Sunday Roast: Slacker Sunday


Sand dunes, Florence, Oregon


Ocean through the evergreens, near Yachats, Oregon

Photos by Zooey

Here’s the thing:  I love the coast; it’s so beautiful and calming.  But I really dislike sand.

The top photo is the dunes of Florence, OR, and LOTS of people flock there to drive their four-wheel things in the sand.  Apparently, it’s supposed to be fun, but I don’t see the point.  Besides, it’s loose sand!  You can’t walk on it, and it gets into EVERYTHING.  Ugh!

Give me a rocky beach with hard wet sand any day of the week.  Walking without staggering, no sand in my shoes….nice.  🙂

This is our daily open thread, and that was my daily grumpfest.


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  1. Danica is at Watkins Glen today, and a blown engine in practice Friday relegated her to start in the rear of the field. I notice on the warm up laps she’s cutting the engine and coasting to save fuel. A road course is the type of track where alternate strategy sometimes pays off.

    • Caution at lap 10. Danica pits. 29th going in 26th coming out. Leaders stayed out.

    • Danica pitted at lap 30, for debris on the grille, I think. No tires were changed but I expect they topped her off with fuel.

      • “Danica pitted at lap 30, for debris on the grille, I think.”

        Oh, maybe it was some of Kevin Ward, Jr.

          • Even for you? Ahh, I see.

            And I’ve been reading crap comments all day about how Stewart is completely innocent and Ward “got what was coming to him” all because he was stupid enough to walk on a track with cars whizzing by.

            Stewart is an arrogant asshole and an excellent driver who wanted to scare and intimidate and things got aay from him.

            • Anyone who says Ward “got what was coming to him”, is an idiot. Anyone who claims Stewart did it deliberately is also an idiot. I’ve watched three different versions of the same video. The audio track was different on all three. On one, the engine revs up as Stewart’s car fishtails after contact with Ward. One has the engine revving as contact is made. The one at Crooks and Liars has the engine revving up before Stewart’s car is even in the frame. It isn’t even clear if the engine revving was Stewart’s.

              Sprint cars are different from a lot of other race cars. They’re weighted to the left. The right side wheels are considerably larger than the lefts. They’re designed to be driven sideways, with the back end swung out. Step on the gas at all and that is what they do. Drivers instinctively react a certain way to avoid contact, in the event of a wreck in front of them.

              The blue 45 car immediately in front of Stewart’s has to swerve to avoid hitting Ward, before Stewart hits him. Ever drive on the highway, and have a car avoid something in the road, but you hit it, because your reaction time wasn’t long enough? I doubt if Stewart even saw the kid in time to miss him.

              I have my doubts that Stewart was in a fit of anger that caused him to deliberately hit the kid. Driving sprint cars is what he does to unwind, not something he depends on to pay his bills and feed his family.

              One more thing. There was a number of cars with GoPro cams in the race. I expect all the video will be reviewed to establish any motive or lack of one. There may also have been one on Stewart’s car.

    • Caution, lap 51 of 90. All leaders pit. Danica 24th after pitting. One more stop will get to the end.

      • Wreck in front of Danica, she hit debris with the left front and tore it up pretty good. The race is red flagged, and the crew can’t touch the car but can do everything they need to be ready to fix it once the red flag is lifted

    • Interesting call by Danica’s crew chief. Caution with 11 laps to go, he has her stay out with the leaders, and she moves up to 11th place. If she has enough gas to get to the end, she may get a decent result here.

      • One more red flag, and a restart with 2 laps to go, Danica’s crew chief had her pit, and she managed to get 21st .

  2. If all sand buggies and their drivers were turned into sand, the world would be a far better place. Likewise, if all dirt bikes and their riders were turned into dirt, the world would be a better place. And if all snowmobiles and . . . well, you know.

    • Collectively known as “tread heads” and “track heads” in my mythology, they have been a continual thorn in the flesh throughout my working and recreational life. They do manage to maim and kill themselves off almost as quickly as the sports hunters, so I’ve let go of the tactics used in my youth to ‘discourage’ their infection of the natural world.
      One of the best remedies was Karo syrup. It was much easier to pour into gas tanks than granulated sugar and could also be substituted for engine oil, 2 and 4 cycle. Mixing about half syrup, half oil produced a liquid nearly indistinguishable from straight motor oil.
      The tricky part of course was slipping into the tread head camps to do the switcheroo after the bonfire had burned down and they were all hopefully passed out. The payoff would come the next day, watching the vehicles being dragged by hand or towed out of the sand dunes, knowing they hadn’t yet a clue as to why their machines had started heating up and finally seizing as the sugar carbonized on the cylinder walls.

