Burger King recently announced its plans to leave the United States so it won’t have to pay income taxes. In response many have called for a boycott of the fast food franchise.



16 thoughts on “BOYCOTT BURGER KING

  1. I don’t eat at Burger King because:

    A) I would rather eat roadkill.

    B) That Burger King guy really creeps me out.

    C) When I drive past a BK I have to wash the soot from my vehicle.

    D) I prefer to damage myself the old fashioned way with single malt scotch

    E) When your dog tries to bury it, something’s not right.

  2. The last time I went to a BK I drove my own car and I haven’t owned a car in over 6 years. It was well after the lunch rush and I ordered a fish sandwich. fries and shake at the drive-thru intercom. After I drove to the single window and paid I was asked to pull forward to wait , being told someone would bring my order to me. There were no other cars behind me and I said I’ll just wait here and I even said I would move if another car came. I was told that BK keeps track of how long a vehicle sits at the window. I said I understood the purpose of tracking vehicle times and that my moving would be dishonest on this locations reports and refused to participate in their scheme. I received my order before any other vehicle came.

    • The managers won’t get their bonus’ if the wait times at the window are to long, kind of like the Veterans Administration.

  3. Boycotting Booger King will have the added benefit of reducing the slash and burn agriculture in “developing countries” (mostly in South America) where most of the beef in fast food comes from. McDonald’s has long been on my avoid at all costs list, BK has now gained permanence on said list as well.

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    No more pretense… its on for real.

  6. Wasn’t there something in the news last week on Burger King using horse meet in France or something?

  7. Walgreen’s attempted to dodge the TaxPeople…

    Walgreen Co. (WAG) said a decision to shift the drugstore chain’s legal address out of the U.S. to avoid taxes might have backfired because it could have been challenged under Internal Revenue Service tax-abuse rules.

    Walgreen in a statement today said it will keep its legal address in Illinois when it completes its takeover of Switzerland’s Alliance Boots GmbH.

    • Good thing because I wouldn’t be happy about having to boycott Walgreen’s. There’s one on every block around here.

  8. Gordon Ramsey is producing a special Kitchen Nightmares episode to make Burger King more profitable by tanking 60% of the chain and endlessly swearing at minimum wage staff.

  9. Burger King is owned by 3G Capital which has offices in NYC and Rio de Janiero BRAZIL.
    The way our tax laws are written, they certainly can do what they are planning on doing. This will continue until the tax code is changed. And the White House is WHITE again.

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