The Watering Hole, Saturday, August 9, 2014: It Was Forty Years Ago Today

It was forty years ago today, August 9, 1974, that President Richard M. Nixon bid farewell to his staff. At noon that day, Vice President Gerald R. Ford, appointed to the Vice Presidency upon Spiro Agnew’s resignation over corruption and tax evasion activities (they weren’t just allegations; he took a bribe in his VP office from a Maryland contractor) took the oath of office to become our nation’s first un-elected president (the next being George W. Bush). Fun Fact: Dick Cavett noted that the letters in Spiro Agnew’s name can be rearranged to spell “Grow A Penis”.

This is our daily open thread. Feel free to discuss Richard Nixon, other people named Milhous, un-elected office holders, or anything else you wish to discuss.


22 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Saturday, August 9, 2014: It Was Forty Years Ago Today

  1. I remember standing the living room and watching this on live teevee. My dad asked me if I was happy about it, and I said “Hell, yeah.” Silly me, I thought the system was working.

    Had I known the fuckery that would occur in the immediate aftermath of his resignation, and that it would follow us to this very day, I would rather the crook stayed in office.

  2. How many more Americans died, not to mention the Vietnamese, because the Nixon cabal sabotaged the Paris Peace Talks?

    • Don’t forget Cambodians and Laotians. Wild guess a few millions total. That episode of US intervention in the Nam, Laos and Cambodia was one of the most gross atrocities of the 20th century, exceeded ONLY by the darkside of WWII. And all for nothing other than huge profits for the US warmongering industry, aka the MIC. The only bright side in the whole thing was that we failed miserably, a fact that I applauded then and still applaud now. Sadly, we as a nation didn’t learn shit from the whole experience.

  3. And the current frog-strangler has ended speculation as to whether the rain would miss my yard this weekend.

    U.S. NEXT?’

    What the hell is this HuffPo headline trying to say?

  5. The Heinous Crime Behind Watergate

    Exclusive: The mainstream media’s big takeaway from Richard Nixon’s Watergate resignation is that “the cover-up is always worse than the crime.” But that’s because few understand the crime behind Watergate, Nixon’s frantic search for a file on his 1968 subversion of Vietnam peace talks, reports Robert Parry.

  6. 40 years ago today I worked night shift at a gas station, slept in my 1963 Ford Econoline van (paneled inside with old barn wood, sorry, no shag…) parked in the empty bay; and headed for the Lake Michigan beaches in the morning. Whereupon I would return in the late afternoon to pump 34 cent a gallon gas into the jam packed cars of the local kids heading out for the evening. I don’t remember much about Nixon, little else for that matter…

    • Editor’s note:
      The period of time described above was in fact the summer of 1973. Review and reorder of memory files have placed the summer of Tricky Dicky’s resignation in it’s proper order.

        • Absolutely. Money is ALL that counts to the human contingent. And the fact that it’s basically a useless commodity except that to far too many it defines “success” and allows access to power pretty much defines the basic human foible, one which of all the millions of life species on the planet, only the most useless cherishes.

  7. Christian Right-Winger Aligns With ISIS, Says Obama Helping Devil-Worshipers

    The Christer wingnut is Bryan Fischer. One question I’ve long had is this: What’s the diff. between worshiping a non-existent god or worshiping a non-existent debbil? Bryan Fisher worships the former, so he proclaims, with results that sound a hell of a lot more like one might logically expect to be a gift from old Clootie instead.

    I’ve also long wondered wherefrom comes the urge by so many to worship anything at all, much less something(s) for which there is zero evidence of existence. Makes me think that maybe the human species might be deeply flawed.

    • I believe it will be the species that follows Homo sapiens sapiens that achieves interstellar flight and becomes part of the intergalactic community.

      I also believe ti will be alien intervention and genetic manipulation of a few key humans that will lead to that next evolutionary step.

      Yes, I read a lot of science fiction.

      • We already have alien intervention. That’s where Republicans come from, what with the earth being an intergalactic penal colony for the criminally insane. I mean, how else to explain them?

        • I mean, how else to explain them?

          As the mutation that ultimately, because of its selfish, self-centered, egocentric nature, didn’t survive. The more cooperative version, the more Liberal one, will the the future of our species.

          • I can see why all those other worlds would want to get rid of them, but I do wish they’d have dropped them somewhere else than here. And unfortunately, they appear to breed like flies, passing on that “selfish, self-centered, egocentric nature.”

            I’d like to have speak with the aliens who bring them here. Maybe they can be convinced to use another less perfectionable world and leave us alone.

            I will think on this.

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