        • I’m a strictly non-violent warrior. 😉
          Another fun tactic was to sneak around the rigs with a valve core remover, unscrew the cap, quickly remove the core (rag over the stem to muffle the noise) and put the cap back on. If they had nice chrome caps, we simply took those and strung them on fishing line as necklaces.

          • I was just looking for a faster way of turning sand buggies and their occupant into sand, dirt bikes and their riders into dirt, etc. No violence though, just “poof”. 🙂

            • Good point. I guess I’m a bit more voyeuristic in enjoying the irony of watching them drag the metal beasts across the sand.

      • Pinch the valve stem down low with pliers or dykes or fill with crazy glue and replace cap.

        • Oh, better yet. Much harder to repair in the field, and eliminates that annoying adrenaline pumping sound of escaping air!

    • Hard for me to get to the beach nowadays, no matter the day of the week. The parking lots are usually full, if one dares to even venture out on the coast highway. Another 3 or 4 weeks and the safety issue won’t be so bad, another couple months and the dog poo will have been scoured from the sands.

    • Wonderful rendition of a favorite Ebb, thanks!
      I enjoyed the GPS map of the condor travels you submitted last week too.

    • A religious extortionist extorting religious extortionists.
      The nihilist in me almost feels the exquisite joy of poetic justice.

    • It actually had a sorta happy ending… the little brats didn’t get any inheritance.
      So they next time they come to the door just say

  3. Living 30 miles north of Florence and it’s fantastic sand dunes I see a steady stream of large rigs; trucks loaded with motor toys, towing trailers some of which are half vehicle transport half camping trailer. The striking singularity with all of them is how fast they barrel down the coast highway, headed for the dunes. Thursday and Friday afternoons are particularly bad for southbound traffic, they’re in a mad Red Bull rush to get down there and recreate.. Sunday afternoon and evenings are bad as they head back north, burnt out, fuzzy and driving crazy heading back to Portland or the Valley. The nature of their loud macho sport exudes from their bad attitudes over slower moving vehicles and bikes on the highway.

  4. [I realize this has been posted – seems apropos to the pictures of today, and it is Emily!]

    By The Sea

    I started early, took my dog,
    And visited the sea;
    The mermaids in the basement
    Came out to look at me.

    And frigates in the upper floor
    Extended hempen hands,
    Presuming me to be a mouse
    Aground, upon the sands.

    But no man moved me till the tide
    Went past my simple shoe,
    And past my apron and my belt,
    And past my bodice too,

    And made as he would eat me up
    As wholly as a dew
    Upon a dandelion’s sleeve –
    And then I started too.

    And he – he followed close behind;
    I felt his silver heel
    Upon my ankle, – then my shoes
    Would overflow with pearl.

    Until we met the solid town,
    No man he seemed to know;
    And bowing with a mighty look
    At me, the sea withdrew.

    Emily Dickinson

  5. Lindsey Graham: Iraq And Syria ‘Coming Here’ To U.S. Mainland If Obama Doesn’t Go To War

    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) warned on Sunday that militants in Iraq and Syria would attack the U.S. mainland if President Barack Obama did not immediately take military action to stop them.

    “I think of an American city in flames because of the terrorists’ ability to operate in Syria and Iraq,” Graham told Fox News host Chris Wallace. “Mr. President, you have never once spoke directly to the America people about the threat we face from being attacked from Syria, now Iraq. What is your strategy to stop these people from attacking the homeland?”

    I’m guessing that the way ISIS is gonna get to our shores is to capture some oil drilling stuff in Iraq and then use it to bore a tunnel straight thru the earth to maybe a NY subway station where they’ll be able to plant and detonate a bomb or something. With luck, though, they’ll screw up their directional calculations by a few degrees and end up in the basement of the Senate office building instead, preferably right under Herr Graham’e office.

  6. C’mon Lindsey, ISIS isn’t that stupid. Why waste the effort trying to attack all the way over here when they know we’ll come running, they can kill us over there in their front yard and bankrupt our nation at the same time.

