The Watering Hole, Tuesday November 4, 2014 Election Day ‘Trap Game’?

Away from environment or food politics to real politics. Republicans have been making an all out assault on Senators holding seats in Red States. Smart strategy, but the assumption that they will hold the house may still be up in the air. In football, there are games known as ‘trap games’, meaning a team favored to win over a weaker opponent overlooks that opponent because they have their focus on the following week, where the game may be more closely matched. So, are the Republicans making a serious mistake on house races that they are overlooking? Could be a crazy election. Nate Silver’s take:

A Republican bump. but not a wave.



Here’s what a Presidential Veto Pen looks like. It will be used a lot in the next two years.


79 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday November 4, 2014 Election Day ‘Trap Game’?

  1. Last week I had cardio imaging and stress test. During the procedure the Nurse Practitioner and Techs were discussing state and local ballots. The NP kept stating he’s for no more taxes, no matter what (and that was how he’ll vote). I reminded him that taxes built the (county) hospital and thus his paycheck is backed by taxes/taxpayers…

    • That’s a nutshell of what baffles me most about today’s voters. A majority of them are apparently totally willing to vote against their own interests and in favor of the interests of our oligarchs simply because they think they see truth and prosperity in a bundle of lies, packaged to serve only the interests of the rich and powerful. I’m afraid this American experiment in democracy is about over because the people have decided it’s no good, that it only favors the bums. Better it only favors the rich because that way, when I’m rich . . . . ummm . . . .

      • The majority of the population is not politically engaged in what really makes the wheels turn.
        The entire extent of their political research is a sound bite on teevee during a break from their regularly scheduled viewing of Honey Boo Boo or some idiot making moonshine.

        • Far too many people actually vote based on TV ads but I heard an interesting take on this phenomenon. I was listening to the post game show on local radio and one of the hosts signed off to the commercial break by saying “we’ll be back after this block of attack ads”. The other announcer chimed in and said that he only listens to hear who sponsored said ads and then “votes for the other guy”. Considering that anti- Democrat ads are the vast majority here in Minnesota; it’s not really a bad suggestion for someone who doesn’t actually follow politics.

          BTW. The ones that make me turn the TV off are the ones from national PACs that don’t even mention the candidate that they are supporting. They are invariably full of straw man arguments and outright lies.

  2. “Here’s what a Presidential Veto Pen looks like. It will be used a lot in the next two years.”

    And then the Republicans will accuse him of obstructionism. Irony surrenders.

  3. And so, another mid-term erection day.
    Make sure you do your duty.
    I know, sometimes it’s hard, but sacrifice is what this nation’s libido was built on.
    This is a BIG deal, the size of the turnout matters.
    Hopefully, we’ll perform and have a climactic evening.

    • We voted two weeks ago by mail. According to Fox Noise, Colorado’s vote by mail setup is pretty much designed by Dems to steal the election from Repubs. If that’s really the case, I only hope it works. Any port in a storm.

  4. Joel Silver:

    ” Even if Republicans win, the outcome may not be determined quickly. David Perdue, their candidate in Georgia, has gained in the polls — but the model still has the race going to a runoff about half the time. Louisiana will almost certainly require a runoff. Alaska’s vote may take days or weeks to count, as it has in the past. The FiveThirtyEight model — even with its optimistic forecast for Republicans overall — estimates there’s just a one in three chance that the election will be called for them on Tuesday night or early in the day on Wednesday. For Democrats, meanwhile, there’s almost no chance to win without going to “overtime;” the party will hope to extend the race for as long as possible.

    There are two Republican wins, however, that could end the race quickly. Pay attention to races in North Carolina and New Hampshire. Both states have early poll-closing times (7:30 EST for North Carolina and 8:00 EST for New Hampshire) and a Republican win in either state would require Democrats to run the table in almost every other competitive race. But Republican wins would simultaneously indicate that the polls might be biased toward Democrats rather than against them, making a Democratic sweep the rest of the night very unlikely.”

  5. If the Republicans do win the Senate, not much will change for the next two years even if the House flips.
    Since the House currently passes almost no legislation, budget or otherwise, and the Chinless Mitch controlled Senate is still obsessed with making sure Obama doesn’t get re-elected…(WTF), it will be gridlock as usual.
    Perhaps the nation will wake up and see that Republicans have no interest in compromising, it’s there way or no way.
    And their way involves making sure the Oligarchy stays firmly entrenched, period.

    • The Republicans have no interest in governing. If the Senate goes Republican, nothing will change. I’ll never understand why people vote against their own best interests.

  6. Jodi Ernst is as dumb as a rock. She said “we just need patient-centered healthcare, something that addresses pre-existing conditions” as her rationale for repealing the ACA.

    What. A. Stupid. Twit.

  7. I think I am finally starting to get well again, just in time to see my district likely elect a true whackjob to replace Eric Cantor. The man sells himself as an economist because he teaches the subject at a small liberal arts college. The professorship was endowed by BB&T bank because the CEO wanted to promote the ideas of Ayn Rand and the moral foundations of capitalism. The professor himself seems to favor 16th century Geneva as a model society. It’s awful to find yourself looking at your fellow citizens and realize that the hope that they are simply ignorant Obama Derangement Syndrome sufferers is preferable to believing that they both comprehend and support the drivel and shallow moralism embodied by their candidate.

  8. For what it’s worth, I voted. It’s a good thing I did, because my driver’s license was expired. They still let me vote. As I was leaving, I had to put my ballot in one of two optical scanner machines. I asked the worker which one was the shredder. He looked surprised.
    After I got the license renewed, I scored Fried Rice and Sesame Chicken for breakfast!

    It’s too pretty a day to have Republicans win.

