Saturday, August 30, 2014

You don’t need a whole lot of work days to do the bidding of the ruling class. In an oligarchy, such as the US, the ruling class tells the elected representatives what measures to pass, and which ones to obstruct. In return for doing their bidding, the ruling class provides the elected representatives with enough cash and campaign ads to insure their reelection. Historically, such governmental systems eventually succumb to collapse, through rampant corruption, armed insurrection, or both. In either event, some of the ruling class flee the country with their ill gotten gains.

It may well take the next Ice Age to level the playing field – for people to realize we cannot heap 99% of our collective wealth on 1% of the people and expect to survive as a species.




26 thoughts on “Saturday, August 30, 2014

  1. My analogy to the economy is the game of Monopoly. What happens when one player wins and owns all the property and money? Commerce stops.

  2. The upcoming human-caused mass extinction should finally take care of human greed and idiocy. As evolution progresses over, say, fifty million earth years give or take a couple, the next “intelligent” species will, with luck, actually turn out to be intelligent. The way they’ll know for sure they’re NOT brain dead is to look around and check one little detail: if there are no registered Republicans, intelligence might have finally found a home in the planet’s ever-evolving life species.

    • Any guesses on ‘who’ will evolve as the next sentient species? I’m going to go with the birds. They survived the dinosaur extinction, let’s hope they fare as well this time.

      • Birds would be good. In fact, I’ll bet that if such turns out to be the case, rifles and shotguns will NEVER be invented! That right there would get the world off to a better start than sapiens ever managed.

  3. This just in — here’s what’e REALLY going on!

    Law abiding conservative TEA Party Patriot citizens, their counterparts in the military, Government. Police, Firemen, Services, Business, etc., etc, are vastly outnumbered by criminals, schemers, thugs, takers, and layabouts! It took a century for communism to squeeze the life out of America and now Communist control “everything”; do you really expect they’ll allow citizens to exercise their vote in free and open ‘elections’ to remove them from “Power”? The world is entering a second “Dark Ages” and the slate of recorded History is about to be wiped clean. Expect our Libraries, museums, collections, and History to be obliterated in the blink of an eye!

    That’s just E. Pluribus Unum l’il beauties posted today on Daily Kos’s Saturday nutpick-a-palooza: Michael Brown’s racist funeral

    • I’m not exactly a genetic engineer but I can’t help but hope that some whiz kid will come up with a way to render stupid, hateful, people mute.

          • It will be fairly easy to trap them… shiny baubles for bait, a pretentious mansion as the live trap and I’m certain there will be plenty of medical industry specialists to do the surgery. As far as releasing them, maybe into fenced off preserves in the tapped out and abandoned oil fields.

  4. Thanks for the post, BnF. My writer’s block is rather severe today, but if I come up with something later (depending on how late), I’ll put it up here, or I can take one of your days later in the week. Thanks. 🙂

      • He’s now whizzing about the Universe as quantum particles. If he can gather enough gluons together he might have some pull.

    • Another Q comes to mind: given that the universe is, as science has determined, more than 13 billion years old, and given that JC came and went around 2000 years ago, who or what was holding the universe together for those 13 billion minus 2000 years?

      • From what I’ve been able to comprehend of the nature of the Universe, there may be only one ‘god’, and that is Gravity.
        Therefore, bowing down is only natural.

  5. I just saw a Parker Griffith for Governor ad. He was the House Rep from my town that rode in on Obama’s coattails in ’08, voted against every bill that Nancy Pelosi passed, then changed parties, claiming he was a Republican. He got beat in 2010, by a real Republican, and now he wants my vote? Holding my nose won’t work. I’ll need a haz-mat suit with portable oxygen in order to vote a straight ticket.

    • Reads as if he is a true Repub…changing to suit the occasion…typical of the flip-flop school of the GoP.

  6. Michael Sam was cut by the St. Louis Rams. Prepare for the gay-hater trolls to be especially vile, until he makes a roster somewhere else.

    • Took a few moments to “get” this one… all the little Ben’s prostrate before their regent.
      “It’s a quarter to two, time to get up…”

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