Sunday Roast: Seems legit


Sorry this is so late, I thought this was legit and went in for the cuddles.  Interesting…  😉

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26 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Seems legit

  1. Droopy Dog (aka Lieberman) said on FtN we should fight ISIS in Syria and Assad too.

    So basically we should invade and shoot at everything that moves?

  2. “I thought this was legit and went in for the cuddles.”

    Let’s all give Z big internet hugs. Maybe that will help her need for physical contact. 😉

    • A no knock raid?
      You deserve to be shot at.
      Time to rethink our drug policies.
      The major opponents to drug reform are the law enforcement departments.
      Make all of it legal and force the police to go after people that are really doing society harm, like NFL players that beat on women, car thieves, child molesters, Wall Street bankers that plunder retirements and tank the economy.
      You know, real crime. Not the fake bullshit of someone smoking a joint in public in New York where the cop gets an easy bust and a promotion.
      It’s systemic. It’s rotten from the top down.

      • Yikes, we’re surrounded by police with guns drawn.
        The police helicopter is doing wide circles.
        No idea what is happening.
        Doesn’t seem to be anything to do with our building…it is still eerie.
        The close helicopter noise has Mel the Cat running for his favorite blanket to hide under!

        • Was I ever incorrect – the fellow jumped the parking gate ran into the first floor, gun in hand. Threw the gun away…police got the gun and the guy!

  3. Free hugs eh?
    There’s also this guy that drives a windowless van with “free candy” painted on the outside

  4. I’m watching a Hawaii Five O with Ricardo Montalban playing a Japanese mobster.
    With all the Japanese actors around, even then, they couldn’t find one to play that, or maybe they had already used them all too many times, since this was Season 1, episode 6?

    • Now I’m watching ‘The Man From UNCLE’. I was eight years old, the last time I saw these.

  5. Hi Zoosters,

    I received a note from frugal’s lovely lady, Debbie, this afternoon, wherein she let me know he’s had a stroke. They got to the ER immediately, and he’s already made a joke about the bad karma of posting that bike mileage photo (6666.6 miles), followed by a crooked grin. 😆

    He’ll continue to have tests, and she’ll keep me posted about his progress.


    • Pass along my well wishes when you have a chance, Zooey. Glad that they spotted it early and got him in to the ER. A quick response can make a whole lot of difference.

    • There are different strokes (no pun intended) and it sounds like they got to her in time.
      Too many people don’t take the signs seriously.
      Watch your blood pressure people.
      Hyper tension kills and it’s partially genetic.

      • My mistake: He had a stroke?
        This is the guy that rides more in one month than most people do in their lifetime.
        Not fair.

      • Rest easy Frug, we’re all thinking about you and sending good vibrations you way. Stick around I don’t want to be the oldest at the Zoo.

    • Aw frugal – that’s not fair….. you are too swag to have that shizzle go down …. ( I am channeling my 15 yr old girl)…. more bike pictures and soon!

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