    • Me too. I can’t help but feel bad about voting a straight ticket so I had to cheer myself up. So? I bought a new hoodie, a new pair of winter gloves, a new pair of Sharpies (Because my old ones will make a 1/2″ line and then i have to put the cap back on and wait 20 minutes before I can make another 1/2″ line.), and a bottle of peppermint schnapps. At 53 degrees it’s a bit warm for optimum schnapps weather but I’ll force myself.

  9. It’s days like this, that make me want to *not* want to be a citizen of this land….. a whole host of reasons….

    If you want to leave the election behind for a 30min or so…. here’s a BBC Panorama documentary about ‘Putin’s Gamble’ ….. it has some disturbing footage that I first saw when Tanya forwarded to me of the murder in the Maidan on Feb 20th … and takes us mostly up to date. There’s footage of the Buk launcher that shot down MH17 and of Russian army units inside Ukraine. But, if you follow RT, then this is all just a fabrication….. Still the conclusion of Kremlin insiders and outsiders who crossed Putin in the past…. the future is chilling as long as Putin is appeased. “The lamps are going out all over Europe” was Edward Grey, British Foreign Secretary at the outbreak of WW1 in 1914…. this documentary closes with someone repeating that analysis.

    I bring this up because in practical terms, the USA is, and has been for nearly a decade now, at this point ungovernable – that is all this mid-term election is going to demonstrate.

  10. As House ‘says’: the dominoes fall…

    Kansas ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional, federal judge rules.

  11. I need a little insight here. Every so often I refer to a vile rightwhiner, whether male or female, as “a word that rhymes with runt”. I use the allusion to the worst word in the English language to convey my contempt but I don’t actually use that word that rhymes with “runt”. Well? Over the last few days I have been wrongly accused of misogyny for alluding to that word. Here’s my question.

    Should I stop trying to be clever and say ” the word that rhymes with runt” or just trust the web filters and call the people I hold in dire contempt “shit-stains”?

    • The word the rhymes is considered aimed at only the female gender, that could be the reason you’ve been, incorrectly, labeled a misogynist.
      “shit-stain” is gender neutral and a good substitute for using ‘rhymes with runt’.

      • Thanks Ebb. I think that I will just continue using my little attempt at humor when i really, really, want o express my contempt; in a completely gender neutral way.

    • So…. what do we call someone who uses the word ‘d**k’ or ‘pr**k’?

      I am used to thinking about the ‘runt’ word as mostly equivalent to ‘a-hole’ in vitriol, but I have also been told that here, the ‘runt’ word has almost as much potency to offend as ‘ni**er’ if not more in some circumstances…. so I tend to shy away and use it much less than say Ricky Gervais for example: – or I ** it out….

      And then people say f*rt and p*ss and stuff like that in normal speech here, and where I come from that is not on at all – would give my granny the vapours it would…..

      …. it’s all a bunch of bollocks frankly….

      • I tend to agree. I wanted to call one of my band projects “Bloody Awful”. I just think it would be funny to finish a set with; “Thank you, ladies and gentleman, we’re Bloody Awful”. But? I guess that there might be some little old lady in Doncaster who might find it offensive so we went with “Blind Eye Surgeons”.

        • Well if I know my little old ladies from Doncaster, if you were that bloody awful…. you wouldn’t have to wait until the end for them to tell you!!

          • My great aunt was an old lady from Doncaster and I don’t recall ever meeting a person so lacking in a sense of humor. I don’t think she ever smiled much less laughed. It’s possible that she keeled over dead because she saw the episode of Black Adder that revolved around the “Earl of Doncaster” being gay.

        • O.K. I just have to do it and hope that the wonderful ladies of The Zoo will understand my point in relaying this story.

          Many years ago, when VCRs were an exciting new invention, a group of us were watching some godawful slasher flick. The heroine managed to knock the axe out of the slasher’s hand with a frying pan, dropped said frying pan, and ran into the night without picking up the axe. My friend Matt said “there’s a dumb ‘C-word’ move”. One of the young ladies present jumped up in Matt’s face and said; “that was a very poor choice of words”. Matt, without missing a beat, said: “You’re right. When you say ‘C-word’ the dumb is implied”. Five of us laughed until we cried and she stormed out never to be seen again.

          Even though there were only six of us there I think about 40 people now laugh till we cry when reliving the experience.

  12. “This is probably the worst possible group of states for Democrats since Dwight Eisenhower” — President Obama

    Obama’s lost more House seats than any president since Eisenhower, which is appropriate since Obama’s also the best Republican president since Ike.

  13. AND personhood goes down for the 3rd time in CO. Good riddance. #VoteNo67 Great work everyone.

  14. This is so depressing. I cannot comprehend how anyone could observe the behavior of congressional republicans over the last four years and think “I want some more of that!”

    • Hang in there, OIMF. Things are almost never as good as we hope but they are also almost never as bad as we fear. Bloody Bill Krystal(nacht), of all people, offered some hope when he asserted that having the GOoPers actually have to govern for two years can only hurt them in 2016. Two years is a long time to hold my breath but I’m not going to jump in front of a bus.

      • The Repugnants won’t/don’t care and thus won’t have to govern since it appears they’ll have both houses (sigh and spit).
        Or they’ll introduce inappropriate/meaningless legislation.

        • With the patients now running the (insane) asylum do we worry about them repealing Health/Obama Care? (that is a serious question)

          • The President would veto any such attempt, and they do not have the votes to override the veto.

            I’m not concerned about them repealing Obamacare, but I think we should brace ourselves for all manner of political fuckery, starting in the new year.

            • Thanks.
              oh the children will play their little games, that’s for certain. Every bill must be gone over with a fine-tooth comb. No doubt the anti-women Cong. and Senate will be all up in ‘lady business’!

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