46 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Friday October 17, 2014 – Music Night

  1. big bad voodoo daddy???!! I was just playing their stuff….. TommyTheturtle is so into Slapper Jazz he and I were at St Vincent De Pauls to get a big shoulder 2nd hand suit and a fedora for him when he plays in his jazz band….

    How’s this? Speakeasy Swing Band

    (I will not post the one I found with Dita Von Teese letting her hair down and her boobies dangle….. it was artistic, OK? – h/t Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – Save my Soul…… mercy!!)

  2. Ok Nonewhere – the ‘he/she got away songs” do they have to be mine or..?? I love the Bonnie Tyler by the way…..

    I might have enough to drink to make this interesting :-))

    My first ‘she got away song’ – (more like she screwed me, or perhaps not and that was the point). Lay awake one Friday in September 1980, listening to the replay of Whitesnake at Reading 1980 and Davy C spoke to me that night….(the link here is missing the last 8mins of the gig when they play Fool for your Lovin’ – shite if you ask me, but the Swedes who knows?) (Ebbster – this Reading gig is awesome – Whitesnake at their very, very best!)

  3. Caroline, Cindy, Liz and whats-her-face….. in college I played Smiths the night you blew me off and however many nights afterwards 🙂

  4. Some wonderful stuff tonight!

    I’ve had this song stuck in my head for a good chunk of the day, so I take that as a sign I must share it. (And it has nothing to do with the theme.)

    • The other one worked – it was a ‘play list’ and only the one video was not available. (Taj is great).

      Joni sings with passion!

  5. Sorry I vanished, got dinner home (take out chicken and chips) and then movie night ensued with kids: the Frighteners with Michael J Fox and then Big Kids got to watch Matrix on request.

    Not a she got away song, but a neat one Tanya linked to this week – I missed this performance by about 6 weeks when I came through St pancreas on the Eurostar. This is player from famous Kyev band.

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