The Watering Hole, Monday, September 1st, 2014: Black and White

I can’t do a normal Labor Day post, I’m too aggravated, disgusted, as my Mum used to say, “I’m so angry I could spit.” The reason is simple:

Black female professor arrested for jaywalking vs white drunk man with gun jaywalking.

This is our daily open thread–please feel free to comment on racial injustice or whatever subject is on your mind today.

31 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, September 1st, 2014: Black and White

  1. Early in July, I posted a Watering hole on the ASU professor arrested for jaywalking; I titled it “Travesty,Outrage” — and that was more than a month in advance of the ‘travesty, outrage’ in Ferguson Mo, and and and and . . . ad infinitum.

    The one question I still can’t quite answer with total assuredness is this one: Is the United States in the process of dying, or is it already DEAD?

    My tendency is to go with the latter, and not simply for reasons of out-of-control racism and associated hatred(s). In fact, if I were asked to name even one single GOOD thing about America which stands out when compared to each and all other global/national entities, I wouldn’t be able to. In the words of Poet TS Eliot, “We are the Hollow Men” — and nothing more.

    Q: Dead or dying?
    A: Yes

    • Opening lines from TS Eliot’s 1920’s definition of 2014’s Republican/Tea/Fascist/Oligarch Party/Movement:

      We are the hollow men
      We are the stuffed men
      Leaning together
      Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
      Our dried voices, when
      We whisper together
      Are quiet and meaningless
      As wind in dry grass
      Or rats’ feet over broken glass
      In our dry cellar

      Shape without form, shade without colour,
      Paralysed force, gesture without motion . . .

  2. It would appear ‘the law is above the law‘.

    cops CAN text drive, run you over, even kill,
    Police Officer Will Not Be Charged For Killing Napster Exec While Texting And Driving — Because It’s Apparently OK For Police To Do That

    Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy Andrew Wood will not be charged for fatally running over former Napster COO Milton Olin Jr. in his patrol car while the officer was typing a message into his computer.

    The instance exposes the different way that law enforcement officials are treated versus civilians in cases where a person is killed because of texting while driving.

    The Los Angeles District Attorney’s report into the incident says that even though it is illegal to text and drive, Wood was not negligent because police officers are expected to respond quickly to messages from colleagues:

    ‘Since Wood was acting within the course and scope of his duties when he began to type his response, under Vehicle Code section 23123.5, he acted lawfully.

    • I truly do not believe that humans have the ability to kill this planet — other than all-out nuclear war.

      However, we are definitely able to destroy our ability to live on this planet, and, seemingly, we are happily doing so.

      The Earth will recover and flourish without us.

      • Hear, hear!

        We often forget success stories: whooping cranes, bald, eagles, peregrine falcons, several varieties of fish and an assortment of “game animals” from deer to pronghorn to the limited success resurrecting a stable population of bison. How about gray whales and condors?

        All of those success stories are basically the result of just stopping whatever we were doing, from direct slaughter to indiscriminate use of DDT, to a given species and give them a helping hand.

        Then there’s Lake Erie. Yes. There have been recent problems with algae blooms but that’s a natural response to high levels of organic chemicals whether natural or caused by man. The good part is that the runaway algae use up whatever nutrients they need most and then the whole population dies and “fixes” said nutrients so more valuable life can flourish. Once things balance out it will continue to be a thriving fishery while it was a lifeless cesspool when most of us were young.

        We have to remember to celebrate the little victories.

  3. The bell tolls for a tough old tree

    Yoda, a 7-foot-tall Douglas fir on the lava flows south of Grants, died this summer at the age of 650 or so.

    Yoda was alive in March, according to Grant Harley of the University of Mississippi, one of a posse of researchers who have been tracking the tree. But when Harley brought a group of students to the remote site in August, the tree was dead…

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