Music Night, November 21, 2014

If you’re old enough and spent any time as a folkie, you’re probably familiar with Ian & Sylvia, extremely popular Canadian folk singers from the 60s. In 1969 they formed one of the first and best real country rock bands — which was, as always, a shock to many of their fans. Great Speckled Bird’s eponymous LP was brilliant and influential, and it dropped from view almost immediately. Somehow I ended up with a copy back then (1970) and fell in love. Over the years I forgot about them for the most part and the record went along with 500 or so vinyl LPs earlier this year when I gave them to a good home. There were one or two limited edition CDs, long out of print, but I’m about to drop nearly $30 for a used copy from Japan. (In the video’s comments someone claims that their French is atrocious but what do I know?)


56 thoughts on “Music Night, November 21, 2014

  1. Brings back memories of the Hootenanny that was held in the school gymnasium on Friday or Saturday nights!

  2. So I’m interpreting the theme tonight as musicians we’ve fallen in love with at some point. I have an entry this evening. Heard this song on the radio this week, and feel in love with it, and then upon watching the video fell in love with the artist.

    Ani DiFranco – See See See

  3. Folks here may not know this, but I’ve become something of the lead DJ at a local community radio station for the Wednesday 10:00 — 12:00 slot, a show called “Folk Fiasco.” My friend, colleague, and coauthor Randy Auxier originally suckered me in … er, I mean, asked me to help … because he needed someone to cover the show on the days when he was on the road (fairly frequently, as he is a busy academic speaking in many places.) But I pretty much took over as he realized he could use that time to prep for classes at SIU. He is still there (most of the time) but mine are the fingers on the buttons, god help us …

    • And I think I have said before…this was recorded just weeks before a heart attack took him – aged 50 just like me today….

  4. Singers Turtle is in love with…… Judie Tzuke…. like Alan Hull very underrated songwriters in my opinion… but unlike Alan…. she’s easy on the eye….

  5. I think with the Divinyls girl…. it may have been something a bit more basic…. ‘love’ …. maybe not…

  6. And then there was Kate Bush…… what a mesmerizing stage presence…. apparently she still has it – she’s been doing some shows in London this summer.

  7. Ok, here’s one for the girls….. who was not in love with rock crooner Robert Palmer?

  8. And then….. March, 1991…. Cincinnati….. she was opening for Sting…… my heart was yours Johnette from that evening…

  9. If you have the time (this is the full concert), and can appreciate how this concert came to pass…. it is one year tonight that the Maidan protests started….. they struggled against their 1%…. and still do today…. we are all Ukrainians… dedicated to my friend Tanya….:-)

    • Just reading some background to this…. the Maidan was occupied by students on November 21st 2013…. this gig took place in the square some three weeks or so later… the police were not able to prevent this gig taking place as the square was continuously occupied by protestors from 21st November onwards….

  10. Well and then there’s Ronnie….. love you man…. thanks for all of it…. good night from Turtle…

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