The Watering Hole, Saturday, September 27, 2014: F-R-C! See the Real Kooks!

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time for self-identified Conservative Christians (an oxymoron, since Jesus could never have been mistaken for a conservative) to gather together and show the world all the hate in their hearts. Yes, it’s the Family Research Council’s 2014 Values Voters Summit, where the elite will never meet, nor the smart start to take part (according to one of their featured speakers). [Courtesy of the good people at Right Wing Watch. A project of People For the American Way dedicated to monitoring and exposing the activities of the right-wing movement.]

But it’s also the place, for reasons that defy conventional logic, where Republicans who one day hope to be the legal occupant of the White House (or a self-serving Member of Congress) feel they must go to solidify their conservative credentials, which is really ironic since there are precious few true conservative values expressed there. Oh, sure, there’s all the gay-bashing Islamophobia one could ever hope to see, but that isn’t true Conservatism. It might be considered Christian Conservatism, but as I said before, that’s an oxymoron. If there’s one thing about Christianity that this Atheist knows for certain, it’s the Golden Rule: Treat other people the way you would like them to treat you. (It also happens to be my own personal guiding principle in life. I just don’t need a fear of going to Hell – which not everyone believes in, including Jews – to make me follow it.) And while I have personal doubts about whether or not the Biblical character known as Jesus actually existed, I’m pretty sure the person described in that book (or in most versions of it) would not say the kinds of things they say at the Values Voters Summit.

For example, there was Bishop E.W. Jackson (the “E.W.” stands for “Everybody’s Wingnut”), who falsely claimed that the Bible defines marriage as being between one man and one woman. Actually, if you read it carefully, that’s not what it says. There’s plenty of polygamy going on in the Bible, including with that of the first King of Israel, David (probably not his real name.) So it is factually incorrect, an important point if you wish to express a valid opinion, to say that marriage “has always been defined” as being between one man and one woman. You don’t even have to go to the Bible for proof. The people living here before the Europeans showed up and screwed everything up had a very different view of marriage. For one thing, it didn’t involve God. For another, it didn’t involve monogamy.

Then there was former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee dropping the huckaboom on the attendees by telling them that the reason Mitt Romney lost in 2012 was because Conservative Christians stayed home. The only problem is that opinion is not supported by the facts. Even Ralph Reed’s organization had polling data that showed exactly the opposite. And they were the only ones who noticed. But why let pesky things like facts get in the way of a good talking point. Or a talking point, anyway.

Then there was former half-Governor Sarah Palin, the woman who tried to be one grumpy old man’s heartbeat away from the presidency. (Do you know who she is?) Palin tried to make the point that…that, well…you know, it’s hard to figure out what point she was trying to make. She seemed more concerned with throwing out standard right-wing insults (Alinsky!) than she was with making a coherent statement. And, like so much of the right wing media, she had to get her digs in on what has become known in conservative circlejerks as the “latte salute.” And like so much of the right wing media’s trash-talking, this was a non-scandal (along with all the other non-scandals Palin rattled off.) There is no requirement that the President do anything in return when a military person salutes him. In fact, presidents didn’t even bother returning salutes until Ronald Reagan started doing it back in the early eighties, and that’s probably because he forgot he wasn’t in the 1st Motion Picture unit anymore. Seriously, it is not as big a deal as they are making it out to be, but that’s because they’ve got nothing, not even the values they claim to have.

Which brings me to one simple question about the “Values Voters Summit”: Whose values? You see, when it comes to defining morality (which, I’m sure the attendees at the summit didn’t know, Ronald Reagan said you can’t legislate), conservatives add more things to the definition than liberals, and give them equal weight! According to Dr. Jonathan Haidt’s studies,

…morality is not just about how we treat each other (as most liberals think); it is also about binding groups together, supporting essential institutions, and living in a sanctified and noble way. When Republicans say that Democrats “just don’t get it,” this is the “it” to which they refer.

Liberals tend to value fairness and equal justice much higher than conservatives, who value all those things listed as equally important. This would explain why Conservative Christians think only Christians should have First Amendment protections, or that only Christians have morals that matter. This is just self-referential opinion, confirmed by other Conservative Christian sources. It’s also a bunch of hypocrisy, since there is nothing “sanctified or noble” about gathering together and bashing the morality of more than half the country.

This is our daily open thread. Feel free to talk about the loonies at the VVS, or anything else you wish to discuss.

35 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Saturday, September 27, 2014: F-R-C! See the Real Kooks!

    • At the risk of over simplifying things.
      Flying is easier and less dangerous than driving.
      There are some serious kooks on the road.
      Aviation tends to side with Darwin and there are very few second chances.

      I was flying gliders at 14 and had my private certificate at 17.

      The Saudi’s are facing a sea change due to their backward treatment of women.
      50% of their intellectual capital and world economic future well being are treated like chattel or property.

  1. My thoughts on religious “think” from back in the days when I could still type, offered here (free of charge) as a salute to pHuckabee et al.


    A Discourse
    Dedicated to Creationists everywhere
    And their adversaries

    © PLNelson (1989)

    A godman and a skeptic met
    To promulgate their views,
    With godman’s premise, Genesis,
    And skeptic’s, more the muse.

