Part of me wants to say, “No wonder they all killed themselves.” But part of me thinks it was actually pretty cool.

  7. Got a local radio station to play this today. They have a daily contest called the Coffee Break. They name a theme, and you go to the forum and suggest songs. They never give you credit, but it’s still fun if they pick one of your suggestions. The DJ particularly liked this one. The theme was “skyline” (either in the title or lyrics) in honor of an upcoming local music festival.

    Death Cab for Cutie – Crooked Teeth

    • Whenever I see a fez now, I think of River Song and her scrooch gun. 😉

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