The Watering Hole: Sept 15, 2014 — Devil’s Churn


Photo by Zooey

Okay folks, this is your late, late, super late, open thread.  🙂

I took this photo on a trip to the Oregon coast in 2008, and I’m standing above the top of Devil’s Churn.  It’s pretty damn awesome!

This is our daily open thread — let the abuse flow.


20 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Sept 15, 2014 — Devil’s Churn

    • As you know; I have a love for all things that fly except helicopters. (Helicopters have a potential to kill everyone on board if a single bolt or bearing breaks.) The Scorpion is a fascinating project that, aside from being a potential weapon, demonstrates American know how at its best. One would hope that those who are going to buy warplanes, no matter what, would appreciate such a relatively cheap and simple product developed as a private venture. Alas. The huge “defense” firms and the politicians who feed them will kill it just as they have every earlier attempt to make a warplane that makes so much sense.

  1. Michael Tomasky wishes Obama would treat Americans like grown ups and admit that we can’t “destroy” ISIS:

    “We’ve been trying to destroy Al Qaeda for 13 years now. We have not. We will not. And we will not destroy ISIS. We can’t destroy these outfits. They’re too nimble and slippery and amorphous, and everybody knows it. So why say it? Why not say what we hopefully can do and what we should do: contain it. We have contained Al Qaeda. Some of the methods have been morally problematic (drone strikes that sometimes kill innocents, etc.), but the methods have worked. Al Qaeda, say the experts, is now probably not in a position to pull off a 9/11. Containment is fine. It does the job. But no, I guess a president can’t say that. A president has to sound like John Wayne. It’s depressing and appalling.”

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