Sunday Roast: Northern Lights

Stepping away from the horrors of the news and the state of our society…

The Northern Lights put on a good show for parts of the U.S. (and presumably other countries), after a powerful solar flare last Wednesday.

I have seen the lights once in my life, and was so startled at what I was seeing, I didn’t actually comprehend the sight, and didn’t appreciate it properly.  Afterall, I lived in the panhandle of Idaho at the time, but no one in the area could remember seeing the lights that far south.  Derp.

Seeing the lights again is definitely on my Bucket List!

This is our daily open thread — Have any of you seen this weekend’s light show?


63 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Northern Lights

  1. Speaking of bucket lists, my mom gets to cross one off hers today. She told me years ago that before she dies, she wants to see another Mets game at the stadium, which would be much harder to do after she dies. Or less enjoyable for the rest of us, anyway. So we leave in about an hour and a half to go to my sister’s, where we’ll all cram into my brother-in-law’s car and go to Citi Field. We’ll see everyone when we get back. The game is on SNY Channel, so if you’re able to get that, we’ll be in the left field corner, near the foul pole on the foul territory side. I already contacted the guy who roams the stands looking for stories of interest and asked him to come by. Who knows, maybe we’ll impress him enough to be on TV. Maybe. 🙂

  2. On Meet the Press, James Baker (look him up if you need to), says that what’s happening in the Middle East now with ISIS would have happened in the 90s if they had gone ahead and took out Saddam Hussein in 1992. Pretty much makes the case that Wanker shouldn’t have done it later.

    • Say what you want about Chuck Todd. He didn’t get in Bernie’s way. Bernie was just like he is every week on Thom Hartmann. He got onto Meet the Press (first time ever!), and he got to say what he needed to say.

    • Of course. Even Darth Cheney made the case in 1991 that going into Iraq would be a bonehead move. But then, that’s all pre-9/11 thinking. Our perceptions got much clearer after that event.

  3. hmmmm…what if:

    the rest of the world went solar, ending the need to buy oil from the Middle East?

    their cash flow would dry up overnight?

    they wouldn’t have the money nor credit to continue to buy arms and armaments?

  4. Fast-forwarding through a lot of NFL player dysfunction on the recorded shows today. Rice and Peterson aren’t going to matter to my politics one whit.

    • Unusual coloring (or lack there of) on the butterflies!

      My apologies for flying in circles.
      The copilot is a dog and he’s
      trying to catch the tail assembly.

      “The call of the wild goes unanswered.”

  5. Danica starts 18th today at Chicago. She grew up in nearby Roscoe, Illinois, so this is her ‘home’ race. Starting positions were set by practice speed, because qualifying was rained out Friday. Mile and a half tracks have been her biggest improvement this season. She didn’t qualify for the ‘Chase’, but neither did 26 other drivers.

    • We got the caution, right after Danica pitted, so she’s still a lap down in 21st. 30 laps to go.

    • 25 to go. Danica is leading the lap down cars again. Need a quick caution, right away, and we get it!

    • Danica gets tangled up with Stenhouse (boyfriend), and they both hit the wall. Still rolling, she made it to pit road and they’re clearing the sheet metal, so she can finish.

    • !7th – Stenhouse, 18th – Stewart, 19th – Patrick

      Stewart must have got a piece of that wreck too. His car was running almost as slow as Danica’s on the last few laps.

  6. I didn’t catch this bit when it was new. I would have loved to see Mr. Nye “snap”. Perhaps throw his drink in her face and yell that the poll numbers reflect silly (insert bad word)s like her lying their asses off and scientists are angry because lying little (insert bad word)s like her insist on making science political. He would feel less frustrated, she would actually have a bit of a legitimate reason to call him a bully, and everyone would be happier in the long run.

    • The most relief I can manage from such denier idiocy is that if nothing is done by humans to counter the damage humans have done and are doing, the quicker will arrive the mass extinction that will relieve the universe once and for all and forever of its human burden, give it a fresh start in its quest for Intelligence.

    • “Someone else started it.”
      Such a mature group – frightening the GOP thought her to be White House material…

    • What’s disturbing to me is the fact that this is news. Trashy folk get into drunken brawls all the time. I must admit I still want to see video.

  7. Yesterday I got to listen to Bernie Sanders speak at BobFest. Today I hear he is contemplating joining the race for President as a Democrat. I really love Bernie and hope he manages to stick a thumb up the Democratic race. It would be so much fun listening to him razz Hil.

    • (“Electric Tea Party Boogaloo” is perfect!)

      How could they lose with:

      Also appearing in the movie are Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, radio host Andrew Wilkow and Americans for Tax Reform founder Grover Norquist.

    • There’s a part 3? Was part 2 ever released? Having tried (and failed) to read the book as a college freshman, I eagerly await part 20,746. Yes, it really seemed that long.

      • • Part 3: Opening in 242 theaters in select markets

        • second film, launching rolled out in more than 1,000 locations.

        • Part I from 299 locations

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