The Watering Hole; Friday August 22 2014; “Superior Inferiority”

About a dozen years back (plus or minus one or two), and after watching the Dubya Bush administration make one mess after the other, I decided to sum up my impressions of the clearly failing human experience via a poem — a Shakespearean-style sonnet, to be exact. It turned out thus:

Paradox of Humankind:
Superior Inferiority

Brash vanity ordains that Mankind be
Superior to all other life on Earth,
And curious source of this Mythology
Derives from Bible’s unintended mirth.
Thus bold is he who advocates the case
Of Genesis errant, where metaphor,
As whimsical devise, cannot replace
Realities which each confirm the Core
Of Life: that every living form appeals
To Duty greater than itself alone.
A single moment’s intellect reveals
One Truth, as if inscribed in tempered stone:
Each bird and beast, each flowered weed, each tree
Expounds on Man’s Inferiority!

My conclusion was obvious: humans are absolutely and positively INFERIOR to every other life form that exists, probably even to such brilliances as light and the empty space it illuminates. In any case, every now and then “the course of human events” causes me to reflect once again, then to explore the thesis of “Superior Inferiority” that inevitably seems to define the human species. 

Following is the latest exploration. The large photos are my own; the small ones are captures, over the years, from various internet sites and are, far as I know, unattributed. Still, comparison does seem to tell a tale, to support said thesis. Am I wrong? Y’all be the judge.

* * * *

Natural Black Fly on Natural White Flower:

Fly in White Rose 433Unnatural White Whatever on Unnatural Black Void?
Unnatural White Void on Natural Black Whatever?

Bitch BcConnell

Natural Black on Natural Green!!

Shadow 361

Tan Bugger and Black Bugger on a Yellow Background?

Herr Doctor Carson and Dubya

How about a Tan Bug on a Black and Yellow Background?

Bug on Sunflower 353

Next up, the Natural Void: Solar, anyone?

I’ll tell you how the Sun rose / A Ribbon at a time
(Emily Dickinson)

Sunrise 455

Lawmakers, Homeowners Fight Rules Saying Solar Is Too Ugly To Install

Solar 2 ugly 2 install

Rooftop Solar is Ugly?? 

NO WAY!! Rooftops Themselves are Ugly!!

Solar Solar Solar!

Sunrise 473

Maybe it’s Frogs that are Ugly?


Nah. Frogs are NOT Ugly, esp. when compared to their Human Counterpoints, e.g. ex-POTUSes.


Der FingerOK, that’s enough. Hell with it. Humans are clearly superior at being inferior to everything else in the Universe.

The Prosecution Rests.


30 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday August 22 2014; “Superior Inferiority”

  1. Is that Shadow the cat? A superior at being a superior feline!

    Humans are clearly superior at being inferior to everything else in the Universe.

    That is proven every day, isn’t it?

  2. Speaking of “Superior Inferiority”:

    U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan said Thursday he would love to see Mitt Romney run again for president.

  3. Chuck Hagel is right. ISIL is a menace. So where the hell is Muqtada al Sadr and his million man army when you need them. Let the Iraqis fight their own wars. When the fuck are we going to learn anything, Got pallets of cash?

    • We keep waiting for all this hell and damnation to happen…
      nearly every other day Fischer is stating this or that is the ruination of the country, and that god is unhappy! Hmm, perhaps not as unhappy as loony Fisher may be.

  4. Am I correct in interpreting Bob McDonnell’s excuse for accepting huge sums of money, favors and toys to play with, is that he didn’t have the ethics, or the balls, to tell his wife, ‘no, we can’t take that, it’s illegal’?

      • They must be among the Iraq citizens, and not under the protection of U.S. military!
        Then and only then will they be able to ‘boast’ having protested in Iraq.

      • I’ll pitch in for a sword or two on the condition that they fly directly to Iraq so that they don’t accidentally picket innocent Turks or Bulgarians.

    • There’s a real good reason for that: the frog is mummified. We found him ‘out there’ one day a couple of years ago. He’d been there long enough to completely dry out, but was otherwise in perfect condition. He currently resides on a rock in the living room. His needs are few, and flies are safe around him. 🙂

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