Sunday Roast: Brown Pelicans



Photos by Zooey

My oldest boy wanted to see Brown Pelicans, so we went to the Devil’s Punch Bowl and saw some damn pelicans.  Bam.

What did you do with your first Saturday in November?

This is our daily open thread — You know what to do.

36 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Brown Pelicans

  1. Yesterday I was up early, as usual, and proceeded to change all the clocks to standard time. When my sister woke up she took some medicine in her room before her shuffle to the bathroom. A while later, after she was dressed she sat, down and asked what the weather forecast was for the day. When I pulled up she looked at the computer screen, then the clock on the wall. She then asked if I had turned the clocks back already and proceeded to give me hell about it. It seems she was waiting for an hour to pass after having taken her medicine before she could eat anything. It had be over an hour since she had medicated and and she was starving!

    • Pachy, all she had to do was use the same clock for her medicine taking as her meal time.

      I have one clock I haven’t changed. My cell phone. It has to be shut off and turned back on to update the time.
      The computer, TV, and cable tuner all automatically changed themselves.

      Now I have to figure out how to adjust my body clock to working 6pm to 6am, if they ever get the Ingersoll to run right again. It’s been down since September 30th. I’ve been adjusting to 6pm to 2:30am, because I’m not running a machine authorized for overtime.

  2. Formula One is in Austin, Texas, and Nascar is in Fort Worth. Both start at the same time. Damn!

    This is as bad as trying to follow three college football games at the same time.

    • Danica qualified 27th, but had to start at the back, due to a transmission change after qualifying. She’s up to 33rd after ten laps
      Danica has a new crew chief. Tony Gibson moves to Kurt Busch’s car. Danica gets Daniel Knost, who started the year with Busch. Gibson has a community college degree in toll and die. Knost has a Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering.

      • She finished 36th, after hitting the wall 80 laps from the end. Couldn’t tell if the new crew chief was a help or a hindrance. There were several opportunities to take the ‘wave around’, and make up a lap, but for whatever reason, they didn’t risk it.

    • Danica had a tire go down, and she had to pit early, then got caught by a caution. She’s one lap down, restarted 40th, and she’s re-passing all the cars she passed earlier. Goal now is to be the first car one lap down by the next caution.

  3. Well, Jeff Gordon just called Brad Keselowski a dipshit on live TV. That’ll cost him somewhere between 5 and 10 grand.

      • Dale Jr. once used the word shit, when he just as easily could have said ‘stuff’. He wasn’t angry or anything, and his fine was five thousand.
        Gordon was livid. Keselowski ran into him, he said, and caused him a cut right rear tire, which put him out of contention. Gordon had been leading on the previous restart, but was battling Keselowski for third, when the contact was made. Actually, I thought Gordon came down on Keselowski, who was trying to pull between Gordon and Johnson, the leader. It looked like Gordon tried to close the gap to keep him behind and moved down too late.

    • Here’s video. Gordon’s transgression is at 4:00. At the beginning Gordon gets out of the car still wearing his helmet, and takes it off just after Keselowski, who is wearing the Lite beer suit. It’s actually Kevin Harvick, at 0:50, pushing Keselowski, from behind, that starts the melee.

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