The Watering Hole; Thursday August 21 2014; ACD

Brief post today, but one with a link to a lengthy and excellent paper on ACD, i.e. Anthropogenic Climate Disruption, aka climate change, human-caused. The article is genuinely THE most comprehensive and detailed discussion I’ve seen to date concerning the science of ACD, the projected consequences of ACD, and the current impacts of ACD on various planetary life species, including our own. Each and all segments are documented with numerous quotes, links and cross references as they explore every repercussion attributable to ACD, including even the (American) denier/skeptic ‘movement.’ The work is courtesy of author Dahr Jamail; it’s published on, and is titled: “Peak Water,” Methane Blowholes and Ice-Free Arctic Cruises: The Climate Crisis Deepens

ACD is, without any doubt the most serious and dangerous “contribution” (?) of/by the human species to the earth’s biosphere, and may well prove (soon) to be the irreversible cause of the planet’s next mass extinction event. As Jamail summarizes,

Massive climactic shifts (cooling or warming) were the signatures of the five worst mass extinction events of the planet, and each are believed to have been triggered by either asteroid impacts or volcanism.

Given the massive injection of carbon dioxide gasses into the atmosphere by humans and the fact that large amounts of methane are already being released in the Arctic which many scientists believe is already a runaway feedback loop that will add several more degrees warming to the planet, the current mass extinction event may closely resemble the Permian-Triassic extinction that happened about 251 million years ago.

During that extinction event, earth’s worst, 95 percent of all species were killed off.

ACD is, indeed, a topic worthy of national and global discussion to be followed IMMEDIATELY by appropriate ACTIONS, and now is surely as good a time as we’ll ever have to begin.



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  1. The willful ignorance of the fossil-fuel industry-funded ACD denier/skeptic movement in the United States continues to astound.

    Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) recently told reporters that “climate change occurs no matter what,” and that the EPA’s efforts to reduce emissions from existing power plants are “outside of the confines of the law,” and amount to no more than “an excuse to grow government, raise taxes and slow down economic growth.”

    Ryan is a menace to society. How can having rules/regulations for clean drinking water, and breathable air be “outside of the confines of the law”?

    • Once the Sixth Mass Extinction is underway and irreversible, when humans are dying by the millions, when vast portions of the oceans are devoid of sea life, when species after species has disappeared forever, my hope is that someone of voice and merit records the details and the timeline of The Paul Ryan Mass Extinction. He’s earned the right to become duly noted and (in)famous.

      • I would prefer to name it the DFR extinction (Dumb Fukking Republicans), so as to share the title with all OstrichHeadInTheGoddamnSand dufi.

    • As you already know, as kid, I hated the damn things.
      There is no way to make an aerodynamically functional airplane wing from legos.
      I built airplane models that flew when I was younger.
      This is how I learned the fundamentals of aerodynamics.
      Now I build real airplanes.
      To add insult to countless foot injuries from stepping on the torture devices, there is now a major theme park in the center of our wonderfully backward assed state called LEGOLAND.

  2. Which brings us to my other passion of surf fishing.
    It’s hard enough to find a beach on the east coast that hasn’t been developed.
    National Seashores are about it when it comes to natural areas that haven’t been bulldozed into submission.
    The Gulfstream and the right wind conditions bring an amazing amount of floating plastic garbage to the beach.
    I could really go on a rant about this but I feel helpless when there is so much ignorance.
    I have a collection of plastic fishing lures that I find on the beach lost to the waves by rookie tourist bass fisherman.
    They don’t breakdown either.
    Old school lure were made of wood by locals for the type of conditions we fish here.
    Now they are made out of plastic in China because the short term profit outweighs the long term impact.

    • Keywords: “short term profit”. That’s ALL that counts anymore, and it’s pretty much a globalized human disease. It’s so pervasive, in fact, that it’s almost impossible these days to find a single spot anywhere on the planet that remains free from human ‘profit’ contamination.

    • As a craftsman I cherish the work of creating tools, utensils, habitations and functional art. Humans got where we are by using our hands, translating learning and knowledge into practical life.
      A world where modern culture pushes buttons and touches screens to earn their livings and acquire daily goods is still using the hands, yes, but there’s something missing….

      • I think it’s called intellectual stimulation, problem solving and job satisfaction.
        When you have to make your own lures or tools, you tend to take better care of them and appreciate them more.

        • There was no finer moment in my woodworking career than watching a flock of ducks, check, wheel and set down into half a dozen hand carved decoys I had made. The delight was such that I did not even consider shooting them. I watched as they swam around among the decoys, gradually getting nervous as they figured out something wasn’t right. I finally laughed out loud and they exploded away in quacking racket and spray.

          • I got pretty good at tying my own flies and carving bass poppers but I might be the world’s worst carpenter. Everyone has heard “measure twice, cut once” but that didn’t work for me so I came up with my own “truism”.

            Measure twice, cut twice, discard scrap, measure twice more, cut twice more, fill the cracks, and sand to shape.

