The Watering Hole, Monday, November 3rd, 2014: Strange Laws

I’m too nervous about the elections tomorrow, so I’m going to avoid politics.

I found the following odd state/town laws here at

Alabama: Bear wrestling matches are outlawed.
Alaska: It’s legal to shoot bears in Alaska, but it’s not legal to wake a bear up for the purpose of taking its picture.
Arizona: Writing in toilet stalls is illegal ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO WORK IN MINES.
Arkansas: In Arkansas, pinball games are prohibited by the law from giving more than 25 free games to a high scorer.
California has a law that forbids a frog that dies in a frog race from being eaten.
Colorado: In Aspen, CO, snowball fights are illegal.
Connecticut: In Connecticut, a bushel of potatoes must, by law, weigh 150 pounds.
Delaware: It’s illegal to sell the (literal) hair of a dog.
Florida: For female hot dog stand workers in Broward County, it’s illegal to wear a g-string.
Georgia: In Georgia, moving a trout from one lake to another is prohibited by law.
Hawaii: In Hawaii, using imitation milk in a milkshake without warning is illegal.
Idaho: Idaho prohibits sale of eggs from another state without warning, and anyone who uses flour that’s not enriched with vitamins can face 30 days in jail.
Illinois: “Happy Hours” are prohibited.
Indiana: It’s illegal to sell cold beer in Indiana in a grocery store. If you want to get a chilled brew, you’ll have to make a trip to the liquor store.
Iowa: It’s illegal to surf while drunk in Iowa. This is actually a good policy, but it’s ridiculous in the landlocked state of Iowa.
Kansas: Apparently it’s possible to modify the weather in Kansas, but it’s illegal to do so without the proper permit.
Kentucky: All Kentucky lawyers must swear an oath to refrain from dueling.
Louisiana: In Louisiana, it’s against the law to insult players at a sporting event.
Maine: It’s illegal to place green crabs next to soft-shell crabs.
Maryland: It’s a crime in Maryland to possess more than 3 turtles at one time.
Massachusetts: Gift certificates are required to be valid for at least 7 years.
Michigan: It’s illegal to use foul language in front of a woman.
Minnesota: It’s illegal to go hunting with a ferret.
Mississippi: It’s illegal to take an animal that’s been hit by a railroad car.
Missouri: It’s illegal to pretend to be blind to make money.
Montana: It’s against the law for a water sprinkler to get a passerby wet.
Nebraska: In the city of Ogallala, it’s illegal to disturb public dirt.
Nevada: Nevada has respect for the dead. In the state, it’s prohibited to use bad language in front of a dead person.
New Hampshire: Prohibits seaweed harvesting at night.
New Jersey: In Haddon Township, flirting with somebody against their will is punishable by law.
New Mexico: It’s illegal to get on a ski lift while drunk.
New York: It’s illegal to walk in public with an ice cream cone in your pocket on Sundays.
North Carolina: It’s illegal to serve food to pigs that hasn’t been thoroughly cooked.
North Dakota: Kangaroo boxing is a crime.
Ohio: It’s illegal to disrobe in front of a man’s portrait.
Oklahoma: It’s illegal to break INTO a prison.
Oregon: It’s against the law to own more than 2 undeployed airbags.
Pennsylvania: A Pennsylvania fortune-teller cannot charge money to try to shorten someone’s life.
Rhode Island: Wrapping fresh fish in a newspaper is against the law.
South Carolina: Fishing with dynamite is illegal.
South Dakota: Shooting an animal from an airplane is against the law.
Tennessee: Roller skaters must proceed in a single file line to be in accordance with the state law.
Texas: Taking more than 3 sips of beer at a time while standing is illegal.
Utah: The state has banned the “look, no hands” trick by law, stating that bicyclists must keep one hand on the handlebar at all times.
Vermont: In the city of Middlebury, having more than one person on a skateboard at a time is illegal.
Virginia: It’s illegal to release more than 50 balloons per hour.
Washington: In Bremerton, it’s illegal to throw garbage into anyone else’s trash can.
West Virginia: An unmarried couple living together in the state can be sent to jail.
Wisconsin: On highways in Wisconsin, livestock always has the right of way.
Wyoming: Opening a gate and not closing it is against the law.

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52 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, November 3rd, 2014: Strange Laws

  1. Been saving this ever since I found it. Frugal’s got Emily Dickinson, and I’ve got Carole King.
    Happy Birthday Zooey!

  2. ‘Car Talk’ co-host Tom Magliozzi dead at age 77

    Tom Magliozzi, one half of the dynamic, wise-cracking duo that hosted NPR’s “Car Talk” for nearly 35 years, died Monday morning from complications of Alzheimer’s disease, according to NPR and a statement posted on the show’s website. He was 77.

    “We can be happy that he lived the life he wanted to live; goofing off a lot, talking to you guys every week, and primarily, laughing his ass off,” Ray Magliozzi, his brother and co-host said in a statement…….

  3. Fucking Alzheimer’s. I used to read their column and loved it.

    We visited my Mom and Dad on our way to New York two weeks ago. My Mom has had fucking alzheimer’s for 5 years (maybe longer) and she seemed the same as she was in July. Got home from holidays yesterday and get a call from my brother – Mom went ballistic on Friday telling my Dad to get the hell out. She couldn’t recognize him. 30 min later and talking with my brother she came back to reality. They went to the hospitial and Mom has a urinary tract infection. Guess what? With infections fucking alzheimer’s can get worse – and it did. Twice yesterday she freaked out again. I tried to calm her – with no luck – couldn’t believe what she was saying but I know it is not MOM saying those things, it’s fucking alzheimer’s. My niece, a nurse, managed to calm her down and dad was able to get her to the hospital. She will be there for 4 days having tests. I am afraid that my Dad can no longer look after her and all of us are so far away. Fucking Alzheimer’s.

    RIP Tom Magliozzi.

      • Dycker, heads up.
        A UTI combined with Alzheimer’s can turn into sepsis overnight.
        Depending on the doctor and his experience this can go overlooked or misdiagnosed and things get worse rapidly.

        • Thanks Vinylspear. My niece is all over that like stink on a skunk. She made sure the doctor was fully aware of that possibility.

    • I have a friend who just lost her dad in a motorbike accident suddenly in Ecuador and her mum is slipping fast to AD …. I should probably email her just because.

      I actually met a descendant of the Dr Alzheimer in Alaska a few years ago through my work…. poor guy… name implies such a lot of suffering….

      And now in my email box, one of my teammates on my soccer team… ALS 😦

      Fuck! Anyone who says god does this to ‘show his grace’ needs a fucking cockpunch (Terry no use *** tonight – Terry pisse doff at world)

    • While clamming in the river up to my waist in water like hot chocolate, a bulging wave under the surface is heading in my direction.
      My mind starts thinking, holy shit, there’s bull sharks in this estuary and I am now part of the food chain.
      A few feet in front of me a manatee sticks its head up, pauses, gulps down some air and submerges.
      One of those National Geographic moments that no one would believe without witnesses.
      Later during the clamming expedition the river dolphins decided to play the same game.
      I see manatees and dolphins in the surf often but never that close.

  4. A presidential photo-bombing in Arkansas, captured by a Redditor via a phone. Money quote: “She didn’t want to be there. It was really cold outside for what we’re used to and this was after the event.”

    • That is outstanding! The ash engulfing, what looks like, clouds…never observed that before!
      Appreciate your posting this, Wayne.

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