The Watering Hole, Wednesday, November 26, 2014. Yeah…Right…

President Obama, utilizing the authority granted to the President under the Authorization to Use Military Force in 2006, declared the Republican Party to be “Unlawful Alien Enemy Combatants”. This determination, made by the President alone, is unassailable under the Act. Under the sweeping powers, initially given to President Bush, anyone the President determines to be an ‘unlawful alien enemy combatant’ is subject to immediate arrest and indefinate incarceration in Guantanamo.

Speaker of the House John Boehner was heard to exclaim “He can’t do that!” as a black bag was slipped over his head and he was whisked off the floor of the House of Representatives shortly after calling for a vote on the impeachment of President Obama.

Moral of the story: be careful of what you vote for; you may get it.

Oh, open thread.

45 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Wednesday, November 26, 2014. Yeah…Right…

  1. Yeah, we can dream, can’t we? Of course, if President Obama did such a thing, there wouldn’t just be talk of impeachment anymore, there’d be people ready to just lynch him. Not that there aren’t people out there who are already ready to lynch him for no reason other than his color and that (D). 😦

  2. It occurs to me that Republicans have come a long way from 10-12 years ago when they really liked the concept of “Unitary Executive.” Wonder what changed their minds??

    Exploring the Limits of Presidential Power

    According to the unitary executive theory, since the Constitution assigns the president all of “the executive power”, he can set aside laws that attempt to limit his power over national security. This is an enormous power: critics charge that it effectively places the president above the law.

    Now they don’t seem to like the fact that we even HAVE a President, much less one with any executive authority at all.

    Is the GOP proof of evolution, I wonder? Or maybe devolution? Human to ape?

    • Actually, I see apes as being a major improvement over Republicans. Apes don’t care about more than money and power, e.g.; also they’re not obsessed over the presumed “superiority” of, say, white-tinted apes over darker-tinted apes.

      Hmmm. The same could be said about cockroaches. Does that mean . . . ???

    • A Zooey tradition that is. And a wonderful one. Alex and I are going up north for dinner with family and friends along with some poking around among possible retirement locations. I’ve picked up some excellent wine for the dinner, so that I’m covered even if the food is boring.

  3. With Election Over, First Order Of Business Is $450B In Corporate Tax Breaks

    The election is over. Congress is back in Washington. The first order of business after the election is to give big tax breaks to the corporations – $450 billion worth. Fortunately, President Obama is trying to do something about this.

    So. The first order of business is to grant corporations a near half-trillion tax break bonus. And next, lessee:

    Repeal the ACA
    Privatize Social Security
    Privatize Medicare
    Further restrict Voting Rights
    Get rid of the EPA
    No renewable fuel incentives, period
    Renew all fossil fuel subsidies
    Get rid of Dept. Education
    Privatize privatize privatize schools . . .

    Congress went home, will be back for 8(?) days in Dec, then home again till . . . etc. And then they’ll return with new agenda, i.e. to turn the entire of everything over to corporations and billionaires. Will Congress need another war to make all that happen? We could ask John McCain I suppose, but yah, prolly, war can always help. Wars are good, y’see; there’s money in them.

    But — we’ll probably need to hike taxes on the 47% (the lazy ones) in order to make it all work. Remember this fundamental truth: “Corporations are people, my friend.” Remember, too, these words: FRACK FRACK FRACK.

    Yeah, we be cool. Greatest nation on earth; god’s favorite place to hang out (when there ain’t a Kenyan Muslim Commie in the White House, that is).

    Cuz remember:

    We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do . . .

    Never mind.

    • They used to call it the “Gateway to the West.” Some of us disagreed, said it was more like the “Back Door to the East.”

      I was in that arch once, back in the late sixties; right up there at the top, in the part that’s missing in the picture.

      Sorry I can still remember being there, in St. Louis. Yuk.

  4. Michael Brown was guilty from the start and the cop Darren Wilson was innocent of everthing. Right? Right. Ask St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch; he’s known all along.