            • I’ve found I can always make something smaller than what I started out to make.

  3. Irony surrenders and sets itself aflame…

    Sarah Palin: I hate that Tina Fey made me look like an idiot.

    • At the risk of using a worn out meme…


      Monkey in zoo
      flings poo
      Complains vociferously of stench

    • I have found that I cannot, in good conscience, tell someone to their face that they are an idiot. Just not right. However, if I would ever meet this woman, I am sure that I would not have any trouble making an exception.

      • I cannot use such blunt speech either, though I have become adept at being direct in a way where they get the message. Even this is unpopular, most people won’t hear what they don’t want to hear. Messengers often don’t survive long after delivery of the news…

  4. 100 lies that Russia has told about Ukraine…. h/t Julia Davis blog

    Saturday, August 23rd marks the 75th Anniversary of the Von Ribbentrop /Molotov or Nazi-Soviet pact which paved the way for starting WW2 by allowing Hitler to carve up Poland and Stalin to take the rest and the three Baltic States plus part of Romania.

    Rumours abound that Angela “Frau Ribbentrop” Merkel is brokering a new pact with Putin and forcing Poroshenko to go along – …… it’ll be “Peace for Our Time….” … no apologies for mixing my pacts, but let’s just say rank appeasement by EU and Merkel of Putin will not end here and it will not end well…
    More on Mark Paslwasky, blogger BruceSpringnote and callsign Franko of the Donbass Battalion.

    Listen to his interview with with Vice news – you get some important insight into the conflict and into Ukraine. To paraphrase: “This is about corruption and being governed by corrupt politicians. The soldiers here, they all say that when this is over, all roads lead to Kyev. The soldiers will not go back what was before, they will make the change stick this time.” I told you back in February that Ukraine’s Maidan is an Occupy movement and they will not give up.

    • “Let me educate you about the legal system in America,” the Fox host continued…

      I was curious if Hannity was an attorney…

      Hannity dropped out of New York University and Adelphi University

    • A silent protest — find wherever they have Darren Wilson sequestered, stand with this sign to remind Wilson what he did is not acceptable, no matter how it gets twisted that a police state is now the norm.

  5. The Police State gears up:

    Amanda Taub runs down some of the military equipment the Ferguson cops are using:

    “Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles, or MRAPs, are heavily armored trucks designed to withstand the detonation of land mines or IEDs. They were first deployed by the US military in 2007, designed specifically for use in Iraq, where al-Qaeda and Iranian-backed Shia militias were using highly developed IEDs. Now the vehicles are being passed down to police departments.

    Asked why MRAPS were being used in Ferguson, a place with neither land mines nor IEDs, Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson replied that “people are using bombs now.” However, there have been no reports of bombs being used in Ferguson — he may have been making an existential point about bombs being items that exist in the world.”

    Gene Healy previews the dystopian crowd-control weapons DHS is working on:

    “A Homeland Security report obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation in 2013 revealed that the agency has considered outfitting its expanding inventory of drones with “non-lethal weapons designed to immobilize” targets of interest. Meanwhile, both Homeland Security and the Pentagon maintain a keen interest in developing crowd-control weapons for occupations at home and abroad. In 2007, the department’s science and technology arm “contracted for the development of the ‘LED Incapacitator,’ a nauseating strobe” weapon meant to overwhelm and disorient targets with rapid, random pulses of light.

    Some have called it the “puke saber,” but the final product won’t necessarily be handheld. As the department noted in a cutesy blogpost entitled “Enough to Make You Sick,” “output and size can easily be scaled up to fit the need; immobilizing a mob, for instance, might call for a wide-angle ‘bazooka’ version.” ‘

    • (MRAPS) “They were first deployed by the US military in 2007…”

      Yes, 4 years after sending troops into Iraq in jeeps. Hundreds were killed, thousands more maimed for life in the 4 years it took the Pentagon to design, produce and supply the armed forces with these vehicles. Now flooded with surplus vehicles that didn’t make it to the Middle East they are being passed out to “keep the homeland secure”.
      The ones that did make it to Iraq and Afghanistan are now being driven around the general neighborhood by ISIS soldiers.

        • Astounding, isn’t it? The trillion dollars invested in the terrorists so they could wage perpetual war has yielded a return far beyond Cheney’s wildest dreams.
          Though I imagine all those oil execs he had the secret meetings with aren’t so happy…..

  6. Headline: ”Support Officer Darren Wilson’ fundraiser surpasses goal 3 times’

    Fook you white people all to hell. God damn that pisses me off. Whatever happened to justice is blind and doing the right thing regardless of consequences? If this shooting wasn’t bad enough the one of Kajieme Powell’s sent me into a fit of rage. That cellphone video is damning to the cops. What the police believe to be the right thing and what the people they serve believe to be the right thing are apparently very different. This video just confirms to me that Micheal Brown was murdered.

