Watering Hole: November 6, 2014 – Old vs New

Tuesday was a sad day for our nation.  President Obama’s voters deserted him.  This feels like a repeat of 1998. Democrats need to learn to show up at all elections.

I am getting too old to continue to fight to save our nation.  This election was about the future for the Gen X’s, Gen Y’s, and Millennials.  There will probably still be enough food and clean water to drink until I get planted in the ground.  I’m not sure that I can say the same for my children and grandchildren.

So, will the rich keep getting richer?  Will we be returning to the feudal system?  Is this the end of democracy?  Sadly, America now has the worst government that money can buy.  The “kooks” will be running the nation financed by the greedy likes of the Koch brothers.

Just a word to the younger generation, if Social Security is dismantled, your parents and/or grandparents will be moving in with you.  You will be straddled with student loan debt because the Republicans use your money to finance their wars and war machinery.   You will have the country that your apathy and lack of voting will provide.  I wish you luck with that.  As I said, I am old and for me, “everyday above ground is a good day”.

This is our Open Thread.  I’m sure there will be plenty to Speak Up about.

NB:  I cried when Reagan got elected and I came close to crying on Tuesday night.


46 thoughts on “Watering Hole: November 6, 2014 – Old vs New

  1. Saw this on my phone at work.

    The Top Reason Religious Conservatives Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

    But this isn’t the whole story. There are many things that people find morally objectionable that do not want to outlaw. What is it that makes people link their religious beliefs to this public policy?

    I found an answer to this question last weekend while I was on a panel at the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion. Andrew Whitehead, a sociologist at Clemson University, and Samuel Perry of the University of Chicago presented new research on what really drives opposition to same-sex marriage in the United States.

    Whitehead and Perry find that the key is a person’s embrace of Christian nationalism. This is the notion that God has chosen the U.S. and that the nation must follow God’s commands to flourish. People who embrace this view are much more likely to oppose same-sex marriage. Those who don’t believe in it are more open to supporting same-sex marriage.

    These are people that not only want to be holier-than-thou, they want to be able to combine it with being more-patriotic-than-thou too. ‘If you don’t go along with us, you aren’t real Americans’. It is similar to Falwell and Robertson claiming God sent Katrina to destroy New Orleans because it’s gay.

    • Clearly the holy and patriotic thing to do is to care for each other. There are far more exhortations to love, feed, heal, and encourage our brothers in the Bible than there are prohibitions on sexuality. The asshat nationalists never seem to mention that.

    • They’re also a demonstration of what results when a ‘governing’ thesis is based completely on a vicious but NON-EXISTENT entity. When such is the case, all real truth is discarded, knowledge is ignored, wisdom ceases to exist, and the sole consequence is pre-destined: mass failure.

      Note that humans are the only species on the planet that suffer from such a ridiculous mantra; note also that the entire planetary biosphere is at severe risk due to the consequences of said ridiculous mantra’s global imposition.

      And as of yesterday, this country moved one electoral step closer to that beckoning abyss of self-destruction, of predictable mass failure when nothing becomes everything, That’s what has happened all thru human history whenever the blind and the mentally dead have been granted command of a nation’s fate.

      • I was thinking that the USA became a bit more like Afghanistan on Tuesday night – guns included.

  2. “President Obama’s voters deserted him.”

    I don’t know about that. Democratic candidates across the country distanced themeselves from President Obama. As a result, his voters stayed home.

    • That was a mistake on the part of those Democrats. Republicans attacked Obama while campaigning and the Democrats let the Republicans define the issues… Obama. Democrats should have been talking about how Republicans blocked: raising the minimum wage, equal pay for women, and reducing student loan debt. They should have reminded votes that the Republicans shutdown the government and are threatening to do it again. They were mum on these issues. Grimes popularity went down the tubes after she refused to disclose who she voted for not that she legally had to do that but she sat their staring at the camera. She should have said something.

      • I think they should also have embraced Obamacare. Yeah, it’s not perfect, but a few references to those with pre-existing conditions and students under 26 who would lose their coverage if R’s were to repeal it would have helped.

  3. I catch a few snippets of why the people stayed away or voted like they did…

    “Party of heartless v party of spineless” – they don’t fight for me so fook them all

    “Economic recovery – hasn’t happened for me” – any thoughts as to who might be responsible for that?

    “Washington doesn’t work” – lame NPR analysis which plays the ‘both sides’ game.

    With the gerrymander in districts all across the country, the lower house will be Republican for the rest of our lives… the Senate will probably oscillate for a few more cycles at least, but without the House, nothing of substance will pass in a progressive sense.

