The Watering Hole, Tuesday August 26, 2014 – Environmental News and Food Politics

Since it is harvest time, going to focus on food politics for this post.

First, how about a smart phone app that can determine whether the product you are buying leans Democratic or Republican. You get to vote in the food aisle every time you shop.

Corn flakes – Repub or Dem?

Next up – drought and bottled water. Did you know that most of the stuff comes from drought prone states?

Water from where?

Last – a staggering number of Americans will succumb to Type 2 Diabetes and many of them are people of color without good access to fresh veggies or good information about diet and nutrition. It doesn’t hurt that they are inundated with advertising pointing to bad food choices. Think about how many McDonald’s commercials have people of color featured. These commercials are not about being inclusive or progressive. They are predatory. When was the last time you saw a black person touting the benefits of arugula?

Fritos, Egg McMuffins, Whoppers, …supersize me!

Can you eat just one?



34 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday August 26, 2014 – Environmental News and Food Politics

  1. When I grew up in California, the Silicon Valley was an orchard and not called The Silicon Valley.
    At best it was called The Bay Area.

    • It was “The Valley of Heart’s Delight” – as you wrote: it was acres of orchards.
      You name the crop it was grown in the Valley or within 75 miles.
      There were bees and butterflies everywhere…never did I think those beneficial creatures would be scarce in 2014!
      On my walk I spied a butterfly, stopped me in my tracks to admire and watch it flitting about.

      One of my brothers refused to called it anything other than Santa Clara Valley…his nickname was SillyPhony Valley when it was dubbed ‘Silicon Valley’.

  2. As you have probably heard; CNN broadcast an unauthenticated tape that is claimed to be audio of the killing of Michael Brown. Un-au-thent-i-cated. At what point did it become acceptable for a “news” network to broadcast electronic evidence in a case that could become a capital murder prosecution? At what point did it become acceptable for a “news” organization to broadcast ANYTHING that is admittedly unauthenticated? Am I the only one who remembers when Dan Rather’s career came to a crashing halt and CBS lost a lot of credibility for broadcasting something they did not authenticate?

  3. Libya Crisis: US ‘caught off-guard’ By Air Strikes

    US officials say Egypt and the UAE were behind air strikes in Libya last week that targeted Islamist-linked militia.

    A senior US official told the BBC that Washington was not consulted about the attacks and was “caught off-guard”.

    The air strikes on militia positions around Tripoli’s international airport were reportedly carried out by Emirati fighter jets using bases in Egypt.

    The Egyptian authorities have denied involvement, and there has been no direct comment from the UAE.

    So, is there a condition of sale of military aircraft, that before you use them, you have to tell the US about it first? We sold them the planes. What did we expect them to do with them, polish them until they fell apart?

  4. Scott Walker Approves Obscure Tax Break For Furniture Company, Quickly Collects Large Campaign Donation

    Less than a month after voting to give a Wisconsin furniture company a $6 million tax credit that allows it to lay off half its in-state workforce, Gov. Scott Walker (R) received $20,000 in campaign donations from the company’s leadership, a newspaper in the state reports.

    Ashley Furniture won the credit from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) in January on a 9-2 vote. As WEDC Chairman, Walker was one of the 9 votes in favor. Then in February his campaign received four $5,000 donations from company founder Ronald Wanek, current CEO Todd Wanek, and their respective spouses, the Wisconsin State Journal reports.

    A Walker spokeswoman told the State Journal that there was no connection between the WEDC decision and the campaign contributions that followed. . . .

    Hard to believe that the buttcake named Walker will get more than one vote come November. If he happens to get two, I’m willing to work hard to bring on the next mass extinction by riding my bike more and more and belching out evermore global warming CO2 in the process.

    • The first time I ever heard of Scott Walker was during the run up to the 2004 election when he was implicated in a “caging” scheme. A local radio station hosted a political reporter from Madison and one quote stuck with me.

      “If there’s something dirty in Wisconsin politics; Scott Walker is in the middle of it.”

      • Makes you wonder how the hell he can get more than his own vote in any election. But then, Republicans have long seemed to really like crooks, idiots, and crooked idiots. Mirror images, I’m guessing.

    • ESPN knows their audience. The comments on any story that has anything to do with anything remotely political are every bit as vile as the most troll infested political blog.

  5. Neil deGrasse Tyson ‏@neiltyson Aug 20
    Just to settle it once and for all: Which came first the Chicken or the Egg? The Egg — laid by a bird that was not a Chicken

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