    • Watch the old Arnold Schwartzenegger movie,
      The Running Man
      The police state has been described in great detail by science “fiction” and social science writers for decades, if not centuries. Never thought I’d see these times, but here we are.
      The next presidential election cycle is going to get very ugly.

      • In movies and fiction we often only see the “after” state; where the country has already been a police state for a while.

        Getting to those futuristic states never happens overnight, and happens one bad decision or bit of indifference at a time.

        • Exactly. What we are seeing in Ferguson is just an initial skirmish. There’s more to come.

  7. Approaching time to sign out for awhile, packing nearly done, all that remains is scrubbing the floor and dusting the cobwebs.
    By awhile I mean days at least; there’s no escaping the reality of it this time, I’m officially homeless.

    • May the winds assist your travels to a new abode!
      The crows and ravesn will be above to guide you onward…

      We’ll be waiting to read how the adventure is unfolding.
      Safe journey, cuervo!

      • Crap yes, but it’s a different shovelful.
        Definitely not for chicken shits…
        yet it doesn’t smell quite so bad.

      • Thanks frugal, seize the season. It’s Potlatch Season, the Great Giveaway among Pacific Northwest Native traditions. Give everything all away, sit around in sackcloth and ashes for a few days enjoying the fun, then start all over again.
        Yesterday was giveaway to friends at market, tomorrow will be offerings to the sea. Lightens the load and lifts the spirit.

  8. TNR: Darren Wilson will go free … because of Missouri law:

    “In other states, claims of self-defense need to be proven as more likely than not, or in legal speak, to a “preponderance of the evidence.” It’s still the state’s obligation to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the defendant actually killed the victim. But once that’s established, the prosecution doesn’t also have to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the killing wasn’t justified. That’s because justifications—like self-defense—require the accused to make an active case, called an “affirmative defense,” that the circumstances were exceptional. The logic here is simple: As a rule, homicide is a crime and justification is reserved for extraordinary cases. Once the state has proven that a defendant did in fact kill someone, it should be the accused’s obligation to prove his or her actions were justified.

    Not in Missouri. Instead, as long as there is a modicum of evidence and reasonable plausibility in support of a self-defense claim, a court must accept the claim and acquit the accused. The prosecution must not only prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime, but also disprove a defendant’s claim of self-defense to the same high standard.”

  9. How dangerous is it to be a cop? Not very. Daniel J. Bier goes over the statistics. He finds that, “In 2013, out of 900,000 sworn officers, just 100 died from a job-related injury. That’s about 11.1 per 100,000, or a rate of 0.001%”:

    “Policing doesn’t even make it into the top 10 most dangerous American professions. Logging has a fatality rate 11 times higher, at 127.8 per 100,000. Fishing: 117 per 100,000. Pilot/flight engineer: 53.4 per 100,000. It’s twice as dangerous to be a truck driver as a cop—at 22.1 per 100,000.

    Another point to bear in mind is that not all officer fatalities are homicides. Out of the 100 deaths in 2013, 31 were shot, 11 were struck by a vehicle, 2 were stabbed, and 1 died in a “bomb-related incident.” Other causes of death were: aircraft accident (1), automobile accident (28), motorcycle accident (4), falling (6), drowning (2), electrocution (1), and job-related illness (13).

    Even assuming that half these deaths were homicides, policing would have a murder rate of 5.55 per 100,000, comparable to the average murder rate of U.S. cities: 5.6 per 100,000. It’s more dangerous to live in Baltimore (35.01 murders per 100,000 residents) than to be a cop in 2014.”

  10. Wilson and Ferguson PD HAVE NOT created or filed an incident report. WTF these fuckers are waiting till they hear all witness reports, etc and build their story around those reports in the best light, and smear the victum Michael Brown. PLUS, this local prosecutor is allowing Wilson to testify before the Grand Jury to say anything he wants to hopefully bias the GJ.

    • Hearing ‘what happened the way it happened’ is hard to come by these days, anywhere.

      Spin, twist, lie, obfuscate and obstruct, it’s become legal. An accepted way of doing business, politics, religion, even justice. Everybody lies, everybody knows and lie in return. It’s accepted (even expected) to make a profit from others lack, by any and all means. Ethics aren’t recognizable anymore, having become a skewed self absorbed manifesto of ME and MY KIND.

      • Have you been reading about the McDonnell corruption trial? I think you’ve summed it up nicely.

        • I don’t get into much depth with individual scandals, enough to see the scope and and the sordid corners the money leads into.
          Scandal and corruption is pervasive throughout the “power centers” in our nation, places long used to backrooms of bars for making decisions. They’re pervasive throughout the entire culture.

          • This is where I’m at tonight, and have been too many times in my lifetime. But it is my history as an American; so sad,

            • and my small gift to E/R/C as he heads along the southern Oregon coast to lay his head.

            • The best we can do is grab our bootstraps and pull ourselves up.
              From one to another, thanks ol’ man…

  11. Pete played the Plaza this evening…
    nice listening to good music while we looked for Peregrines!

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