Sunday Roast: Until we could

Poem by Richard Blanco

I knew it then, in that room where we found for the first time our eyes, and everything— even the din and smoke of the city around us— disappeared, leaving us alone as if we stood the last two in the world left capable of love, or as if two mirrors face-to-face with no end to the light our eyes could bend into infinity.

I knew since I knew you—but we couldn’t…

I caught the sunlight pining through the shears, traveling millions of dark miles simply to graze your skin as I did that first dawn I studied you sleeping beside me: Yes, I counted your eyelashes, read your dreams like butterflies flitting underneath your eyelids, ready to flutter into the room. Yes, I praised you like a majestic creature my god forgot to create, till that morning of you suddenly tamed in my arms, first for me to see, name you mine. Yes to the rise and fall of your body breathing, your every exhale a breath I took in as my own wanting to keep even the air between us as one.

Yes to all of you. Yes I knew, but still we couldn’t…

I taught you how to dance Salsa by looking into my Caribbean eyes, you learned to speak in my tongue, while teaching me how to catch a snowflake in my palms and love the grey clouds of your grey hometown. Our years began collecting in glossy photos time-lining our lives across shelves and walls glancing back at us: Us embracing in some sunset, more captivated by each other than the sky brushed plum and rose. Us claiming some mountain that didn’t matter as much our climbing it, together. Us leaning against columns of ruins as ancient as our love was new, or leaning into our dreams at a table flickering candlelight in our full-mooned eyes.

I knew me as much as us, and yet we couldn’t….

Though I forgave your blue eyes turning green each time you lied, but kept believing you, though we learned to say good morning after long nights of silence in the same bed, though every door slam taught me to hold on by letting us go, and saying you’re right became as true as saying I’m right, till there was nothing a long walk couldn’t resolve: holding hands and hope under the street lights lustering like a string of pearls guiding us home, or a stroll along the beach with our dog, the sea washed out by our smiles, our laughter roaring louder than the waves, though we understood our love was the same as our parents, though we dared to tell them so, and they understood.

Though we knew, we couldn’t—no one could.

When the fiery kick lines and fires were set for us by our founding mother-fathers at Stonewall, we first spoke defiance. When we paraded glitter, leather, and rainbows made human, our word became pride down every city street, saying: Just let us be. But that wasn’t enough. Parades became rallies—bold words on signs and mouths until a man claimed freedom as another word for marriage and he said: Let us in, we said: love is love, proclaimed it into all eyes that would listen at every door that would open, until noes and maybes turned into yeses, town by town, city by city, state by state, understanding us and the woman who dared say enough until the gravel struck into law what we always knew:

Love is the right to say: I do and I do and I do…

and I do want us to see every tulip we’ve planted come up spring after spring, a hundred more years of dinners cooked over a shared glass of wine, and a thousand more movies in bed. I do until our eyes become voices speaking without speaking, until like a cloud meshed into a cloud, there’s no more you, me—our names useless. I do want you to be the last face I see—your breath my last breath,

I do, I do and will and will for those who still can’t vow it yet, but know love’s exact reason as much as they know how a sail keeps the wind without breaking, or how roots dig a way into the earth, or how the stars open their eyes to the night, or how a vine becomes one with the wall it loves, or how, when I hold you, you are rain in my hands.


If I’d loved like this, I wouldn’t have done my part in the destruction of the “sanctity of marriage.”  Although, I guess it’s okay to inflict all manner of destruction on the institution of marriage, as long as you’re in a marriage with someone of the opposite sex — which is really idiotic, if you think about it.

This is our daily open threadMarriage equality now!

52 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Until we could

  1. How can it EVER matter to ANYONE — the details of another’s love for his/her special other? Why are so many so prone to meddle or opine on matters which concern them NOT?

    Emily Dickinson defined love, and she did so with NO bias, no meddling, no hatred.

    Love — thou art high —
    I cannot climb thee —
    But, were it Two —
    Who know but we —
    Taking turns — at the Chimborazo —
    Ducal — at last — stand up by thee —

    Love — thou art deep —
    I cannot cross thee —
    But, were there Two
    Instead of One —
    Rower, and Yacht — some sovereign Summer —
    Who knows — but we’d reach the Sun?

    Love — thou art Veiled —
    A few — behold thee —
    Smile — and alter — and prattle — and die —
    Bliss — were an Oddity — without thee —
    Nicknamed by God —
    Eternity —

    • Well, apes have a hard time looking Jewish. 😆

      A while back, I was toying with a fundy Catholic on RS, and, because of my real life name, he decided I was a Jew, which unleashed a torrent of bigoted nonsense. I didn’t enlighten him, and let him go on. And on. 😛

  2. Danica Patrick Showing Improvement

    Last week at New Hampshire, Patrick ran as high as fifth late in the race before fading to finish 19th. It was still Patrick’s best career finish at New Hampshire and was her fourth consecutive top-20 result.

