Watering Hole: Thursday, October 2, 2014 – Your Brain and Sleep

Ah, sleep.  It’s something that most people will agree that they enjoy.  A good night’s sleep is so refreshing.

While we are sleeping, our brains are busy doing things such as:

  • Making creative connections,
  • Clearing out toxins,
  • Learning and remembering how to perform physical tasks,
  • Creating and consolidating memories,
  • And making decisions.

So when someone says, “Let me sleep on it”, then that it is a good thing.

Read more about this at HuffPo.

Here’s a picture of our Homer, sleeping.  I wonder if he has similar brain activity while sleeping.

Sleeping Homer

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45 thoughts on “Watering Hole: Thursday, October 2, 2014 – Your Brain and Sleep

  1. Homer looks quite comfortable – no doubt dreaming about food, especially treats, and his humans!

  2. (it would seem that god isn’t giving the family the answer they seek…
    I’m very interested in how the court will view bringing a declared death back to life)

    The family put this in ‘god’s hands’ and it is apparent god isn’t bringing her back to life.

    Jahi McMath’s family wants her declared ‘alive again’

    Nearly 10 months after doctors found that Oakland teenager Jahi McMath was brain dead, an attorney for her family has petitioned an Alameda County judge to have her declared “alive again.”

    … If a judge sides with the family, it could lead to Jahi being cared for at state taxpayers’ expense — though Dolan insists that’s not the reason for his filing Tuesday in Alameda County Superior Court.

    The filing sets up the next chapter in the drama over 13-year-old Jahi, who has reportedly spent the past several months being looked after at a Roman Catholic hospital in New Jersey, at private expense.

    • If she is declared “alive again” would she be the new Messiah? Or would the judge who declares her “alive again” be the new miracle-working Christ?

      • does she have to be stuck in a hole and a big fucking rock rolled in front of it, or does lying in a hospital bed in an intensive care unit suffice?

        and I think it’s a toss up between the judge and the neurologist who gets to be the Christ

      • I have some questions: Who has the jurisdictional authority to decide this? If the girl is in New Jersey and the family in California, who decides her fate? Was it a court who declared her “brain dead” or doctors? If it was a court, then shouldn’t the court where Jodi is now (NJ) make the determination of her brain state? If it was doctors, then what say do judges have in these medical determinations? I’m not clear on how the law works when declaring people dead or not.

        • ………legal and medical commentators largely agree that on one issue, the law is clear: Once doctors do a proper examination and find brain death, the person is legally dead.

          At that point, “a body is being maintained on a ventilator,” said David Magnus, a Stanford medical professor and director of the university’s Center for Biomedical Ethics. “This is not a patient on life support. This is a patient who has passed away.”

        • Doesn’t necessarily answer your questions – gives a bit more information.
          What was interesting: she isn’t in a hospital; NJ allows religion to usurp science.

          Jahi McMath: Attorney shows video he says proves Oakland girl moves feet, hands at mother’s commands

          …Jahi, according to Dolan, is living in a house in New Jersey with her mother, stepfather Marvin Winkfield and younger sister, along with caretakers who tend for her around the clock. The Garden State has a law allowing patients and their families the right to reject a medical diagnosis of brain death on religious grounds…

  3. Teapublican State Senator: ‘Being Christians In USA Is Like Being Jewish In Nazi Germany’

    a Texas State Senator made the awful comparison that Christians in America are treated the same as Jews in Nazi Germany. Charles Perry is a newly elected State Senator from Lubbock, Texas. He made this remarkably ignorant statement shortly after being sworn-in.

    “There were 10,000 people that were paraded into a medical office [at the concentration camp in Germany] under the guise of a physical. As they stood with their back against the wall, they were executed with a bullet through the throat. Before they left, 10,000 people met their fate that way.

    Is it not the same than when our government continues to perpetuate laws that lead citizens away from God? The only difference is that the fraud of the Germans was more immediate and whereas the fraud of today’s government will not be exposed until the final days and will have eternal-lasting effects.”

    Yup. ‘Zactly the same. Uh huh.

    • Interestingly, our area of southeastern New Mexico, at 3500 feet above sea level was once an ocean floor.

    • Makes me wonder why the founders never once mentioned either “God” or “belief” in the Constitution, and why they only used the word “religion” once and even then in a very negative fashion: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”.

      Scalia should educate himself a little on founder attitudes. Jefferson discounted the thesis that the Constitution is not open to interpretation when he said, “No society can make a perpetual Constitution . . . The earth belongs always to the living generation.” Jefferson also noted that “Religious institutions that use government power in support of themselves and force their views on persons of other faiths, or of no faith, undermine all our civil rights.”

      Scalia is full of shit. But then we already knew that.

        • I can’t decide whether he’s (a) stupid, (b) ignorant, or (c) an anti-constitutional theocratic liar who prefers Fascism to a people’s democratic republic.

          But if I had a dollar to bet, I’d put it on “c”.

    • Didn’t you request the morning wake up call?//

      Does Ms G get bothered by the sirens or thunder?

      • Wake up call? I just got off work at 2:30. The cable hasn’t even interrupted Rachel for an alert.

        She doesn’t seem to mind the siren. We actually haven’t had any thunder yet tonight.

        The wind is picking up just now, but I don’t expect any trouble. The storm line is breaking up and diminishing near me. Between here and Nashville could have gotten some rough stuff though.

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