Watering Hole: Thursday, October 30, 2014 – Dancing

I love dancing so I found this video to be fun to watch.  Besides, dancing is excellent exercise.  I present “Tap vs Irish Dance”.

This is our Open Thread.  Speak up and be happy.

70 thoughts on “Watering Hole: Thursday, October 30, 2014 – Dancing

  1. As we approach the night before All Saints Day…a little humor from our opposite side of the aisle..
    Five insane quotes from the Christian Right on the evils of Halloween
    best quote nomination goes to:
    “the best Christian response to Halloween might be to scorn the Devil and then pray for the Reformation of Christ’s church on earth.”
    So….Put up a sign on your door tomorrow night that you are actively scorning the devil, now get off my porch!
    h/t Raw Story

  2. Michael Bay is in negotiations to potentially direct “13 Hours” at Paramount, based on the book “Thirteen Hours: The Inside Account Of What Really Happened In Benghazi.”

    Really, is there any director more qualified to make a film about Benghazi than Michael Bay?

  3. They are utterly predictable. Not only has FAUX”News” neglected to give President Obama any credit for dropping gas prices but they have even gone so far as to opine that lower gas prices, wait for it…, “hurt the economy”. I am surprised at one thing though. I was expecting that the oil companies and the traders would get together and concoct a wave of refinery closures “for maintenance” so they could jack the prices up before the elections. Gee. Do you think that maybe they like the economy just the way it is?


    On a related note: The GOoPers really have painted themselves into a corner. If they could just stop bashing the president for one minute they could cite the improvements in the economy since the 2010 midterms and actually take some credit for said improvements and attract some undecided voters. Even if one doesn’t share their obsession with deficits when a Democrat is in the White House they have, in fact, succeeded in cutting the deficit. Alas. They are so committed to claiming that everything sucks, in hopes that the American people will never elect another Democrat much less one who isn’t an old white male, that they can’t even acknowledge their accomplishments.

    • They also refuse to even mention the big reason things aren’t even better than they currently are — the fact that the current Republican House and filibusterable Senate are, at this time, the most unproductive (read: useless and seditious) Congress in the history of the country. And said Republican obstruction is, of course (verifiable on Fox “News”), all the OBVIOUS fault of Obama and Harry Reid.

      And, of course, the gerrymandered electorate is unlikely to toss out the obstructionists and replace them with people who actually give a shit about the nation’s future and its ultimate fate, they’re likely to elect even more obstructionist dumbasses whose only goal is to change the course from progressive to Fascist.

      “There was a fever over the land. A fever of disgrace, of indignity, of hunger. We had a democracy, yes, but it was torn by elements within. There was, above all, fear. Fear of today, fear of tomorrow, fear of our neighbors, fear of ourselves. . . . ‘There are devils among us. Communists, Liberals, Jews, Gypsies! Once the devils will be destroyed, your miseries will be destroyed.’ It was the old, old story of the sacrificial lamb.”

      Shades of early 1930’s Germany.

      • Agreed.

        I just find it interesting that the GOoPers could actually point to some things that are positive, at least in their minds, but they can’t because they are duty bound to assert that everything sucks and it’s all Obama’s fault. They could improve their chances and their standing by claiming their tactics have done some good but their own party would destroy them if they dared to do so.

        I think that also might be the reason why this year’s crop of GOP political ads generally don’t even mention the GOP candidate. It seems like those I’ve seen, which are thankfully limited to the 3 hours a week I have the Vikings game on, simply consist of a list of lies about the Democratic candidates with no mention of where the GOoPer they are pimping stands on anything. They are counting on the rubes blindly pulling the lever for the candidate with an (R) after their name without encouraging voters to actually look at where they stand or even being familiar with their names.

        • There is minimal input by candidates anymore, it ALL comes courtesy of PACs, and for Republicans PAC is usually spelled KOCH.

          The Supreme Court is almost completely responsible for the demise of what once was a Democratic Republic. The Citizens United verdict coupled with their overturn of the Voting Rights regulation of several states have served to completely overturn the electoral process, and to orient it toward a particular politic rather than toward common sense negotiation and implementation. Couple all of that with the embedded undercurrent of racism amongst much of the white portion of the electorate, and voila, grab the popcorn and watch the national demise in action.

          Frankly, I’m almost convinced that the oligarchic/fascist movement is on the verge of their long-sought dynasty, i.e. 21st century feudalism. I do wonder how the common man will feel once he realizes that it doesn’t apply only to the lazy bums — you know, them black folks, Mexicans, Injuns, et al. — that ain’t “real Amurkans,” that it applies to everyone that isn’t definably in the one percent.

  4. OK have to relay this one … my son AndytheTurtle has grasped and can quote back several passages of King’s ‘I have a dream speech’ from his school lessons. Impressive yes?

    Exhibit A: So there’s an outbreak of nits again at his elementary school – its that time of year.

    Last week AtT’s shaggy mane was passed fit, this week…. er, not so good – he’s got a case of mechanical dandruff and they are working on a new dandruff civilization in there. The nurse calls the house and AtT is to be sent home to be deloused “come to the office and get him by morning recess.” was the call home.

    Anyhow as Her Indoors gets there, AtT has already decided to take his nurse’s note and walk home by himself. He makes his way up the stairs to the playground as the other kids are coming back in from the playground and she misses him.

    The parent monitor at the foot of the stairs replies on “Did you see a little blond boy go by here?” with:

    “Oh yes, he was yelling at the other kids and waving his nurse’s note as he ran by – ‘Yes! Thank you lice, thank you lice, I’m outahere, see ya suckers! Free at Last, Free at Last, thank God Almighty, I’m Free at Last!!'”

  5. I voted today. Yes, I voted for Amendment 2 to legalize the medical use of marijuana. 😯 There are 5 names on the ballot for Governor. I voted against Rick Scott!

    • fascinating – only one of those top 50 looks like a company that *makes* anything…. the rest are banks/insurance and Walmart…. there are some you look at and go – who, or what is that?

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