    St. Louis Prosecutor’s Organization Raised Money For Darren Wilson

    In addition to his duties as the county prosecutor, Robert McCulloch is also the president of The Backstoppers, Inc., an organization used to fundraise for the men and women in uniform in both Missouri and Illinois. And, in August, his organization was affiliated with a t-shirt drive featuring a picture of Missouri and the statement “I SUPPORT OFFICER D. WILSON” which was set up to raise money for the Darren Wilson Defense Fund as well as The Backstoppers.

    The t-shirts are a link which open up disturbing questions we must ask about the prosecutor’s ability to do his job impartially in the Darren Wilson grand jury investigation. As his organization appears to have been partially funded by these handful of shirts, it is a cause for concern. Are there other cases where some form of double-dealing has occurred?

    No big deal. Brown was black, Wilson white, nolo contendre.

  5. A Texas Lawmaker’s Bizarre Plan To Secede From The Union One Law At A Time

    Under an unconstitutional proposal by Texas state Rep. Dan Flynn (R), just two people in the state of Texas — the state house speaker and the lieutenant governor — would effectively have the power to suspend any federal law within Texas’s borders, at least temporarily. The legislation creates a 14 member “joint legislative committee on nullification” that is co-chaired by the speaker and lieutenant governor. Half of the dozen remaining members are appointed by one of the committee’s chairs, while the other half are appointed by the other chair (although only eight of the committee’s fourteen total members may belong to the same political party). A bare majority of the committee, eight votes, may temporarily declare that a federal law “has no legal effect in this state.” If that declaration is ratified by the state legislature in the next legislative session, it becomes permanent.

    Thus, by stacking the committee with loyalists, Texas’s speaker and lieutenant governor could effectively pick and choose which federal laws they wish to nullify, so long as they can agree with each other about what laws to target. Or, at least, they could do so if this proposal were constitutional.

    Wait — hell with the technicalities, all they gotta do is ask, then go. Right? I mean, who in their right mind would ever say no?

  6. I made the mistake of reading the comments on the Star Tribune (Our very own “librul” newspaper.) story about the white guy who drove through a crowd of protestors in Minneapolis yesterday. Let’s just say the “Minnesota nice” goes out the window when a white guy runs into a crowd of, mostly, black protestors. They almost invariably fail to notice that the protest was an organized event, the police had set up a detour around the location, and the driver went around another car in order to reach the crowd. I gave up commenting on their stories because they shuttle me off to “awaiting moderation” whenever anyone flags a comment but I did notice that the few condemning the driver were removed almost instantly including one that said the exact same thing I would have said. “Would you all be defending the driver if he had driven through a street dance or a crowd waiting for a shuttle bus to the State Fair?” The haters don’t even bother replying. They just flag and move on.

    BTW. He has not been charged and he sent his mom out to proclaim that he was just trying to get away from the scary mob but there’s video evidence that he bypassed the detour and drove around another vehicle before he was anywhere near said “mob”. As i have said many times; it seems to me that there’s every bit as much naked racism here in Minnesota as there is in the deepest south.

    • I’m thinking Minnesota is different than it was when I lived there — back in the fifties, back when I used to deliver the Minneapolis Tribune every morning. Back then, the Star was the evening paper and somebody else hauled it around.

      That was only 60 years ago. It’ll be what — 2.5 million years take away 60 (give or take a couple) before that 1954 light from Andromeda gets here . . .

      I’m assuming that means something profound, but then I’ve only watched Cosmos once in the last week, so . . .

      Hmmm. Guess it don’t matter anyway, given that this here place is only 6K years old.

      Would the Mpls. Tribune still endorse Orville Freeman and Hubert Humphrey?

      • There are some really weird dynamics to the Strib. Mostly; they are just desperate for “flyover land” to be relevant on the national stage. That’s why they never risked outing Batscat Bachmann as a certifiable lunatic. They WANT her in the news, even if the rest of the nation gets the impression that we are all as loony as her, just because we are being noticed.

        I’m also pretty certain that they hire a bunch of fundies to moderate comments. Even the most respectful comments critical of Christian beliefs seem to disappear very quickly.

        • So Humphrey, Mondale, and Freeman would be better off somewhere else?

          Actually, I’d kinda like to see Hubert talk to Michele. Not sure she’d be able to understand the big words — you know, more than four or five letters, etc. Sounds like today’s Star-Trib would have to hire some wordsmiths, maybe?

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