The Watering Hole, Thursday, September 25, 2014: 47% and Growing

The 47% comment made by Romney is true and it’s bigger now, according to Republican Cresent Hardy, a candidate for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District.

The 47% comment, if you recall, alleged that 47% paid no federal income taxes. In other words 47% made so little money their income wasn’t taxed. They are the working poor, the senior citizens. And, according to Hardy, their numbers are growing.

If true, it is not surprising. The benefits of the Obama Recovery have gone disproportionatly to the wealthy class. We can blame Obama, but he has been restricted by an obstructionist Republican minority in the Senate that has prevented measures from being passed that would benefit the working poor. Bankers got bonuses even while families faced foreclosure.

In this author’s opinion, the plight of the working poor will get worse, as more and more wealth is concentrated into the hands of the idle rich and deposited in overseas accounts. More and more of the middle class will slowly slide into the ranks of the working poor, and the 47% will continue to grow, not through any fault of their own, not through any desire to freeload on the system, but from the continued economic policies of the oligarchy that runs this country from behind the scenes.


28 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Thursday, September 25, 2014: 47% and Growing

  1. And whilst the 47+% don’t make enough money to contribute to our common welfare, the 1% regard our common welfare as beneath them. They’ve got theirs, screw everybody else.
    That will not sustain us.

    • “the 1% regard our common welfare as beneath them”

      Not only that, but they’re trying to convince the middle class and working poor to vote to eliminate all social safety nets, the minimum wage, child labor laws, environmental and workplace regulations, etc. If they get their way, the 47% will grow to well over 80%. The standard of living will decline to that of third world countries.

  2. In Kansas Rescue Mission, Palin Gives Roberts Tea Party Approval

    As Palin and Roberts served pancakes and sausage links to a couple hundred supporters inside an old museum here, The Washington Post asked Palin why she thinks Wolf has not endorsed Roberts.

    So they’re not serving the homeless in the accompanying photo, the title refers to Palin coming to ‘rescue’ Roberts, not an actual Rescue Mission. WaPo needs to write better headlines.
    If the Teabagger that lost in the primary doesn’t endorse Roberts, I doubt Palin’s appearance is relevant. Roberts is part of the ‘old guard’, not the ‘shake up DC’ crowd.

  3. With a growing 47% comes the rapid decline of America. No or low paying jobs leads to less consumer spending which our economic is driven by. 47% who don’t pay federal taxes and growing leads to less money for the US Treasury, less money to fund schools, needed road, bridge, highway, electrical grid, water and sewage system repair or upgrades.

    Yet our politicians oppose raising any taxes on the wealthy and corporations. They oppose creating a transaction fee on Wall Street. They oppose spending more money on rebuilding our own country’s aging infrastructure. They oppose eliminating corporate welfare on corporations who ship American jobs overseas and/or are making record profits.

    We are so phucked. Once the TPP and TAFTA trade agreements are passed government as we know it or knew it will be history. Perhaps we are being conditioned, to get used to hard times and daily struggles to survive like those in third world nations, because we are slowly being turned into a third world nation with bells and whistles for the have mores.

    Hey…wait…maybe the multinational corporations will come to the rescue and bail us out? They should, the bastards already own us.

  4. Just got the word that frugal is home. Lots of work in front of him, but D will whip him into shape in no time.

    He’ll prolly be on his bike by Saturday! 😆

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