Sunday Roast: Harvest Time



Photos by Zooey

I don’t know why I like combines, but I just think they’re awesome — especially when they’re harvesting a steep hillside.  I didn’t get any good shots of combines on hillsides, because I didn’t remember to toss the tripod in the car.  *sad face*

I took these photos outside of Moscow, Idaho, earlier this month.  Typically, the entire month of August is spent getting the wheat harvested.

Another awesome thing about combines is the annual Combine Demolition Derby at the Lewis County Fair in Nezperce, Idaho.  I’m not a fan of the demolition derby, but switch out the cars for combines, and I am transfixed!

This is our daily open thread — Fall is coming!

59 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Harvest Time

  1. Ukraine marks Independence Day with parade
    Celebrations seen as show of military force as Kiev fights against pro-Russian fighters in eastern Ukraine.

    …Aid convoy escalates tensions

    The West has repeatedly condemned Moscow and imposed various sanctions for invading Ukraine’s Crimea Peninsula earlier this year and for allegedly supporting the pro-Russian fighters in Ukraine.

    Further tensions between the West and Russia have been escalated after a Russian aid convoy entered Ukraine on Friday without the permission of the Kiev government in a move it called an “invasion”.

    The convoy of trucks returned to Russian territory on Saturday amid strong pressure from the Western governments.

    Among other leaders, US President Barack Obama and Merkel warned that the Russian decision to send in the convoy marked a “dangerous escalation”.

    Kiev had expressed repeated fears that Russia may be using the vehicles to smuggle in weapons to pro-Kremlin rebels, a charge denied by Russia.

  2. Whoah Nellie! Rosberg just clipped Hamilton’s left rear, with his front wing. Hamilton’s tire is flat and Rosberg’s wing is damaged. Advantage Vettel.

    • Correction: Advantage Daniel Ricciardo, who passed Vettel when Vettel got up on the curb, and Rosberg just pitted for a new wing, adding 7 seconds to a normal pit stop.

    • And Ricciardo wins! Rosberg could only recover to second after having the extra pit stop for the wing change. Hamilton couldn’t even get back to a points finish, and Vettel, whose mistake on the curb probably cost him a win. settled for 5th.

  3. You’ll see it eventually. It’s very lame, ends not-so-lame, but with that screeching voice turned into a screeching scream.

    The funniest line though: “At this stage of my career…”

    Someone from Alaska freaked out by ice? What. A. Phony.

  4. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s Obama’s fault about ISIS.

    From Face the Nation:

    Schieffer: “I think it’s going to be very difficult to get the Congress to agree on any kind of plan at this point. When you stop and think about it, when did the president send up this half million dollars request, not half million, half billion, wasn’t it, five hundred million dollars.”

    Margaret Brennan: “Train and equip program for the Syrian Rebels. That was just a few months ago.”

    Schieffer: “But yet, it just sat there, Nobody seemed to think that well, we’ll get around to it when we get around to it.”

    Margaret Brennan: “Right, and that wouldn’t be funded until 2015, so there’s not necessarily a quick reaction to the ISIS threat on that level at least there is a smaller covert program to train some rebels, but building up an army to fight ISIS doesn’t happen overnight. Certainly, some programs could be launched.”

    • To clarify who the funding was meant to help in Syria, this came up later in the panel.
      Margaret Brennan: “ISIS has been fighting the moderate rebels that we’ve been saying we’ve been supporting. They have been at war with each other.”

      No wonder the Assad regime started to mount a comeback.

    • How many times do we have to see it?

      1. The GOoPers freak out and demand action from President Obama.
      2. President Obama endorses an action.
      3. The GOoPers kill the legislation.

      (NOTE: Bonus points when the GOoPers turn against their own proposal because President Obama endorsed it.)

  5. How do you pronounce Suge, as in Suge Knight? (He was shot at a party last night.)

    Is it shug like short for ‘sugar’, rhyme with ‘huge’, or is it ‘sue gee’?

  6. Climate change has the jet stream flow so screwed up my rain comes from Tennessee more than I can ever remember. A shower that came through this morning was from due north, and now the rain is moving in from the northeast. The highs here haven’t been into the 90s much until last week, and we’ll probably start to cool down after Labor Day.

  7. Meet the Press had a segment on Rand Paul doing pro bono eye doctoring in Guatemala. He needs to resign from the Senate so he can do that all the time.

    • I’ve seen photos of Lake Shasta, and it’s truly shocking. I lived near the lake in the late 70s/early 80s, and there was a severe drought back then, too. The photos look similar now, but climate conditions are MUCH different now, and I don’t see a quick recovery.

  8. 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Central Peru

    A large 6.9-magnitude earthquake has struck a sparsely populated area of central Peru, the U.S. Geological Survey said Sunday.

    There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries, said Mario Casareto, spokesman for Peru’s fire agency. He said authorities were still surveying the region, including the Ayacucho area where the quake was centered.

    The seismological service initially reported the magnitude as 7, but revised it downward to 6.9 in a subsequent report. According to the survey’s updated figures, the quake occurred at 7:21 p.m. EDT Sunday and was centered about 27 miles east-northeast of an area called Tambo, and about 467 kilometers (290 miles) southeast of the capital of Lima. It had a depth of 101 kilometers 62.8 miles, the survey said.

    Is there a fault that runs all the way from California to Peru?

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