The Watering Hole: Tuesday, September 16, 2014 – Environmental News and Food Politics

Traditional utilities may go broke sooner rather than later…

…as is happening now in Germany

“A reckoning is at hand, and nowhere is that clearer than in Germany. Even as the country sets records nearly every month for renewable power production, the changes have devastated its utility companies, whose profits from power generation have collapsed.”


Economics will drive the change. What, the wind is free? The sun is free? OK so I build with wind turbines and solar panels rather than coal or gas fired turbines with the same amount of investment? You mean my fuel is really, really free? Where do I sign?


42 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Tuesday, September 16, 2014 – Environmental News and Food Politics

  1. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but the Constitution does not guarantee anyone the right to wind, or sun.

  2. This video will be familiar to those who watch Free Speech TV. From the Youtube site of the originator.

  3. Now if we can just get the transportation industry to morph to solar/battery, we may be onto something…

    • Yes. And that will happen the day after there are no longer any profits remaining in coal, oil, methane, along with any and all energy byproduct derivatives implicit therein.

      • I live in a state in which some of the poorest regions believe that the end of coal will be the end of them. Yet look how coal has served them, after 150 years of coal, they are still the poorest region of the state and now some of their mountains and streams are gone.

  4. QOTD:

    “This is all because, I mean, count the number of times he uses the word I in any speech, and compare that to any other president. Remember when he announced the killing of bin Laden? That speech I believe had 29 references to I – on my command, I ordered, as commander-in-chief, I was then told, I this. You’d think he’d pulled the trigger out there in Abbottabad. You know, this is a guy, you look at every one of his speeches, even the way he introduces high officials – I’d like to introduce my secretary of State. He once referred to ‘my intelligence community’. And in one speech, I no longer remember it, ‘my military’. For God’s sake, he talks like the emperor, Napoleon,” – Charles Krauthammer, psycho-analyzing the president.

    Yeah, he is factually, demonstrably wrong:

    • The Krauthammer has long been rendered obsolete thanks to modern manufacturing and, the fact that sauerkraut is yukky stuff that wish on anyone.

    • Because morals and ethics are not the same thing.

      “The ethical man knows he shouldn’t cheat on his wife, whereas the moral man actually wouldn’t.”
      ~”Ducky” on NCIS

    • Shoot, morality is for other people. If you are completely convinced you are right, and that God’s favor is upon you, morals are as you define them. (I do not ascribe to that theology.)

  5. How fractious is this country? From The Detroit Free Press:

    ‘A new Satanic religious group that debuted in Detroit this month already has encountered outspoken opposition: other Satanists.

    The Rev. Tom Erik Raspotnik, 49, of Oxford decries the Satanic Temple’s atheism and progressive ideals. He said his Temples of Satan honors the deity of Satan, and he and others with him are pro-life and believe in animal sacrifices.’

  6. ( bdmm posted the six years hard labor story the other day)

    Is there a school of stupidity regarding American citizens wanting ‘in’ to North Korea

    Obviously unaware of another USA citizen now doing, six years, hard labor …

    According to the Yonhap news agency, the man told investigators that he had wanted to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

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