Sunday Roast: Day at the beach

A trainer took a bunch of dogs and a cat to the beach, and a good time was had by all.

What?  You can turn down the sound.  😛

This is our daily open thread — Enjoy!


37 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Day at the beach

  1. Solyndra loan program vilified by Republicans turns a profit

    The U.S. expects to earn $5 billion to $6 billion from the federal program that funded flops including Solyndra, bolstering President Barack Obama’s decision to back low-carbon technologies.

    • The comments on the article suggest that not all ‘Mercury’ leaders are blessed with the innate ability to comprehend reality.

      Many seem to be Republicans, i.o.w.

    • I wondered why RWNJs dropped Solyndra for their usual litany of IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Obamacare…

  2. The New England Patriots blow it big time. They automated their response to their one millionth Twitter follower, rather than have a human make sure it wasn’t an account like this:

    They later apologized, but I don’t think it was enough. They could have paid a human a few bucks to check to make sure something like this didn’t happen.

  3. No one gets this reference when I say this (like this morning):

    btw, the coffee freak is Grant Heslov, George Clooney’s production partner.

    • There’s no reason at all for the US to assist Canada in adding tons and tons of carbon to the atmosphere each year, no matter what the Kochistas say. There’s also no good reason for Canada to so severely damage the local environment by destroying forests and polluting water/rivers with crud just to extract something the world doesn’t need anyway.

      Tho ONLY reason the keystone stupidity is out there at all is simple: there’s MONEY in it. Of all the most worthless reasons, that one is at the pinnacle.

      Actually, if building the damn thing could be proven a really strong asset that would really speed up human extinction, I think I might just support it.

      • “Tho ONLY reason the keystone stupidity is out there at all is simple: there’s MONEY in it.”

        Well, don’t forget the THIRTY FIVE full time jobs it will provide.

    • Question 10 (And I ain’t skeered or embarrassed to ask): What happens to the gasoline after the pipeline is built, risking spills all along the route, and resulting in additional pollution at the refining sites, in Texas?
      Answer: It gets exported, which means the American people get all the external risks and costs, and don’t even get the benefit of the energy produced.

      • Yah but rumor has it that after the pipeline is finished, there’ll be 35 more jobs here in Amurka, and they’ll be PERMANENT! Beat THAT as a contribution to free market prosperity!

      • Not because I like shoes. For the history of the fashion. Contemporary!
        (I have exactly four pairs of shoes)

        • Not counting either my snow boots or slippers, I have five pair. One pair is about shot and a second pair is 15 years old and starting to shed some skin here and there (I would have figured that shoes made in Vietnam would have lasted longer, but no). One pair I only use when I’m dressed up — I think I’ve already used them three or four times, and they’re only 5 years old. Hoping I’m old enough to not need any more shoes beyond my newest (birthday) ones. Time will tell.

  4. Danica finished 18th in the season ending race at Homestead, Florida. Her teammate, Kevin Harvick won the race and also the Sprint Cup Championship!

    Danica qualified 32nd, but was 21st at the ten lap mark, when a caution came out. She hung around the low twenties all day, barely hanging onto the lead lap, but was able to pass several cars at the end to get to 18th.

  5. I’m experiencing Spring…watching a Kookaburra nestbox…one gangly chick – eyes not yet open.
    Very vocal. It’s a trip watching the parent bring a lizard almost as big as the baby (it hasn’t eaten, yet).
    The Mum brought a large insect…the chick grabbed the, rather long, leg and was choking it down…the insect flew off leaving its leg!

    Damn I love nature!

  6. If I have trouble, on commercials, determining which is Eartha Kitt and which is Wayne Newton, is it my fault, or do they really sound a lot alike?

    • That owl may feel threatened – what with the camera being in its face.
      Gorgeous bird (then again I think every bird is)

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