    She didn’t ‘fade’ to finish 19th. Her crew chief Tony Gibson kept her out on the track when others pitted for tires, on the last two cautions. Everybody that got tires just drove right by her. She was a sitting duck on both restarts. I didn’t make any reports because she was running so good, I was afraid I’d jinx her, then I was too mad at the end.

    Today Nascar races at Dover, the ‘Monster Mile’, and Danica has again exceeded expectations, qualifying 13th.

    • Poll from earlier this month.

      Even in Romney states, more want to keep Obamacare than repeal it

      The new Washington Post/ABC News poll finds that even in the states carried by Mitt Romney, there is slightly more support for keeping Obamacare than repealing it.

      No, this doesn’t mean the health law is a winner for Dems or that approval of it is rising. But it does suggest reasons for optimism about the law’s long-term prospects.

      The poll’s topline shows that a total of 57 percent of voters support Obamacare (43 percent) or don’t support it but want to let it go ahead and see how it works (just under 15 percent). Meanwhile, only 39 percent want to repeal the law. That’s 57-39 for keeping versus repealing the law.

    • Tell Rupert Murdoch that the only real solution to health care is to (a) get rid of all for-profit insurance companies (let them eat cake) and (b) set up a universal single payer system that treats EVERY potential patient appropriately and without question — at no charge.

      Pay for it with increased taxes on the wealthy and confiscation of offshore bank accounts, along with a 50% cut in military costs.

      • How The Post Saved Easter.

        And so I took the Post and made therefrom a Pinata and filled it with gaily coloured Easter Eggs.

        But, alas, my project was competed wtih the Winter’s Solstice, and thus sat my object d’arte, awating its fatal blows until the Spring.

        But blows they came, and grand blows the were, as children squealed with delight and anticipation with each whack!

        And anon and anon the fatal blow was struck, and out poured the hidden treasure, egg upon egg, coloured for this occasion. And I? I remember’d in that instant that I, in my haste, forgot to boil the eggs.

        Of course, being quick-witted, I blamed the stench upon the Post. And all agreed that the paper I had used must have fouled the eggs so. And that is how the Post saved Easter, for me, anyway.

  3. The nuts are running . . .

    Top Republican Presidential Candidate Says Anarchy May Force Cancellation Of 2016 Election

    Dr. Ben Carson, a popular Tea Party activist and Fox News contributor who says he will likely seek the Republican nomination for president in 2016, said on Sunday that he is seriously concerned that there will not be 2016 elections in the United States because the country could be in anarchy by that point. His reasons: the growing national debt, ISIS, and the U.S. Senate’s refusal to consider legislation passed by the GOP-controlled House of Representatives.

    • I don’t think this is a good thing.
      Here’s why.
      I wish more people wore signs advertising just how stupid they are.
      The morons in my state do a great job of giving fair warning that they are stuck in a time warp.
      An idiot in a jacked up pick up truck with a confederate flag bolted to the bed with an “America, love it or leave it” bumper sticker is like a neon sign that screams illiteracy and ignorance. You should run away from them like a house on fire.
      Secondly, you can’t legislate common sense, try as you might.
      There are just some folks that think backwards and you aren’t going to change them. They’ll just order the shit from some turd on the internet and have it shipped by the Postal Service.
      The opportunities of the world pass them by due to their narrow mindedness.
      It’s their loss, let them suffer it.
      Additionally, some clown is going to get sore over his right to free speech and freedom of expression.
      They’re expressing themselves, they’re idiots, thanks for the warning.

    • As much as I hate seeing the confederate flag — especially displayed by numbnuts in the PacNW, of all places — I don’t think he should have done this.

      Now, they’ll just feel all picked on and persecuted, and their sense of entitlement to their victim status will increase.

      Poor, poor white people. Where’s my tiny violin…?

          • Agreed about freedom of speech – I enjoy the idea of them having conniption fits while jumping through hoops…
            (this SCOTUS may just give that flag full ‘citizenship’)

        • Oh, thanks – SYFY isn’t part of ‘free’ digital, ME-TV is though so I’ll look forward to watching. (Alfred Hitchcock, Columbo, Twilight Zone and MASH are great to watch) I keep forgetting to turn on the TV when WKRP is on…that series cracked me up!

  4. Of course one of the comments:

    Sooooooo. I guess Jesus Christ had no impact in history? Who’s dream world is this? The United States wouldn’t even exist if not for Christ.

  5. They say that the next great war will be fought when the survivors of the last great war have passed on.
    I say the next ‘Alien’ sequel will be released, when the generation who last watched it at the theaters get too old to go to the theater to watch the new one, but it will be released as a video game instead. (Alien Isolation)

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