The Watering Hole, Wednesday, November 12th, 2014: Hump Day!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I could use a laugh as this week just grinds along. So here’s a few places to start.

First: Luckily, I never go to a Walmart, so I don’t have to fear becoming one of the infamous “People of Walmart.” (I’m much more likely to start a subset, “People of the A&P.”) I found that one can click on any state to see the indigenous Walmart folk. I clicked on New York and found some of my “neighbors” with whom I will never rub elbows, like this one:

Only in NY - well, not really (photo courtesy of

Only in NY – well, not really
(photo courtesy of

Next: A couple of amusing articles from “Why Every Christian Movie Bombs in a Mostly Christian Nation” is worth checking into, if only for the “Bibleman” poster shown in the article; and this one by Luke McKinney, entitled “6 Tips for Angry Internet Commenters”, had me laughing from the opening line: “IT LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE CALLING SOMEONE HITLER ON THE INTERNET! Would you like some help with that?” BTW, the “6 Tips” are given by a Caps Lock key.

Third: I didn’t go through all of them, but “The 40 Funniest “This is Not Going to End Well” Photos of All Time” seems promising. This one certainly grabbed my attention:

"This is Not Going to End Well, #5"

“This is Not Going to End Well, #5”

Let’s wrap up with some ‘awww’s: While they may not be the absolute “Top 20 Cutest Puppies Ever”, they’re puppies, so they can’t help but be cute.

This is our daily open thread – have some laughs, and/or talk about whatever…

37 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Wednesday, November 12th, 2014: Hump Day!

  1. Boy, I haven’t received any People of Walmart emails in ages.
    I recently had the honor of visiting Pahrump, NV. Walmart is quite a big deal in brothel land.
    My friend had to do some grocery shopping, and off to Wallyworld we went. Prior to entering the stiore, we walked by an older man, sitting in the bed of his beat up Dually. Sitting on the tailgate in his overalls and NRA embroidered cap, he was proudly showing off his goat. Well, howdy. The highlight of the shopping trip, right there in the parking lot.
    Another highlight of the town of Pahrump……wait…..the brothels.
    My friend (a permanent resident of Pahrump and herself the owner of 30 goats) decided that in my numerous visits to that godawful dump in tbe Mojave, I had not even seen some brothels. Driving past shacks, and trailers with plywood over the windows, we reached the Chicken Ranch and Cheri’s Ranch at the end of of a long road on the south side of town. Parking lots empty. A couple of vechicles in the RV camping area.
    I took a picture of each establishment sign. Then back into town for a tour of Red Apple Fireworks. Driving back to her home, we passed Walmart. The dude with the goat was still parked there, greeting shoppers. Thanks for the memories, east BUFU nowhere.

  2. Still laughing at the photo of the wheels falling oft the ATV. Only serious thought it handed me was that it should be a law that every time an idiot does that with an ATV, the wheels fall off! In certain areas of the West, adult diaper sales would quickly soar!

    • This actually happened to my eldest, riding on our property. Only one wheel fell off. That child made good use of every bit of protective gear I ever bought him.

  3. Comparing political spending in Britain and the US:

    “Total spending by political parties in the British general election was £31.5m ($49.9m). Total spending by outside groups was £2.8m ($4.4m). So all in all: $54.3m. With 45.6m registered voters in Britain, that comes out at $1.19 per voter. Scan down the Brookings list, and that is less than the seventh most-costly Senate race (Arkansas), which cost $56.3m, or $26.47 per Arkansas voter. So the seventh costliest Senate race cost more than the entire 2010 general election in Britain.

    But, like Americans, “British voters are convinced that democracy is being undermined by vast sums of corrupting money, to the point that elected representatives are essentially bought and paid for by wealthy special interests.”


  4. The polar vortex is alive and well in Colorado this morning. Currently 8 degrees with 5″ of snow. and still coming down. High yesterday was 23, the day before it was in the low 60’s when the front stormed in. If I had one wish, it would be for James Inhofe to be shoveling my driveway all the time explaining to passers by how come there’s no such thing as climate change, how it’s just God pulling a fast one on all us sinners, or whatever.

    Meanwhile, I’ve gotta find something other than shorts to wear outside. Gets cold on the legs otherwise.

    • The cold is due here tomorrow. I will freeze at market Saturday. Last week it was 28 when I set up. This week will be colder. Only two more weeks to go!

    • For those at work who can’t check the comments; here’s mine.

      It is my sincerely held religious belief that any business that openly proclaims a religious motivation in who they serve and/or hire should be shut down. Immediately.

      It is my sincerely held religious belief that any lawmaker who cites his/her personal religious beliefs as justification for public policy should be immediately removed from office and forever barred from public service.

      It is my sincerely held religious belief that any state that refuses to enter the 21st century should be expelled from the union, blockaded by land and sea, and forced to sell their resources, especially Gulf oil, to the rest of us at OUR price.

      This is fun and I could go on for the rest of the day but those are my top three sincerely held religious beliefs.

  5. Lately I’ve been following the happenings in outer space…the safe landing of the astronauts, and
    now this amazing, enthralling:

    (This is ten years in the making (traveling) and it has landed on a comet!)

    • Never mind…I’ll post separately.
      It is truly amazing.
      Ten years in the traveling and a perfect landing on a Comet!
      World co-operation to get it there!

    • Here’s more. Last night the Kraut Hammer said that an agreement with China wold be “real” but it would never happen. Today, now that it’s happened, the freaks at FAUX”News” are busy shoving such statements down the memory hole.

      Of course; this one gives them a trifecta. First they have to automatically disagree with everything President Obama does. Second; it’s about climate change so they automatically reject it on those grounds. Third; it’s an agreement with China. Effing! Evil!! China!!!

      The excitement is almost sexual.

      • Have i recently mentioned just how much I hate these freaks? As recently as yesterday they said they wouldn’t do anything without an agreement with China. Today they are saying they won’t do anything BECAUSE there’s an agreement with China. I suppose I should give them some grudging respect for being able to avoid whiplash when they switch directions so fast but it just makes me loathe them all the more. And the fact that the morons who vote for them will never recognize the contradiction makes me loathe THEM as well. Damn! I need to run out for more beer.

          • I can understand a certain immaturity but these petulant children really piss me off. They all seem to exist in a constant tantrum like spoiled toddlers who have just heard “no” for the very first time. The difference with actual toddlers is that they eventually get tired of it and take a nap while the overgrown ones seem to wake each day in full tantrum mode and ratchet it up from there.

        • I’ve simply been assuming that since the past is prelude, they won’t do anything period. Especially if it’s something that might make Obama look good in any way, shape, or form. They have but one goal: Obama must fail, and if it takes destroying the planet in the process, that’s a small price to pay for the JOY of watching that fucking Kenyan ni99er fall on his ass.

          The GOP is the most hateful group on the planet right now, and all anyone has to do to see that is take one quick glance. Unfortunately, we have the number one stupid electorate on the planet too, so I’m pretty sure it’s about over for the good old US of A.

          • I try to remain optimistic but it’s damnably hard. My best hope right now is that the GOoPers will fuck up badly enough in the next two years that even the stupid voters and complicit “librul media” are forced to take notice. If that happens, and they don’t succeed in destroying the planet, there is still some hope that the pendulum will swing back. It’s a slim hope but it’s the best I can do now that winter is closing in.

            • You mention “pendulum” — reminds me of the last words in Poe’s “The Pit and the Pendulum”:

              “And the agony of my soul found vent in one loud and final scream of despair.”

              I think I’m getting to know the feeling.

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