The Watering Hole; Thursday September 11 2014; TEH STUPID – Today’s Entries

It’s not hard to tell that this year’s election “event” is getting closer and closer; seems like every two years when elections are scheduled in November, right after Labor Day the rise in the level of stupidity increases dramatically. It’s almost scary, in fact. Here are four quickies in which the highlighted link pretty much says it all.

1.  Ben Carson: Evolution A Myth Because ‘God Can Create Anything At Any Point In Time’

He [Carson] claimed that “no one has the knowledge” of the age of the earth “based on the Bible,” adding that “carbon dating and all of these things really don’t mean anything to a God who has the ability to create anything at any point in time.”

Carson pointed to the “complexity of the human brain” as proof that evolution is a myth: “Somebody says that came from a slime pit full of promiscuous biochemicals? I don’t think so.”

2.  David Limbaugh, brother of Rush the Blowhard, assumes the Religious-Right is always right because he’s studied the Bible for a long time. He’s got another Jesus is the Gospel book to prove it.

Rush Limbaugh isn’t the only hateful, wingnut liar in his family. His brother, author David Limbaugh, makes his money by ginning up hysteria about that damned Barack Obama. The younger brother of the Big Fat Idiot is promoting a book which seeks to legitimize Christianity called, Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel. The good Christians on the couch, especially Hasselbeck in her pure white dress, were gobbling up his hypothesis that Jesus could stand trial and “win” based on the “evidence” in the incredibly human drama known as the Bible.

Limbaugh obviously has an agenda, just like his brother. He seeks to label the Black President and his godless liberal followers as the reason for all our problems. He claims the Ryan tax cuts for the rich plan is really god’s idea, and the (Atheist Muslim) President is demonizing rich people. . . .

3.  Last Thursday’s Watering Hole Post was titled The AFM vs. WTP, and it discussed Mitch McConnell’s appearance and speech last June at a Koch Bros. more-or-less ‘secret’ get-together in California. It seems that this week, Harry Reid has been pressuring McConnell to recant some of the idiocy he spewed to the Koch bro clan. Mitch, of course, didn’t . . . wouldn’t . . . well, you know. See the link for details, if you dare!

Harry Reid called on Mitch McConnell to repudiate offensive statements made at a recent Koch retreat. A reporter asked McConnell if he would do so directly, and he refused to answer.

4.  And finally, here in Colorado the GOoPer, running for governor, Bob Beauprez, has revealed that not only is he every bit as stupid as Cliven Bundy, he also “thinks” (is that a word?) like him. What’s worrisome is that Beauprez currently trails Democratic incumbent governor John Hickenlooper by only a small amount in recent polls. That’s not surprising, I suppose, given that Hickenlooper signed both a gun background-check and magazine size-limiting bill along with the Marijuana legalization bill, both of which are anathema to the unenlightened Wingnuttistanian faction of the Colorado electorate. We can only hope that their numbers remain insufficient to elect each and all the Bagger idiots on the ballot. 

Colorado Gubernatorial Candidate Promises To Seize And Sell America’s National Parks, Forests And Public Lands

In the first debate of the Colorado gubernatorial race last Friday, Republican nominee Bob Beauprez went on the record supporting the seizure of Colorado’s national parks, forests and public lands by the state government, saying “this is fight we have to wage.” 

. . . Beauprez, who is challenging incumbent Governor John Hickenlooper (D), claimed that all public land in the state was “supposed to be Colorado’s” and that “if this were private land and the federal government was a tenant, we would cancel their lease.” [ . . . ]

. . . Beauprez is one of several candidates supporting such proposals this election season. . . . [T]here are a number of right-wing politicians across the country who have been advancing proposals to transfer of control of public lands to states, or to sell them off to the highest bidder for drilling, mining and logging.

So there you have it, four partial sums of about five minutes worth of “research.” I was originally going to set this up as a voting contest to choose the most stupid of the four listed. But, sigh, having gone over each of them another time or two I’ve decided to take the Spiro Agnew approach and simply declare the process Nolo Contendre — for probably obvious reasons.






52 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Thursday September 11 2014; TEH STUPID – Today’s Entries

  1. Yet another ‘intelligent’ Repugnant.

    Beauprez, … claimed that all public land in the state was “supposed to be Colorado’s” and that “if this were private land and the federal government was a tenant, we would cancel their lease.”

    The Feds wouldn’t fight you on that one////

      • What really puzzles me is that there are so many Texans that will vote for him. The kicker Abbott quote in the M&H post reads:

        “Because I filed a claim of my own, should I forever be foreclosed from criticizing frivolous and abusive lawsuits?”

