The Watering Hole: Wednesday, October 8, 2014: Blood Moon

“I looked when He opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became like blood.” (Revelations 6:12.)

There is a total eclipse of the full moon on October 8, 2014. This is the Northern Hemisphere’s Hunter’s Moon – the name for the full moon after the Harvest Moon. It’s also a Blood Moon, and this eclipse is the second in a series of four so-called Blood Moon eclipses.

Ok, so is this the end of the world? Maybe.

For some, it will be a rare selenelion.

If you have nothing better to do in the wee hours of the morning, this site promises a live show.

And what may make this particular Blood Moon of interest to conservative christians is the fact that Uranus will be clearly visible, right next to the blood-red moon. Or is that TMI?



37 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Wednesday, October 8, 2014: Blood Moon

  1. And what may make this particular Blood Moon of interest to conservative christians is the fact that Uranus will be clearly visable . . .

    Hmmm. Glad I’m reading that and not just hearing someone (a preacher?) speaking it! I mean, I’ve always known that most C.C.’s are weird, but jeepers creepers! Gimmee another blanket! 🙂

  2. Cloudy… bummer…. got a glimpse at 5am when most of the shadow was gone… AndytheTurtle slept in my room so I could wake him up – but there was nothing to see 😦

    • Too bad the weather didn’t co-operate. I know it wouldn’t seem the same – there were websites streaming live!
      It is disappointing to have expectations unfulfilled – not being able to see the Blood Moon.

      • We get two more shots at it in the cycle – not sure when next ones are – and we saw the first one in the spring

  3. I’ve had to turn my tv off to get away from the picture of the ebola virus, and now the patient in Dallas has died. Doctor Mike Newcomb is subbing for Thom Hartmann, and all he and his sidekick can talk about is ebola.

  4. My normal demeanor is not to exude happiness (surprise!). I usually have somewhat of a scowl on my face. So when I went to my doctor appt. yesterday morning, 18 mos. since my last visit, the first thing the doc says to me as he walks into the exam room is, “How’re you doing?”

    I can’t bring myself to give the standard response of, “great” or “good” or any other positive reply. After a moment I say, “well, ISIS hasn’t overrun my neighborhood yet.” He smiles and laughs.

    Then I ask, “Dr., is making ebola jokes in a doctor’s office on par with making bomb jokes in an airport?” This gets a bigger laugh and he says, “Yeah, you’re good.”

    • Clearly a physician with a sense of humor – and a patient with,at times, a demented sense of humor.

  5. I had an interesting morning.

    I got sick to my stomach about 1:00 AM and was caught without any Pepto Bismal so I decided to walk over to the 24 hour store for Pepto, 7-Up, and some raspberry sherbet. I have found the combination effective in the past and I brought along a spoon so that I could have a little sherbet before heading home. That turned out to be a mistake.

    The sherbet didn’t sit well and I had to throw up again so I went off by the fence surrounding the golf course so no one would have to walk through a puddle of vomit. That was also a mistake.

    It just so happened that a cop was driving by and the next thing I knew I was in the beam of a spotlight and the cop was yelling “keep your hands where i can see them” and other cop stuff. Then he asked me why I tried to hide from him. I told him I wasn’t hiding but that I had to throw up and I didn’t even know he was a cop until he stopped. He wasn’t buying it.

    So? He asked me what I had in the bag and I told him but forgot to mention the effing spoon. The second he saw it he whipped out his cuffs and told me he was arresting me for possession of drug paraphernalia! He is also fond of yelling “shut the Hell up” when I was trying to explain the misunderstanding. Oh yeah. By this point I was puking blood.

    That’s when the second cop showed up. He came over and shined his flashlight in my eyes and asked me if I needed to sit down. The next thing I remember I was waking up on the ground and hearing cop #2 telling his colleague that he didn’t think a person could fake puking blood. That’s when I asked him if I had fainted or if cop #1 had knocked me out and he confirmed that i had fainted.

    Long story short. He took one look at the effing spoon and, being a lot smarter than cop #1, figured out that the effing spoon showed no hint of having been heated and that, in fact, there were several spoons full of sherbet missing from the container. That’s when he told cop #1 to take the cuffs off and get lost while we waited for an ambulance. Once cop #1 was gone cop #2 apologized and told me that cop # 1 “tries too hard to be a hard ass”. I told cop #2 that, unfortunately, he “succeeds too hard at being a dumb ass” and we shared a good laugh.

    After that; spending 5 hours freezing to death in the ER while they wouldn’t give me anything but IV saline or even bring me a cup of water so I could rinse the foul taste out of my mouth was an absolute pleasure. Since I hadn’t thrown up in 3 hours or so (I can always tell when an episode is over because the nausea disappears like throwing a switch,) I decided I had had enough, pulled the IV out, and called a cab. On top of everything else; I completely forgot to get Cop #1’s name so I could send a nice note to his superiors.

    So? I’m home. I got about 5 hours of sleep and I feel about 80% though I don’t think I’ll eat anything but crackers and ice cream for a while. And? I have to amend my copy of the Hitchhikers’ Guide to read… “Always carry a towel but leave the effing spoon at home!”

    • Good god, I’m glad you survived the experience, pete — the cops AND the stomach issue. 😯

      You should send the nice note anyway, and they can deduce who the dumbass cop is from there, and maybe send a nice note to the hospital admin about their “best health care in the world.” *spit*

      • Yeah. I’m composing that letter right now. I’m guessing that they are assigned patrol areas so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who the culprit is. I’m just glad that cop #2 showed up before cop #1 put me in his car. He probably would have shot me if I puked blood all over his back seat.

        I’m not too angry at the hospital. The guy just in front of me had a steak knife stuck in his arm, two car accident victims came in just after me, and there was a lady across the hall who was in labor so, since I was stable pretty much from the time I got there, I was a lower priority. I would have stuck around if they had allowed me to rinse my mouth.

        Of course; I doubt I would have needed to go to the ER at all if not for the panic of being arrested for walking home from the store with a effing spoon!

        • He probably would have charged you with “destruction of police property,” or some other bullshit charge. Cops like that need to be fired ASAP, in my opinion, but no one is asking me.

          People have been shot for less, sadly enough. Imagine if you’d had skittles and iced tea — and a spoon.

          I guess the hospital can be forgiven. I’ve had them not allow me to rinse my mouth, and it seriously pisses me off!

        • Damn, that is too harrowing – as Z pointed out – we’re glad you made it through the ordeals. And thank the stars a compassionate cop came along…otherwise you’d be in jail for having ingested raspberry sherbet and possession of an eating utensil.

      • Indeed. I have been thanking my lucky stars for that little accident of birth since the second cop #1 started yelling orders at me. On the other hand; if he had shot me or tossed me in a cell and let me puke to death I’m sure that FAUX”News” would have gone on a rampage of outrage over a white guy dying for having a effing spoon!

    • I’m all of a sudden thinking that my experience of three weeks ago might not have been all that bad after all! I mean, what’s a little stroke compared to having to fuck with a dumb ass cop! Plus, I didn’t barf either!

          • Let’s just agree to call it a push. I did notice that the TVs in the common rooms all seemed to be tuned to FAUX”News”.

            • I had a private room, so after a perusal of 80 or 90 channels I’d set the tv to the place where the visuals were various seascapes and the only audio was a constant stream of native American flute music. It didn’t make the bed any more comfy but unlike Faux, it soothed everything else.

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