Sunday Roast: Play some music, Zoosters!

I haven’t seen all y’all post much music lately, so I’m giving you a chance to pick up the slack today.  😉

This is our daily open thread — Don’t be throwing stuff at me!

59 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Play some music, Zoosters!

    • The problem with seeing a rainbow in a tornado is usually, that means it’s heading at you. The sun’s low in the West, you’re East of the rain, and tornadoes generally track West to East.

  1. ‘Doctor Who’ Peter Capaldi sends heartwarming message to grieving fan

    The past few weeks have been hard for 9-year-old Thomas Goodall, who lost his grandmother in early October.

    It was the first major loss of a loved one for the boy with autism from North Baddesley, England, who relies on a consistent routine to avoid meltdowns, his father, Ross Goodall, said

    Things finally began to take a turn for better on Monday, when Thomas received a comforting video message from actor Peter Capaldi, who plays Thomas’ favorite TV character on “Doctor Who.”

    For the first time since his grandmother’s death, Thomas smiled.

  2. The GOP’s poisonous double-speak: Thomas Frank on how Republicans hijacked the midterms

    That’s what happened, but why? How? I think the answer is plainly obvious: far too many voters are far too — I’ll say it — STUPID! to even begin to understand how it is that a vote for any candidate owned by the 1% (read: Republican) is nothing other than a vote AGAINST the middle class. I puzzle how it is that a country that once led the world in intellectual and creative thought has, in far less than fifty years, become the mental equivalent of a third world banana republic. What really angers me is that I’ve been forced by circumstance to watch it happen, and no matter what I’ve said or how loudly I’ve said it, nothing has changed. We’ve gone from a a society whose goal was to explore, to seek truth based on accumulated knowledge, to a society where the only things that count are accumulation of money and the power it can purchase.

    I no longer see or sense any shred of probability that our remaining option — our now manifest destiny — is anything other than collapse into the cesspool of human failure.

    • Little Johnny can’t perform basic scholastic functions because our teachers have been shackled and hobbled.
      Little Johnny gets a cheap plastic trophy to avoid low self esteem.
      Here’s your trophy, move along.
      Ralph Wiggums is real.

      • Education began it’s rapid downhill slide right after Reagan took the Oval Office. Everything from K thru College got bombed, and today the electorate regularly demonstrates how brilliant Reagan was, esp. if his principle duty as president was to irreversibly fuck things up in order to make it safe (and easy) for oligarchs to take over national management. Yay Ronnie. Asshole.

    • Weird. A decade or more ago, I always thought that Paul Craig Roberts essays were reality-based, made some sense. It appears that these days he’s jumped onto the Obama’s-conspiracy-uber-alles bandwagon.

      I suppose I should be thankful that I wasn’t the first black American President. Still, watching the abject hatred of said event evolve to become the sewer it is today has been educational, even though it tells me more than I’ve ever really wanted to know about the Amurkan psyche.

  3. I saw my queen in the hive while doing a routine check.
    Normally she’s elusive and a lot of time gets wasted looking for her so I don’t look for her.
    Typically, you look for brood and the signs associated with a hive being queen right.
    I was lucky enough to see the queen.
    So, here’s some Queen.

  4. From ‘Fareed’s Take’ on Fareed Zakaria, GPS (refers to Obama switching to foreign policy issues after the new Congress convenes):

    The most ambitious element of the Asia pivot is the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The idea is simple: to lower trade barriers and other impediments to commerce among 12 large Pacific economies, comprising 40 percent of global GDP. This would provide a boost to global growth; but more importantly, shore up the principles and practice of open markets, and encourage open economies at a time when state capitalism like the Chinese model, and new nationalist barriers are creeping up everywhere.

    The good news is that the Republican victory this week, actually might make this more likely. Trade is one of the few issues on which the GOP agrees with the president.

    One has to be aware that Zakaria is an Indian nationalist, which is why he favors ‘open markets’. Countries that protect their own citizens’ jobs and local businesses are a threat to the expansion of transnational ‘countryless’ corporations, which he believes will help India. So, in his worldview, it’s acceptable to sell out the American workforce to expand work in his beloved India. They have nowhere to go but up, hence nothing to lose by enabling the oligarchs. Any nation that signs onto the TPP believing the Chinese are going to play by the rules is delusional. All the TPP is going to do is give the transnationals power over the economies of the sovereign nations whose leaders sell out to them. I include Obama in that group.

    When Reagan came into office, the US was the largest creditor nation in the world, and the largest exporter of finished products. Now, we’re the largest debtor nation, and the largest importer of finished products. The difference: automation and offshoring of labor-intense manufacturing. Automation is inevitable, but it is the Republican party that encourages more of the offshoring, leaving a shrinking piece of the economic pie for the expanding US population. And Conservatives constantly bleat about the expanding welfare state, while being against nationalist trade policies, that would put more Americans back to work.

    • One of the embedded reasons that offshoring is so popular is that corporations can make a lot more money by playing that game appropriately. To large (now mostly multi-national) corporations there is no longer any “Americanism” implicit. The only thing they give a shit about is the bottom line profit, and the power that goes with it. American job loss due to offshoring? Who cares? Let them eat cake. Fuck ’em.

      That’s the corporate motto, simplified. It’s also the GOP motto and as long as they recite and practice it — regardless of domestic consequences — they’ll have all the pocket change they need to publicly pronounce their opponents (and everyone who cares about the fate of the American middle class) to be anti-Amurkan rotten bastards and/or lazy bums looking for a handout. Somehow, we the people have stood by, watched, and even often supported the destruction of a country that once was the domicile of imagination, hope, knowledge, ambition — and now is a monument to the failure of greed as a national driver.

  5. “No, I think you have to earn your way into politics. I don’t think that anything is ever given to you.” — George W. Bush, grandson of a U.S. Senator, son of a President reminds us he had to EARN his way into politics.

    • Nice!
      Was talking with my neighbor, Karina, grew up in an orphanage across the road
      (in the West) when the wall went up. It was awful – she said so many people lost their lives attempting to get west.
      She was in the U.S. when the wall came down.

    • How sadly beautiful…causes one to stop and think about all the lives lost.
      Unfortunately it was not the ‘war to end all wars’.

      Thank you for posting!

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