The Watering Hole, Tuesday November 11, 2014 – Environmental News and Food Politics


Ok, it is only a theory, and it has many holes in it, but if they start filling the holes with observable fact, does it become less of a theory and more of a science? Or is it just easier to say DOG made it in six days and shut down all this funding to pointy-headed intellectuals?

From the oceans to the land and then back to the ocean: One more piece of evidence on how species evolved


Evidence that a sophisticated God fine tunes creation through evolution?

29 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday November 11, 2014 – Environmental News and Food Politics

  1. Clever bugger, this god, leaves us all this evidence to fool us into thinking that this science thing is worth a crock and to keep us busy. And then when we get all pumped up about thinking we have understood all the phenomena we observe around us, he’s going to come back to earth, torch the place and say “Fooled ya, it was all in Genesis all the time!” – what a bastard!

    • And a shout out to all veterans, hope the day finds you introspective, thankful for your health and thank you for your service!

  2. Evolution’s two aspects: the Theory of Evolution, and the FACT of Evolution. All accumulated evidence to date demonstrates that evolution is a fact. There is nary a shred supporting anything else. The THEORY of evolution is simply a broad description of the underlying science. A theory is, by definition, falsifiable, i.e. if any shred of vefifiable scientific evidence should turn up that doesn’t fit the current theory, then the theory as it stands is falsified and as a result is rewritten to accommodate the new evidence. Theory of evolution reborn, the FACT of evolution further substantiated. No religious concepts are included in the theory, none are needed. Science and verifiable fact only are included.

    I’ve long maintained that in order for the science of evolution to have a religious base or aspect, first there has to be demonstrated a factual basis for religion, i.e. evidence that a god exists. To date, there is not a single shred of verifiable evidence anywhere to even suggest a god exists or ever existed; there isn’t even any verifiable evidence to warrant a THEORY of religion. Therefore, etc. etc. etc.

    God didn’t create man in His image, man created God in his image, mainly to cover his ass and to allow a pecking order with man at the top. Man is in the process of proving, conclusively, that he doesn’t belong ‘up there,’ that he is ultimately little more than a (significant) global nuisance, an evolutionary mistake that will ultimately correct itself either thru extinction or an evolutionary transition to a more worthy life form.

    The nature of a “more worthy” evolutionary life form? Clearly it will redefine the concept of ‘intelligence’ such that certain aspects are finally clarified. An obvious point-of-fact worthy enough to establish a base evidence that true INTELLIGENCE has finally evolved should prove simple: each and every future ‘intelligent’ life form will NOT include Republicans. They are, in fact and at this point of time on evolution’s progress scale, solid evidence that falsifies any and all current theory that intelligent life has already evolved.


    • Thanks OiMF! I am busy at work whilst my wife and kids visit my in laws…
      But I’m wearing my dog tags and going to Red Robin for a free burger and fries..
      If I survive, I’ll have an adult beverage tonight with dinner!!

    • Before noon my landlord came calling, he wanted me to be homeless! 😯
      How’s that for a Veterans Day surprise!

      Well, not exactly homeless, he was requesting me to play the role of a homeless man. It seems his son is applying to a School of Arts and is creating a video for his application to said school. The landlord supplied a bottle of rotgut in a paper bag and I grabbed an old coat and a knit cap for my costume. Fortunately, there was no dialog, I was just a bum sitting on the ground, sleeping, leaning against a dumpster, clutching the bottle in the bag.

      I’m told the final version will be on YouTube and that I’ll be given the URL when it does get uploaded.

        • What? No shopping cart with hub caps hanging from the side?
          On a serious note.
          I was involved in the filming of the movie “Murder in the First”.
          They needed old cars for the background so they hired my 29 Ford truck to be parked near San Francisco City Hall.
          The homeless hang out there in abundance.
          Movie shoots are usually lavishly catered.
          I got a whole bunch of food and distributed it generously to the surrounding homeless people with the proviso that no one was to go near my truck.
          My truck was very, very well guarded.
          Also, the homeless people weren’t the dregs of society.
          There were some very intelligent people who had fallen on hard times, bad divorces etc.
          Appearances can be deceiving. There were some very smart people guarding my truck that just got dealt a bad hand.

  3. The Gerrymandered mid-terms in 2014:

    U.S. Congress: 1,506,455 (49.1%) total votes for Democratic congressional candidates result in 5 Democratic congressional seats (36%)

    1,458,264 (47.6%) total votes for Republican congressional candidates result in 9 Republican congressional seats (64%)

  4. Gummitch is not dead. Yet.

    I got an email from the Nation yesterday with an offer I took advantage of. YMMV. With luck, I can paste in the content. I went the Kindle route.

    Um, no links. Let me see if I can fix that.

    MOLLY IVINS: Letters to The Nation, a collection of articles by the esteemed Texas journalist and gadfly who graced our pages for twenty-five years, is available in paperback and in digital format for tablets, smartphones and computers.

    Writing in her native “Texlish,” Ivins planted herself squarely in the tradition of American vernacular humor, which includes such writers as Mark Twain, Will Rogers and Ring Lardner. The Nation was the grateful beneficiary of her mordant wit, as you’ll see in this collection of consistently sharp and funny pieces from 1982 to 2007 covering political developments in the great state of Texas, and featuring exotic and idiosyncratic characters like “The Gibber,” “The Breck Girl” and “Governor Goodhair.”

    Ivins also wrote highly literate essays and book reviews such as “Ezra Pound in East Texas,” included in this collection. The book’s editor, Richard Lingeman, advises readers to prepare to “laugh out loud” (and often) at MOLLY IVINS: Letters to The Nation.

    Best of all, by purchasing e-books through eBookNation, you’ll help to sustain The Nation’s journalism while supporting our writers and progressive ideals.

  5. This just fascinates –
    I’m enthralled with science:


    The 34m antenna at NASA’s deep space complex near Canberra, Australia, is now receiving signals from Rosetta, 511 million km from Earth. Thank you very much NASA and JPL for excellent support!

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