Sunday Roast: Pastoral

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Photos by Zooey

I’ve posted enough photos of Sauvie Island, that you must have figured out I like the place.  🙂

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40 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Pastoral

  1. A PROMISE to California,
    Also to the great Pastoral Plains, and for Oregon:
    Sojourning east a while longer, soon I travel toward you, to remain,
    to teach robust American love;
    For I know very well that I and robust love belong among you, inland,
    and along the Western Sea;
    For These States tend inland, and toward the Western Sea–and I will
    – Walt Whitman

  2. My owl alarm clocks have returned.
    There’s two of them having a hoot outside my window.

  3. Greg Abbott: Texas gay marriage ban reduces out-of-wedlock births

    Attorney General Greg Abbott says Texas’ same-sex marriage ban should remain in place because legalizing it would do little or nothing to encourage heterosexual couples to get married and have children.

    Writing in a brief filed to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday, Abbott said the state was not obligated to prove why gay marriage might be detrimental to the economic or social well-being of Texans. It was only required to show how opposite-sex marriage would be more beneficial for its citizens.

    “The State is not required to show that recognizing same-sex marriage will undermine heterosexual marriage,” the brief read. “It is enough if one could rationally speculate that opposite-sex marriages will advance some state interest to a greater extent than same-sex marriages will.”

    I can’t wrap my brain around how, not only does this guy believe this, but voters in Texas will agree with him and vote for him to run their state. I hope the learned justices of the Fifth Circuit have more sense.

    • That may be the stupidest “premise” that I’ve ever either, seen, read, or imagined. Of course, I’ve never lived in either Texas or anywhere else in the deep South so I’ve missed out on most fear/hatred based actions by the very dumb.

  4. Fareed Zakaria had an almost totally Ebola-free hour, but as soon as his show was over Brian Stelter announced his hour would be ‘Breaking News’ about the Ebola crisis.

    I switched over to the second half of Face The Nation, and I got wall-to-wall Ebola. They are reporting that the US military has ‘boots on the ground’ in West Africa to fight the Ebola threat. I thought Obama promised we would only do air strikes.

  5. I’m having the hardest rain I’ve had all year, right now. I can barely see the back fence from the bedroom window.

  6. What do you call vomiting and flu-like symptoms by a passenger on a flight from NY to Los Angeles, and the passenger originated in Africa?

    EBO LA.

    • The gun-toting retards in Idaho are orgasmic over the prospect. If I had my way, the wolves would be advised that there are idiots about — twp-legger idiots assigned to live in the woods with no shoes, no clothes, no cell phones, and only their god to help them. Then tomorrow, no more idiots and no more hungry wolves.

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