The Watering Hole, Tuesday September 30, 2014: Environmental News and Food Politics

Study calculates that water on Earth is actually older than our Sun!

The heathens who conduct science in this country strike another blow against the ‘earth is 8000 years old theory. It turns out that the water here on earth may be from interplanetary sources older than our sun (which itself is a bit older than 8000 years old).

Read on…

National monument expanding

Looks like Obama muffed another one. Large portions of Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument increased in size by a factor of six.

Obama’s fault.


Born free… again


I just knew that this study would come out of Oregon (OSU to be precise)

If Hops aid cognitive function in mice, maybe beer will do it in humans

Pass, pass pass that bottle of beer.

44 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday September 30, 2014: Environmental News and Food Politics

  1. Apparently Microstiff has screwed the pooch again.
    They have a new format on MSN (which I do occasionally scope out.)
    So I was reading an article about Kurdish troops attacking ISIL forces and decided to get an interactive map that I could see the geographic layout of the area…
    I typed into my Bhong search Middle East Map. Up came several site links, one of which was labeled, middle east map (amazingly enough). So when I click on it, it initially shows me a map of the middle east, which immediately morphs to a map of ….
    The Middle East
    The Middle East is a live music venue, bar and restaurant in the Central Square area of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Having featured a huge variety of musicians since 1987, the establishment, with its upstairs…

    I sense a swirling motion as the behemoth gets flushed down the loo.
    And, BTW, of all the user comments (which for some idiotic reason they are allowing on their front page), ALL are extremely negative…whoooda thunk?!

  2. I’m probably (prolly) the only one in our family who isn’t a beer drinker (although Adam’s favorite ‘potent potable’ was Scotch.) My grandfather used to give me sips of beer when I was little (Schaeffer, the ‘one beer to have when you’re having more than one!’), and of course I drank it as a teenager when that was about all one could afford/get and one had to be ‘cool.’ Once I started smoking pot (at age 13), I infinitely preferred that!

    • I seem to recall that the creation story in Genesis spoke of “darkness moved over the water” before there was even an Earth to have water on.

      All yoo scientificy peeple ar refooted

      (All the same, this might actually qualify as “irony.”)

    • Our nation should be up in revolt after the SCOTUS took away Ohio’s early voting…
      Good fortune to HK – may you find true democracy (instead of China choosing who you vote for)

  3. From DogWalkBlog:

    So the first Ebola case in the US happened on #RickPerry’s watch. In his state. By someone who didn’t crawl over the border. Got it..

  4. The U.S. war on christians…oh, wait no it isn’t

    Muslim Husain Abdullah flagged for praying in the end zone

    When Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah picked off Tom Brady and returned it for a touchdown, he said a quick prayer.

    But unlike Tim Tebow doing the same thing when he got to the end zone, Abdullah was flagged.

    • I had to check out the comments at ESPN and, according to the ignorant savages, the fact that the NFL said it was a mistake to throw the flag means that there really is a war on Christians. The comments mostly fall into two camps; those that attack Islam and, for some reason, those attacking atheists. Of course; there are a few outliers that want him to be deported, despite being an American citizen, along with all the rest of the “atheist Muslims”.

    • The NFL admitted today it was a mistake and he should not have been flagged. Abdullah thought the penalty was for sliding on his knees several yards before bowing to the ground.

    • I’m going to be quite ill…why, oh why do they allow the spewing/spouting of such garbage?
      It is quite obvious she is Not within the realm of reality.

    • Does the Creation Museum give any details on the origin of the creator, as in who or what created it? Maybe it was because of evolution — you know, man derived from apes and then created a god as a means of explaining (almost) everything.

      • Along those line…Hobby Lobby…

        SCOTUS Victory Helps Hobby Lobby CEO Build $800 Million Bible Museum

        …He was more than thrilled to discuss the groundbreaking of his “Bible Museum” which will be located roughly two blocks from the Capitol. He chose Washington DC because of the great number of visitors and he believes that D.C. needs more religion. Freedom of religion, to the Greene Family, means they have all the freedom to impose their religion on YOU AND ME…

        • I’m trying to figure why a Bible museum should cost more than a few bucks. I mean really, how much does a card table run these days? $800 million to hold substantive biblical relics when all there is is one black book? Most motels have got allathat in a corner of a small drawer.

          • They do have a collection of historic Bibles. I wonder if they can reconcile the differences in the many versions over the years.
            I just realized I’m talking to you! What a fast recovery!

            • If his religious convictions extended beyond the superficial he wouldn’t base his business on selling crap from China, the only country (that I know of) that enforces mandatory abortion.

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