    • Teh Terrorists know they don’t have to attack the US to destroy it… The 1% are doing that well enough on their own. Add to the mix fundamental christians & we’re doomed to self-destruct.

      • The destruction of the World Trade Towers (think about the name and what it implies) was the tsunami wave of fear that anchored in the security/surveillance state, another product for the existing military-arms-industry-complex to peddle. Allowed to propagandize on public airways, not to mention the advertizing.
        The old slogan “Keep the customer satisfied” has been morphed into “Keep the customer scared”.

    • All aspen tree groves are clones of each other.
      Genetically identical and virtually impossible to cultivate from a seed.
      How to transplant an aspen tree.
      Find a manageable sized aspen tree and mark it in a subtle way that you can identify.
      Dig all the way around the tree with about a three foot radius severing all roots that exceed that radius.
      Cover the trench back up.
      Come back one year later and do the same thing again.
      This time you should be able to remove the tree and transport it.
      Don’t get caught.

      • Wow, a two year process. Is it because it’s a clone and needs to “reconcile” with itself for a season before becoming viable on its own? What time of year to begin the process? I have had success transplanting, mostly by judging the best time, and by always digging far and away before working in to find the roots.

    • Within that article is a link to a Smithsonian article “What’s Killing the Aspen?”

      The most extensive SAD is in the hottest and driest areas—low-lying, south-facing slopes. The pattern suggests that the region’s extreme drought and high temperatures—both possible symptoms of global warming—have weakened the trees, allowing more disease and insect attacks.

      Climate change is real – how do we make the deniers actually ‘think’ and act in a positive manner before further destruction? (wondering if it would be in this lifetime)

      • We are SO LUCKY that climate change is nothing more than a plot by scientists, probably in cahoots with U.N. Agenda 21 and Obama to destroy capitalism and turn America over to the world government that’s waiting to nail us all! They’re probably using those long wispy contrails in the sky over the west as a means to poison aspens even as we speak, only to blame it on their phony “climate change”! ///

        • I have noticed that the contrails concentrate themselves in ribbons, all oriented in the same direction…

      • I became very familiar with aspen in the Gila Mountains in New Mexico, they’re very selective where they grew in the mountain canyons and slopes. One grove/family growing out of the rock along a lowland canyon always caught my eye. Out of it’s usual elevation range, I noticed changes in the trees from year to year.

        It’s a no-brainer that in a heating and drying climate aspens are going to die off.
        Why modern media ‘scientists’ beat around the bush saying “maybe” – “possibly”- “it appears to be that aspens are stressed” etc., etc,. is probably because they are trying to sell the notion to dumb Americans. Americans who have been totally programmed to look at the world as “business”, something to profit from, or attack if it doesn’t give them what they want. The slogan “Have it YOUR way…” comes to mind.

        As for deniers, it’s just something to make noise and get attention with. Obviously Big Oil, Timber, Mining, Agriculture doesn’t want the friction of any squeaky wheels on it’s gravy train, blame it on the weather and full speed ahead.
        The vocal crackpot politicians are only the mouth piece for the industries, and the ‘news media’ pundits are just doing their job. For money.

      • I agree, the swan photo is beautiful. I could imagine it covering an entire wall, and never getting tired of it.

      • The color in the Swan photo is amazing. Hard to believe there’s one place where all those colors existed at the same time.

    • I’ll admit the bulldog on the dead gator is my favorite. I can imagine a long ride home in a hot car for the dog owner, with Bowser sulking because he can’t sit on the lap and ‘drive’…

  7. A while back I mentioned I was drinking ‘Two Hearted Ale’. Not only was I disappointed the title didn’t refer to Doctor Who, the taste was not much to be desired. The label claims it is an India Pale Ale, but they should have said India Ink Pale Ale. I’m killing the last two of that six pack because I’m too cheap to throw it away. I’ve had skunk beer that tasted better than this. 😯

    • “India Ink Pale Ale” – that has to be a really nasty tasting beer for you to describe it thus!

      • Bells’ Brewery ain’t getting any more of my business. Founder’s and North Shore are my latest favorites along with Sprecher.

    • I’m kinda wary, here in Oregon the beer assortment is bewildering. Some of it’s very nasty stuff, looks and smells like bilge water from the fishing fleet.

        • Does it have any connection with Michigan? The Two Hearted River which flows into Lake Superior was immortalized by Hemingway, though I never read the book, just froze my fingers trying to catch steelhead…

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