    “God made the heavens and the Earth,”
    The passioned godman says,
    “And, furthermore, He did all this,
    In only seven days.”

    “But whence came God?” the skeptic asked,
    With some temerity,
    The godman said, “Don’t question that,
    For such is blasphemy! ”

    The skeptic glowered for a time,
    Then asked, “How old’ s the Earth?”
    “Six thousand years,” the godman said,
    “Including day of birth.

    “With firmaments united, then,
    The Earth was paradise,
    Where beasts and fields, and finally men,
    Enjoyed all without vice.

    “And God made Adam first, then Eve,
    Who were, as you shall see,
    Progenitors of all mankind,
    Kin of humanity.

    “For from their loins came many sons,
    Who married, then produced,
    Our father’s father’s ancestors,
    As, biblically, deduced.

    “Thus, all the Earth is born of God,
    And man’s the child of Eve,
    So, lie thee down in prostrate form
    And hail the Lord! Believe!”

    Then godman smiled, smug, and secure
    His theses were correct,
    For Genesis came straight from God,
    In veritas, direct.

    “Oh, I believe,” the skeptic said,
    “Though not the way you think,
    From what I’ve heard, the Universe
    Arrived in just a wink.

    “A coalescing, then a flash,
    And galaxies were cleaved
    From ether, dust, and energy,
    If science be believed.

    “Five billion years, or ten, or twelve
    Had passed, when life arrived,
    And finally men, though not like us,
    From lower forms derived.

    “And, furthermore, a question, sir,
    About the sons of Eve,
    Whence came the daughters, for her sons,
    Mankind, therefrom, conceived?”

    The godman cringed and raised his hand
    Toward heaven, in disgust,
    “If those are your beliefs, my friend,
    You’ll burn in hell, please trust.

    “For God, I know, has no rapport
    With those who pray to see
    The wisdom He withholds from men
    For all eternity.”

    “Your last remark makes little sense,”
    Said skeptic, feigning dread,
    “If you are asking we believe
    God deems our brains be dead.

    “For, if somewhere in endless space
    A Creator exists
    Who gave us minds to seek out truth,
    Then why should we resist?”

    The godman’s face showed beads of sweat,
    He offered no reply,
    He simply stared toward heaven’ s void
    As wispy clouds rolled by.

    May heathen burn, the godman prayed,
    They’re evil, stubborn men,
    And Lord, as why you sent them here?
    Well, that’s beyond my ken.

    Perhaps to try me, for a time,
    Before I’m laid to rest?
    Convert some souls to heaven’s song?
    Yes, likely that’s my test.

    But sure it is now’s not the time
    To use the Holy See
    As evidence, Your true intent,
    Thy Word’s inerrancy.

    Then godman turned toward skeptic, sad,
    This man, his nemesis,
    Would not accept such grand design,
    God’ s apotheosis.

    “We’ll meet again, my wayward friend,
    By then, perhaps, you’ll learn,
    That only through the Word of God,
    In hell’s fire, you won’t burn.”

    “I doubt it, sir,” the skeptic said,
    “For you’ve confirmed my choice,
    That words beyond the biblical
    Can speak with reasoned voice.

    “And, too, you see, I have no need
    To live in metaphor,
    I’d rather seek, expand my mind,
    Maintain an open door.

    “To blindly mimic premises
    Is not what God has deemed;
    It seems more likely He mandates
    That light, from dark, be gleaned,

    “And so, my friend, while I suggest
    That your beliefs you keep,
    Recall God sees us all as lambs,
    Though not, I think, as sheep.”

    Then skeptic turned and walked away,
    Face bent as if to smile,
    Safe Genesis was put to bed,
    If but for just awhile.


    • It is a grand day to see you on the interwebbing tubes, frugal!

      “And so, my friend, while I suggest
      That your beliefs you keep,
      Recall God sees us all as lambs,
      Though not, I think, as sheep.”

      A perfect quote!

  2. “binding groups together” means exclusion of the other.

    “supporting essential institutions” means whatever they deem essential for their exclusive group.

    “living in a sanctified and noble way”

    I dunno…I got nothin’. I’ve never seen an example of such a life lived by a so-called “conservative christian.”

  3. Sarah Palin ages like wine – that’s turned to vinegar.

    Sarah Palin ages like a fine Brie cheese – moldy and smelly, unpleasant to the sight and palate.

    Sarah Palin ages like a door on an abandoned mansion – screaching on its hinges due to rust and want of oil.

    your turn…

    • Here’s the link to that:

      Republicans Air Early Attack Ad on Newborn Clinton

      (The Borowitz Report) — A Republican Super PAC defended the broadcast, on Saturday morning, of an attack ad highly critical of Hillary Clinton’s newborn granddaughter, Charlotte, who was born on Friday.

      The ad raises several serious questions about the newborn, at one point accusing her of being “related to Benghazi.”

      In criticizing a one-day-old infant, the ad is believed to be the earliest political attack ad on record.

      “Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky is fair game,” a spokesman for the Americans Concerned About Charlotte Super PAC said. “We have to assume that she is the presumptive Democratic nominee in 2052.”

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