        If he had any embedded honesty within his frame he should have instead said, “Because I filed a frivolous and abusive lawsuit of my own, should I forever be foreclosed from criticizing frivolous and abusive lawsuits?”

        The guy is obviously a typical Republican — a two-faced liar who’s obsessed with greed, also one who has earned a paraphrase of Marlon Brando’s comment in ‘One-Eyed Jacks’, something like, “You might be a one-eyed jack to lotsa folks in Texas, Abbott, but I’ve seen the other side o’ yer face.”

  2. Well, the folks I work for have finally admitted what I’ve been expecting all along. They can’t hire enough qualified machinists capable of running five-figure aviation parts to run three shifts of eight hours, and we’re returning to a two shift, four ten hour day schedule in two weeks. My 3pm to 11:30pm will become 4pm to 2:30am. I was just getting to the cooler weather where I could get outdoor work done each day, and they took away two hours a day of my project time.

      • We’ll probably work every Friday. I never got a Friday off last year when we were on that schedule. 48 hours will become almost a default schedule. Four tens and eight on Friday. Our machine was on three shifts, so we’ll be dropping 40 hours’ production.

      • Wingnut Texas Sen. Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor this Tuesday while they were debating the Democrats’ constitutional amendment that would overturn Citizens United, and did his best to do his good friends the Koch brothers’ bidding by trying to scare the hell out of anyone listening that the amendment would somehow criminalize shows like Saturday Night Live doing political satire.

        The Washington Post’s Jaime Fuller summarized the entire hour long speech — which will save anyone who reads it and is curious about which medications Cruz’s doctor should probably be subscribing for him — from having to subject themselves to actually listening to him pontificate for the wingnuts who for some unknown reason take him seriously.

        • Too bad the CU overturn won’t at least criminalize the people SNL mocks — that little feature all by itself would help rid us of a whole lot of vitriolic dumbasses.

          I should write my senator, maybe get him to add that tidbit. He could call it the Cruz Control amendment.

  3. Webb?

    Noah Millman suspects “Webb would make a terrible primary challenger to Clinton” but hopes he runs anyway:

    “Webb is a pretty rare bird.

    He’s an intellectual but not an ideologue. He’s a culturally right-wing personality who recognizes that on the most important issues facing the nation, we need to move to the left – and not just on economics and foreign policy; he’s been critical of Executive power, even with his own party’s man in office, and has taken a serious hard look at reforming our appalling prison-industrial complex. He’s a strong critic of the “Washington consensus” in foreign policy who cannot by any stretch of the imagination be called either naive or a neo-isolationist. (In a deep sense, he’ll always have the outlook of a Secretary of the Navy.) Most important, he’s a genuinely independent person, the exact opposite of the careerist climber. We desperately need more people like him in our politics.

    And, I think it would be very helpful on foreign policy in particular for Democratic primary voters to recognize that Clinton is all the way on the bleeding right edge of her party.”

    Daniel Larison throws some cold water:

    “Like Millman, I think Webb is an interesting and impressive figure, and I was very pleased when he knocked George Allen out of the Senate in 2006. During his one term in office, he did some important work on veterans’ issues, and he took a principled and correct stand against Obama’s illegal war in Libya. His response to Bush’s 2007 State of the Union address was the only one I can recall from the last decade that wasn’t immediately irrelevant. His decision to run for office as a Democrat in large part because of his disgust with the Iraq war and Bush administration incompetence was one of the more meaningful rebukes to the GOP back then, and if Republican leaders were smarter they would have learned something from it. It would be good for the country and the Democratic primary process if he ran against Clinton and put some obstacles in the way of her coronation, but I’m not sure that I see any incentives for Webb to do this.”

    • I’m sort of hoping he’ll do what he said he would do when he left the Senate, work on prison/criminal justice reform.

  4. Rod Dreher in The American Conservative (!):

    “Dick Cheney, one of the principal architects of one of the worst disasters in US foreign policy and military history, is now making an “I Told You So” tour, back in Washington (a standing ovation at AEI!) spreading his wisdom to appreciative conservative audiences. It’s like they let Bernie Madoff work on Wall Street again, or returned the FEMA portfolio to Brownie.”

    • The victim was clearly in violation of the Ohio ‘shopping while Black’ law. You know, the same one they used to lynch ni**ers for.

  5. Irony goes into full retreat after this statement from the Russian government:

    “The U.S. president has spoken directly about the possibility of strikes by the U.S. armed forces against ISIL positions in Syria without the consent of the legitimate government,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said. “This step, in the absence of a U.N. Security Council decision, would be an act of aggression, a gross violation of international law.”

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