    • This is why real change must start on the local level. The Republicans started 30 years ago with getting their candidates elected to school boards. Yeah, you heard me, school boards. Look where they are now. They also took advantage of the racism of the Dixiecrats during and right after the civil rights movement. I keep telling the Green Party members that I know that this where they need to start.

      • Wasn’t it Nixon who first engineered the Dixiecrat = Republican in the deep South? And wasn’t it Nixon who cajoled the fundie Christers that their best bet was the GOP? And then, following Nixon’s resignation, Ford’s interim malaise, and a momentary switch to Carter Democrats, on came Reagan who successfully milked Nixon’s fundie/South cow and in effect came up with a new hate- and fear-based electoral majority? The American Fascist Party finally a speedy downhill reality.

      • Yup Cats that’s where it is… their demographic is fading and they knew it years ago, but you see the fruits of their tinkering and relentless electioneering from the school boards on up.

    • The common thread is “me.”

      People no longer know what it means to work together for the common good. We have been at war for over a decade, and have never been asked to personally sacrifice anything — except our children for cannon fodder.

      The US is no longer about “We the People,” it’s all about what we can get for ourselves. And if we do manage to make a successful life for ourselves, there is no helping hand for the next generation — merely hands pulling up the ladder.

  4. I was too morose to even post yesterday.
    This election cycle, with many key Democrats retiring and the Koch Machine working overtime to saturate the airwaves with negative crap worked in the Republicans favor.
    That said, the next cycle in 2016 has way way more Republicans up for re-election than Democrats, plus a presidential election.
    My first gut feeling was to say F**k it all, but I too have kids at home and still want to fight for their future. I would suggest that President, (yes he’s still the Pres) take the approach that he’ll reasonably compromise to move the nation forward. To this, the Republicans will, of course, demand that he give them everything while they give nothing.
    Defunding Health Care reform will be first, then dismantling of all vestiges of FDR’s New Deal, including Social Security. If he stands firm on these, my fervent hope is that the American public will see this through the smoke screen of Faux Lies and the Koch Cash Avalanche and figure out that Republicans are only interested in the 1%.
    Maybe I hope for too much, but I can’t just give up.

    • The boy Bush thought that he had a mandate to privatized (dismantle) Social Security. This brought a Democratic sweep in 2006. I hope that they try this scam again because it will blow up in their faces. BUT, Democrats MUST remind the voters of who is trying to FUCK them and who has ideas that will HELP them. They let the Republicans define their campaign. Fools.

  5. 34 percent of union households voted for Scott Walker. 34 percent. Sheeple.

    So now he’s getting the presidential treatment again. He just doesn’t seem presidential. He looks like a product of a college debating club, not to mention his penchant for that Mortimer Snerd, googly eye look.

  6. A comment on facebook:

    I don’t feel sorry for you, oh country of mine. You’re about to get what you deserve and I’m not going to listen to the whining for a hot second. They broke it, they bought it. It’s not my fault or the fault of the Democrats. When the GOP finishes what it started, there will be no more blaming President Blackenstein or poor people or minorities or anyone that isn’t white, rich, Christian and straight. You handed the keys over to the drunks who’ve wrecked it every single time they got their hands on it. And now… now it’s all theirs. And we’re not taking the blame for all the dents in it. Sure, they’ll bring it back totaled and say it was a bad deal when they took it, but I’ll have none of that. The GOP unleashed the rabid Bagger dogs on us. They unleashed the rabid Christians dogs on us. They unleashed austerity dogs on us and now, their wet dream is about to come true – except those rabid dogs are still rabid. Rabid dogs don’t care who they bite. Rabid dogs won’t be controlled.
    Get the popcorn kiddos. The horror flick is about to begin. How shall I describe it? Atlas Shrugged meets Cujo. ~ Carol Baker

  7. I’m not exactly sure as to why it is, but when I visualize today’s Republican hierarchy and what it stands for, and then I try to add a ‘face’ of what they see/hope to be their archetypal leader in their dreams . . . why do I catch myself looking at Vladamir Putin?

    Is he a really a teabagger by any chance? His politics fill the bill, far as I can tell.

    • Speaking as chief Russia and Ukraine correspondent at the Zoo…. the answer is yes.

      When you do a quick search of who and what has been said about the Czar of All the Russias you will find that almost to a person – they are either (1) members of a European far-right nationalist party, like Marine le Pen or Nigel Farage (2) a Teabagger (3) Rudy “9-11” Giuliani

      To his credit, John McCain significantly different with the gushing coming form his VP pick on the Putin subject – clearly not moved at all by tiger shooting and naked manboobs.

      • Yep. I’ve been struggling with trying to figure out what Putin really is, politically speakeng, and I came up with Fascist — which should make him eligible for membership in the Republican Party hierarchy. I wonder if he knows that?

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