Watering Hole: Thursday, November 13, 2014 – Sleep , Too Little, Too Much

Sleep, ah, wonderful sleep.  Not getting enough or getting too much sleep can have adverse effects on the body.

Excessive food cravings during the day can be the result of insufficient sleep where as over sleeping has been linked to heart disease, diabetes and even early death.

Since sleep effects our circadian clock, it can cause Circadian Rhythm Disorders.

You can read about some other things that you might not know about sleep HERE.

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33 thoughts on “Watering Hole: Thursday, November 13, 2014 – Sleep , Too Little, Too Much

  1. If I don’t get to bed by eight, I won’t wake up by five the next morning. And then, obviously, the world will end. Don’t believe it? Ask Shadow the cat!

    This morning I was lucky to wake up at half past four. It was -6F outside, and nippy enough inside to require my natural-gas-burning furnace’s contribution to global warming. I can only hope it helped, as these Inhofe Vortex moments are really becoming annoying!

  2. QOTD:

    “Joe Biden is what you see. You know, he’s genuine. Yes, he’s prone to gaffes publicly, and he’ll admit that. He’s very self-deprecating like that. And I’m certainly not one who agrees with Joe Biden on all things—we probably disagree more than we agree—but from a human and relationship standpoint, the guy’s awesome,” – Eric Cantor.

    Yes, he probably had to lose his seat before he could say that.

      • BTW. I find it incredible that they didn’t block comments on the video. I suspect that none of them can figure out how to block comments or they want to point to all the “abuse” they are taking as “proof” that “libruls are all mean”.

        See what I did there? I can use “scare quotes” too!

    • Does she have a cold or does she always talk like that? The message is confusing. It’s meant to be that way. Ah, America. It used to be a democratic republic. Now it is a plutocracy.

    • Wonder how many people bought that pot at the reduced price, then realized it said Brid…? Hence the sigh,,,n

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