The Watering Hole: September 26, 2014 — Various

Photos by Zooey

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94 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: September 26, 2014 — Various

  1. Yeah, Well See, We Need The Money And You Need The Product

    Poor Kansas.

    Seriously, Poor Kansas. They don’t have any money.

    Facing a $238 million dollar deficit, Kansas has made the decision to auction off sex toys it confiscated for back taxes.

    Sounds like rather than ‘confiscated’, they have placed a lien on the inventory of the chain.

    Let’s see, there was a decision to be made: Kansas can either accept the Medicaid expansion funds or go into the porn business. Apparently, that was not as difficult a decision as you’d suspect.

      • Cause then they’d have to all go to hell for violating the something or other commandment, thou shalt not enjoy any-effing-thing.

    • Mr. Stewart and the others at The Daily Show almost invariably provide the best and most honest commentary on TV. If some magical entity granted me three wishes I would seriously consider burning one on turning The Daily Show into a “real” news network.

  2. Want proof the DoD inflates their costs for everything? The first round of air strikes in Syria this week reportedly cost $79 million, more than India’s mission to Mars.

  3. Just thought I’d pass along this nugget I found on WaPo this afternoon.
    This is hilarious, as it describes the Heritage Foundations view of most of us…
    Excerpt I like best
    “Here’s the view from the Heritage Foundation: Liberalism creates self-indulgent, licentious hedonists willing to cede every other kind of freedom to an increasingly authoritarian government.

    “Give up your economic freedom, give up your political freedom, and you will be rewarded with license,” said Heritage’s David Azerrad, describing the reigning philosophy of the left. “It’s all sex all the time. It’s not just the sex itself—it’s the permission to indulge.”

    Dude, we lost our economic freedom when the Koch brothers started buying elections…

  4. “It’s all sex all the time. It’s not just the sex itself—it’s the permission to indulge.” – well that’s it for me – my work day is done…. I’m off downtown looking for some liberals…

  5. So someone, somewhere has won this week…… my Kyev friend, Tanya, in the course of this summer and maybe seeking work in France while Ukraine’s economy collapses …. has fallen in love with a Frenchman in the romantic Provence part of France….

    This is for her (oh the Turtle was at this gig 🙂 )

      • Yup – I got an email at an odd time Sat night from her asking about my daughter (sick). I pinged back – “hey you are up early on a Sunday, what are you up to?”….. “oh fine, got up early – leaving Kyev for a week”…. but her FB page had her the international terminal. I was thinking oh, she’s of to Troyes to her friend who runs a book store in town and had offered to help her get going….. Tuesday morning…. there’s a new and interesting FB picture from Aix-en-Provence…..

      • I had absolutely no clue – she had a handful of Frenchies who always pinged on her FB page, one was the Real Deal….

  6. Happy hour in the burbs – Homecoming tonight…. Sammy-the-Turtle not planning on going though…. sampling the nanobrews at the H&H….

    Playing some Who this week

    • I had a friend who lived just east and south of Provence…. went to see him several times…. last time was back in 99, when I worked in Marseille…. its another world back in those hill towns…. there’s some Debra Winger Billy Crystal film that shows it briefly…. a town called Biot – I recall dinner there in the town square – wonderful… my friends are back in UK now.

      In the meantime, Alan Hull, reaching from the grave, has my number this week….

  7. Ebb & Turtle have the right idea — this is our Friday night music post now, although all y’all can still post your links, thoughts, snark, etc. 😆

  8. Andytheturtle and I are looking for me at this concert – front right, in front of the guitar player…. he says I had more hair then… 🙂

    • Earlier you played a song about Patricia (el nombre de mi madre).
      and now Eleanor (el nombre de mi tía).
      Songs about Joan, Anna, Rita, Fran, Peter, and Paul would round out that side of the family! (smiling)

  9. yup…..David, Sting, David….. dudes! Wow this is my week……night all – I am so frigging dome… Sammy The Turtle back and Mount Si rolled over and got tickled for homecoming – all is good but for the ache in the heart…..


    David C. come on, Boro!

    David G (by the way , thanks Kate – way cool music)

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