Music Night: Literal Version

“Mullet with headlights!”

Yeah, top that.  😉


50 thoughts on “Music Night: Literal Version

    • This was my Dads music, and what I grew up with around the home. I’ve often thought that if flying wasn’t my Dads first love, and my Mom numero dos, he would’ve been a great pianist.

      • That would appear to be the case. They also said things were calm until the riot cops showed up. Shortly after, the storefronts were broken into.
        I can’t shake the suspicion they used agent provocateurs to get things started.
        It’s raining so hard I really don’t expect much to happen now.

          • Sure thing. It almost looked like things were going to escalate. I did see the words ‘State Patrol’ on the breast pocket of some of the riot cops, so the commander may have been State and not county. That may have been why the police showed more restraint.

            • uh oh the police are telling people to stop advancing – (small group of people are moving toward the police).
              police are telling the media to move along…

    • From a recap – it would seem all was moving peacefully/unity
      until a small rogue group (opportunist) started to loot, then the majority rushed and told them no looting. At the moment these young people are protecting the stores.
      [the cops are keeping a distance].

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